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toronto fc bmo field

Great atmosphere, great effort, same result. This might be the storyboard for a lot of Toronto FC games this season and its sadly fitting that the home opener followed the formula. The one positive that I take out of this game was that we’re improving, however marginally, we are getting better. If it’s only at holding possession for longer periods or making our wider runs with more purpose or even just holding the defensive line to force offside calls, we are improving. Obviously, this was supposed to be a season of trying and so far it’s been just that. A 1-0 loss to Kansas City isn’t a good result but there were parts of this game where we came inches from taking the lead and if it weren’t for some outstanding KC blocks, we would’ve.

The player that caught my eye was Danny Dichio who will be very good for this team. A physical, holding forward that plays with a grit only found on the remote grounds of England. Every single player showed improvement, Jim Brennan was impressive in his tackles and played tight against the KC forwards, in the end Eddie Johnson is one of the best strikers in the MLS and its showed.  Hey, we’re still without a goal and lost the home opener and even then I couldn’t see a single sad face in the entire crowd.  I don’t think there’s ever been an expansion team with this much fan support.

I saw the game on TV but the fans sounded great and the camera shook anytime TFC did anything positive on the field. When Dichio was asked at halftime what he thought of the crowd, even he reckoned it was a lot like the English atmosphere. The loss is unfortunate but I think I saw enough to remain positive and have confidence in the changes Mo Johnston made over last week. Esk, Welsh and Edu had great chances to score, it’s really unfortunate that we didn’t get anything out of this one. Days like these happen when you’re an expansion franchise. I’m prepared for them.