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As we grab three more points I’m getting used to us dominating games and scoring just enough goals while missing chances that go begging. Jeff Cunningham’s a fun player to watch but if he doesn’t finish a few of those chances he’ll go from fun to frustrating in zero time, especially if we drop points because of some of the goals he’s missed. It’s hard to focus on the negatives when you’re winning but it needs to be pointed out. This also marked the return of Conor Casey who looks much better as a Rapid than a Toronto FC player, Casey got to throw his weight around and play a part in the Colorado goal which brought them right back in the game after Boyens screwed up defensively to give the goal he scored right back.

Marvell “Sol Campbell” Wynne’s run down the right followed by an inside-turn setup the Danny Dichio goal, the big forward just needed to get any part of his body on the ball to nudge it in and that he did. The funny part happened after the goal when Wynne thought he had done enough of the work in the goal to start the celebration in his own little corner but Dichio started one of his own leaving Wynne no choice but to join in. Another completely pointless fact that just had to be mentioned.

TFC plays a pretty loose and forward-thinking game, the midfielders are looking to attack, Dichio’s forever looking to setup Cunningham and O’Brien/Welsh are trying to make crosses and runs any time they can, even the backs are making side runs. It’s fun to watch and if you encounter a team like the Rapids who seemed to be hard-pressed to dig in defensively, it makes for great offensive football. After Boyens made it 2-0 I was about to call it game-set-match but the goal they got back breathed some life into them. Never thought I’d say this but I miss Greg Sutton (away on Gold Cup duty). After Hercules Gomez (what a name!) schooled Boyens and scorched Srdjan Djekanovic by making him look like car crash on a powerful near-side drive, Colorado looked like they grew tenfolds in confidence. Lucky for us they simply didn’t possess the speed needed to threaten a Toronto FC defense that has gotten much, much better since the opening few games.

The game saw the first action for Gabe Gala who is 17 years old and doesn’t look a day older. Don’t really know what to say about him except except that he’s 17 years old. Looks like the lanky, athletic type who might have some skill. Oh, did I mention he’s 17 years old? So 17 year old Gabe Gala helped us win a corner as soon as he entered the game and I immediately signed up as a fan of 17 year old Gabe Gala who’s going to be the Theo Walcott of Toronto FC. I can’t get past the fact that he’s 17 years old. 17. 17. 17. 17. 17. 17.

The ref in this game was awesome, he didn’t believe in calling fouls even when they happened right in front of his eyes in broad daylight. Cunningham was brought down, no, mugged just outside the area before halftime and the ref was RIGHT THERE. He just shook his head. The calls were bad both ways, our midfield got away with a few tackles and so did theirs. I give the game-ball to our defense for suffocating any chances the Rapids might’ve had by playing excellent denial defense, covering the wide areas and not allowing any cutbacks that always seem to lead to goals. I could talk about the red card and other stuff but a win is a win, and savouring it is an art.