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This is probably more prevalent in the IT industry than anywhere else. If you’ve ever made the mistake of posting your resume on Monster or Workopolis for too long, you’ll get calls from the lowest form of human life also known as recruiters. Be wary, they have titles that might make you think they’re something other than scum who live by sucking the blood of hard working people like you and me. Some even have titles like Human Resource Manager or Placement Specialist or even Account Manager but they’re all the same. They get paid off your hard work.

You might even get called for an “interview” where one of these leeches will ask you all kinds of questions like Where do you see yourself in five years? and What type of compensation would be ideal for you? but what they really want to know is Is this guy going to stick around long enough in the shit company I’m going to place him so that I don’t look bad and I gotta make sure we don’t pay him a single cent more than we have to.

In 95% of the cases, these people have no technical knowledge whatsoever and are simply presenting you to their clients based on your asking rate and what they’re charging their clients. A cursory check of the resume is done to make sure you don’t have any large gaps between jobs. At best, they’ll give you a dumb ass questionaire created five years ago which has outdated questions like How do you declare a Java class? Before they present you to the client, you’ll speak with the Account Manager who you might recognize as the guy who used to be your doorman a few years back. The way he’ll talk you might think he’s the CEO of IBM and then he’ll shake your hand so hard it might just crumble into pieces. The Account Manager is the guy who decides whether you are “good enough” to be presented to the client. He himself has no interest in you or his client and he’s only there to ensure that they can charge the client 35% more than what you are getting paid.

The sad part is that all these companies like Rogers, Telus, BMO, Royal Bank etc. place their trust in these scumbags’ hands. They in-turn make minimal effort in trying to find a good fit for their clients. They post ads on and which is only read by lonely men looking to satisfy their most immediate needs. I wonder if these large corporations know that they’re not getting close to what they’re paying for and they’re better off just setting up a proper HR department which does the hiring.

You’ll rarely get offered a position that you’ll like. You’ll get offered all kinds of unwanted crap like a 3-month contract at a “fast-paced boutique firm” which really translates to “be prepared to get over-worked and put-out fires caused by incompetent managers” and so on. So the next time you get all excited that you have a “job interview” with a recruiter, make sure you understand that you’re about to deal with people who don’t give a rats ass about you and are there to make sure that YOU make THEM some money.