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It was the first game after the Champions League setback and a chance to leapfrog Liverpool in the standings for third place and put a stronghold on a Champions League qualification spot. Just some random thoughts from this game:

We really saw the reason why Aliadiere will never be a real first-team player for Arsenal, his brutal header off of Freddie Ljunberg’s cross just showed his lack of finishing skill. First he misplaced the header by putting it into the ground and even then he put so much on it that it bounced over the open goal.

Villa had success carving out the Arsenal back four with Carew and Barry wasting more than a couple chances. The back four were defending a very high line that Villa just couldn’t time correctly and when they did, the referee helped us out. Abou Diaby’s goal was a complete fluke, he did not intend to shoot and it just kind of accidentally flicked of his foot. Lehmann came about with some very crucial saves on Barry and Carew which preserved the flaky 1-0 lead.

Villa dominated the second half without creating any chances, when Arsenal did get the ball and made runs, it was the same old story – nothing of fruition comes of us in the final third. Baptista was taken out of the game and questioned Wenger for doing so – shut up, sit down and start packing your bags. I know I sound pretty pissed off for a guy whose team just won but our lack of finishing really is frustrating. Who cares about creating chances when you can’t put them away? We need Eto’o.

First Half Highlights – Abou Diaby Goal 1-0

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Full Time Match Highlights and Analysis

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