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THIS IS MADNESSS? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!! More on that in a bit but first:

Gilberto is pisssssssseddd!!
I’d be too if I was vice-president of a country and the president died and somehow my secretary got the presidency. It’s easy to see why Gilberto is perplexed and confused at why he was passed, no, stepped over for Gallas. Common sense really, he was the captain when Henry wasn’t last year so one would naturally think he’s be the primary candidate. But Arsene Wenger defends his decision:

“William means he has to be an example everywhere, not only on the pitch – but off the pitch as well and he is right. I do not know how he behaved at Chelsea – but this year he is a very positive influence. I was pleased with his attitude and the way he took on his role.”

Also, because he’s French. C’mon, Vieira, Henry and now Gallas. Je fais seulement le capitaine français de personnes. Gilberto’s a professional and his play won’t be affected by Wenger’s greatest blunder. But deep down somewhere in his Brazilian heart he’s probably thinking what the hell is wrong with Arsene and whether Arsenal really values him the way he might have thought they did.

The Champions League starts on Wednesday away to Sparta Prague. I figure it’s going to be an easy win for us unless we decide to shoot straight at the goalie again. We’ll be without Eduardo da Silva who has been ruled out because of a nagging injury. We’re 4/5 favorites to win, I thought the odds for us to win would be a little higher. According to Soccernet, Arsenal are expected to field an unchanged side from the one that beat Fulham.

Lawrie Sanchez finally got himself a TV and watched the replays of the Fulham game and admits he was wrong in calling us “simulators”. I’m guessing he saw how Hleb almost had his leg chopped off in the first half and figured all was even at the end of the day. There’s also a video of Tony Warner talking about the game on the Sky Sports website but damned if I could understand a single sentence. Is that even English? One last note about this game, it’s funny how Arsene Wenger says the difference between this year and last year is that last year we wouldn’t have found a way to win this game. See, to me that’s just plain bullshit because as great as Hleb’s goal was, it easily could’ve been saved if he a) had shot to the right or b) Warner had dove to his left. Wenger should just say, “Hey, we shot straight at the goalie and hope to do better”. That would be a much more believable story.

But the story of the day has to be the scum getting crushed by Everton at home. This is after spending £40 million in the summer and after Darren Bent claimed they were destined for real European football. They’ll probably beat Derby in their next game but after that it’s time for successive thumpings at the hands of Man Utd. This made my day.

Here’s an article titled Gallas galvanised by extra responsibility. It talks about Gallas’ overnight change from discontent fullback to heroic captain.

I hope to have highlights from the Sparta Prague game barring any network problems. Get the feed, it is sophisticated.