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This is the first bad move made by Mo Johnston, Kevin Goldthwaite was starting to get comfortable in his role on the left and had a few great games for TFC, and when he finally had a bad one, he was fired. As Mistake by the Lake points out, Mo Johnston got way too trigger happy by sending KG to New York for Todd Dunivant. I was really starting to appreciate Goldthwaite’s efforts on the left side which had yielded a couple TFC goals recently. He was starting to get comfortable playing with Robinson and always did his job on the defensive end (except against New England). It’s way too early but this really looks like a mistake and the first Mo Johnston move that is open to be questioned.

Now the fans might not know about Dunivant but Mo Johnston sure does:

“I’ve been after him since the draft, really, he was our number one choice, and we’re looking forward to showing our fans what Todd can do”

Now I can see the Mo Johnston’s trying to strengthen his backline after several dismal performances but trading away a quality player that had a bad game might not be the best barter. In return we get Todd Dunivant who used to play at the international level for USA and is trying to recover from quadriceps strains. This is one of those deals that we hope only looks bad in the short term but pays dividends in the long run. Johnston sure did send a strong message: Have one bad game and prepare to be traded.

To offset the bad news, there is some good one, Collin Samuel, he of the T & T fame was signed to a three year deal. Last I saw of this guy was in the World Cup when he played the role of a holding striker against Sweden pretty decently in a game they tied 0-0 which also helped Sweden’s demise. Even though we look pretty sured up at the forward position with Cunningham and Dichio, having another quality striker is a nice luxury to have. It’s almost necessary because something must be done to let Cunningham know that if he doesn’t start finishing those chances sooner than later, there’s somebody waiting in the wings.

And reiterating what the Globe and Mail article is saying, tests on Greg Sutton are all negative which hopefully means he should be back in goal soon, Djekanovic’s been suspect at best in goal and needs a lot of practice time before he should be given a start.

That’s it for now, I plan on posting about Toronto FC much more.