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The Usual: Arsenal fall behind early and come back to win. Henry should’ve scored five goals today. Lot of talk about Wigan deserving something out of this game and in truth, maybe half a point would be fair. That being said, with all the Wigan qualms about the officiating, the Adebayor goal that was diallowed was pure garbage. No hint of being offside in that case. Liverpool lost to Newcastle so the Gunners gain ground on the Reds but Bolton is barking right behind us for that Champions League spot.

Funniest part of this game was Henry handing the ball to Kirland after the own goal. Kirkland was trying to waste time on every possible opportunity the second after Landzaat scored. The Cannon has a good recap of the game and I’ve taken the liberty to steal a pic from there:

henry kirkland

Highlights and goals are below but the funniest moment of the game was Jens Lehmann trying to waste time after going up 2-1.  This is of course in respone to Chris Kirkland:


Goals, highlights and analysis:

[dailymotion id=SyInjH3L9SC1J8mw6]

Denny Landzaat 1-0


Fitz Hall 1-1


Tomas Rosicky 2-1