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Saddam Hussein was one cool cucumber when it came to dying. For a man who’s about to have his neck ripped in half, he looked composed, confident and not even a least bit scared of death in his final minutes. As he was being brought towards the gallows by what appeared to be a bunch of hired goons, he was actually talking normally and calmly to the people about to execute him. He declined to wear the black mask which is supposed to make it a little easier for the soon-to-be-dead. He was calm enough to actually respond to the taunts of him going “straight to hell” with a dignified, You think that’s bravery? He then recited a Kalma and halfway through the second recitation, the baseboard opened up and the most anti-climatic hanging in the history of history was complete.

Does anyone have the video of Timothy McVeigh getting killed? Or for that matter any other criminals sentenced to death? Why was this video made public? I for one think whoever decided to make it public was counting on Saddam to act like a coward and cry like a little baby before he’s about to get killed. That didn’t happen and instead Saddam looked like a man who didn’t regret any of his actions and firmly believed in whatever he did, right or wrong. I dare to say that he even looked brave and perhaps even gained greater support and sympathizers after his death. I would say the majority of the Sunni Muslim population across the globe agrees with me.

There are even some reports that the night before his hanging, the executioner was dangling the rope in front of his cell, taunting him that it’s waiting for him in the morning. If that is true, it’s pretty pathetic on the part of the government. How can a government call itself civilized and then release a video of a former leader getting killed behind the propaganda that it provides “closure” for his victims. Yes, he was a brutal dictator and caused many deaths, but I hardly believe that he caused even 1/10th of the deaths in Iraq that George W. Bush’s regime has caused. But that is a perspective most people refuse to even adopt or even care to examine.

The timing of the hanging is ridiculous to the point of being offensive. Eid ul-Adha is one of the holiest days in the Muslim calendar and why the Iraqi government chose this as the day of his execution is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps Nuri Kamal al-Maliki thougt that he needed to keep his promise of executing Saddam in the year 2006? If that was the rationale, then it certainly sucked since it soured the day for Muslims who were both for and against his execution. Would it have made any difference if he were to be executed on say, January 15th?

I am not an Iraqi and did not suffer under Saddam’s rule nor was I saddened or jubilant when he was executed. From my perspective, he died a very dignified death. He looked death straight in the eye and did not budge from what he believed in. He knew it was his destiny to die in such a manner and was not surprised, scared or even bothered by the cowards who waited until he was tied to a noose with his hands and legs cuffed before speaking against him.