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I really don’t know what kind of quality to expect of the MLS. There were times where both teams looked so horrible, it was almost unwatchable. Unbelievably bad passing, attempts to make plays that are completely uncalled for, weak clearances, fractured skill, untimely runs, you name it, it was there. The difference between the two teams was that Columbus had the resolve of overcoming the one goal deficit while Toronto FC for the most part wanted to sit on it, absorb the pressure and wait for time to run out. There are few things in this world more pathetic than Miguel Canizalez’s corner which ended up about 15 yards off the far post when we were desperate for a game-tying chance. The only other thing that might be more gruesome to watch might have been Collin Samuel’s attempted back-heel pass to Chris Pozniak which was stopped short by the ground. These are just two of many such plays Toronto FC made in their 2-1 defeat to the deserving Columbus Crew at BMO Field last night. But hey, we at least scored, that should count for something, right? Something? Anything?

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