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It’s our good friends from Sparta (not this Sparta) Prague that we face again in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. The second I heard about this, these images popped into my mind. We’ve already played Sparta four times in the last six years in the group stages so we’ve got reason to be content since there won’t be any surprises. David Miles says it could’ve been worse (like Liverpool who drew Toulouse FC) but won’t take shit for granted:

“We won’t take anything for granted and Arsene, with his network of scouts, will be doing his homework. It is paramount that we get through to the group stage, where we have three home and away games”

Looking at the complete UEFA Champions League draw the most intriguing matchup looks to be Celtic and FC Spartak Moskova. Those Russian clubs are tough nuts as we all should know from the CSKA nightmare.

The door that might let Nicklas Bendtner in to the first team just opened as Emmanuel Adebayor will miss the start of the season due to groin problems. Nothing but the usual “I will work hard to get fit” quotes from the Sky Sports article. He’s already missed the Emirates Cup and the Amsterdam Tournament so when he does get fit he’ll be rusty at best. I’d like to see him take his time getting fit while Bendtner and Walcott take a stab at his job.

The Daily Mail suggests that it’s Eduardo who now has a “golden opportunity” to establish himself as the first-choice striker alongside RVP. I say we make everyone happy and play three strikers, let the chips fall where they may. Seriously though, could we play Eduardo as an attacking midfielder? Haven’t seen him in that role yet but if he can play it effectively he’ll see a lot more playing time.

In the blogosphere the Gunnerblog’s got a take on Senderos as captain and recaps the Lazio game, highlights here. Lasagnechef’s covering everything in his post. This isn’t really Arsenal related but Manchester City and Sven are on a spending spree that’s already reached £34 million. What will it buy them this year? From 14th in the league they might jump up to 10. Money well spent. Also, AC Milan has seen something in Baptista which is quite astonishing. They must be getting desperate down there.