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I love Pippo Inzaghi, that’s all there is to it. The ultimate leech struck twice: once by complete fluke and the other by complete skill to send off Liverpool about two rounds later than they should’ve gone. Inzaghi was shockingly (at least to me) left out of the semi-final tie against Manchester United but Ancelotti’s senses came back to him and he snuck the fearless and legendary striker back into the lineup in Athens. I just knew he was going to have an impact in this game, I just didn’t know it was going to be this significant.

You know that guilt you feel when you get caught offside for the fifteenth time in the game and your teammates start staring at you? Inzaghi doesn’t feel that kind of stuff. He’s a statistician of sorts, the more he gets caught offside, the better a chance he has of not getting caught offside next time. The man literally latches himself on to the last defender and just waits for the ball to be played and that’s exactly what happened on the second goal. After controlling the ball it was pool old Pepe Reina who got to see a slow, slithering shot go under him and into the net. My man Inzaghi celebrated with even more class than the first goal.

Stephen Gerrard very expectedly blew a chance gifted to him by Nesta which would’ve tied the game late, all he had to do was lift it a little to beat the bungling Dida but he showed as much creativity as Julio Baptista in the open.  Speaking of Julio, there is awesome news out of the Arsenal camp that he WILL NOT RETURN TO ARSENAL.  Fireworks, joy, laughter, parties, celebration are all in order for this ultimate example of addition by subtraction.   “The Beast” – what a joke of a name that was, the guy must’ve cost us at least 12 points this season just based on missing sitters.  I don’t even care if we don’t get Reyes back, just giving Baptista’s minutes to anybody else (even Aliadiere) will be better for this team.

Samuel Eto’o is still having wet dreams about Thierry Henry, somebody should tell him its just not going to happen for him. Besides, how bad is it playing along Messi that you’re openly calling out for strike partners.  Adebayor’s staying with us long-term, that’s decent news but he’ll need to get better as a complimentary striker for Henry. Hopefully now that his future is secure, he’ll work his ass off in the summer and maybe work on those finishing skills.

The off-season is painful.