Posted by & filed under Uncategorized. got new forums, I’m really cheering for those guys but it looks like 13 year olds have penetrated their way in and are creating nonsense threads faster than you can delete them. I’m trying to make a decent contribution there but its going to get lost in the pile of steamy crap that has already started to become a dominant fixture of the board. RealGM needs some competition and here’s hoping it can get some. The best part about the forums is a section where Chris Bosh actually answers question but by looking at some of the quality of the questions, he’s going to regret ever starting this thing. Remember, these are actual questions and thread titles:

  • people who is the raptors biggest rival
  • Chris Read This: Chris i think you should make another topic about you like general ask chris toronto raptors you should do one about your self so people could give comments on your skills your career and your future!!!
  • Chris Answer this as soon as you can: I read your blog and i was wondering did you pick detroit jsut between me and you i wont tell no one and also why dont you start a blog at that way more raptors fans will read it.Until next season and make sure not too do the 300 workout you might get to strong and you maybe will endup shooting too hard. Grin
  • Question: Im from Montreal and im just wondering if youve ever been around here? If so what did you do?

You can tell this forum will bring lots of joy in the off-season.

eva longoria tony parker

Hear ye, hear ye. The second best play-by-play guy in the NBA is………Mike Breen. Anybody have any clue why Mark Jackson sounds so monotonous and boring as a color-guy? Wait I just got it, its because he is monotonous and boring. At any point in time Jeff Van Gundy has a million thoughts on his mind but is unable to convey a single one without being interrupted by himself. Somebody put me out of my misery if the Spurs win the title, it would be an affront to anything beautiful about basketball. This just in, Eva Longoria is only dating Tony Parker because she’s being blackmailed by him. Thats the only way I can explain it. This reminds me, where’s Joumana Kidd?

Greg Oden’s going to Portland, I gotta say Boston got robbed – again. Tim Duncan buys a house there and then goes to San Antonio and now this. Boston falls to fifth (the worst possible outcome) and loses on both Durant and Oden. Sucks to be a Celtic fan, its even worse when you’re hopes are pinned on Gerald Green. From a Raps perspective, things are great since the EC got weaker. Harry Palmer started this banter on centers on RealGM and some guy proposed changing the name of the NBA to IBA. WTF? Still recovering from Mitchell getting a new contract, I’m just going to show faith in Colangelo and presume he knows what he’s doing by bringing Mitchell back. We need a better X’s and O’s coach, really, if this team will go to the next level we’ll need more than the high pick ‘n roll. Manu Ginobili just hit a killer three to put the Spurs up by 16 at the end of the third versus the Jazz in Game 2. I think Utah will win both games in Salt Lake City.

Going to school and working a real full-time job is not easy. What? I can’t talk about non-basketball stuff? Go to hell, RaptorsTalk is talking about his freaking dog. Off-seasons are awfully hard to go by. I remember the days when I used to have a countdown as my MSN name to the start of the season, it looked quite foolish. Those NBA playoff promos with the cheerleaders are borderline NC-17 stuff, they’re looking more and more like strippers. I’m not really complaining but something isn’t right about them. Remember the time when Eddie Jones thought he was as good as Kobe? Funniest quote of those days came from Shaq after the Lakers got pummeled by the Wizards, Shaq goes, “we got a bunch of Rex Chapman wannabes on this squad” referring to Kobe and EJ jacking up threes.

The wait continues…