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The Arsenal captaincy is up for grabs! Arsene Wenger says William Gallas has the ingredients of being a captain, one of those ingredients is that he hasn’t bitched about the club in oh I don’t know say two weeks! Gallas’ attitude towards the club is as mercurial as mercury and I have no faith in him actually keeping his mouth shut and continuing to perform on the pitch if we hit tough times. If Gallas is actually given the captaincy over Toure or Gilberto it’ll be the biggest snub since Vieira not shaking hands with RVN.

So we lost to FC Salzburg, big f***ing whoop. If anybody watched that game they’ll know that it was a much better performance than Gencerblwhatsitsname. Eduardo “don’t call me Dudu” da Silva had a game where he looked to be a threat every time he touched the ball. It’s no joke, check out the highlights. Even Arsene Wenger was generous in praising the Crozilian as he summarized the game:

Eduardo pourrait avoir marqué quatre buts. Il a regardé très dangereux et il a montré qu’il est qualité supérieure. Ils étaient très défensifs, est qui à ce que nous faisons face dans notre ligue et nous avons créé l’abondance des chances. Je suis heureux avec la façon dont nous avons joué et avec l’esprit montré. Le résultat n’était pas important. Nous avons su que les 20 dernières minutes seraient difficiles mais nous devrions avoir marqué cinq avant qu’elles aient marqué.

Turns out we won’t be getting Angel Di Maria, looks like Benfica has nabbed him. You heard it here first: we missed a chance to sign somebody who can be great. Will somebody take Reyes off our hands? Anybody? Whats this I hear about Arsenal rejecting a £10 million offer for the sun-loving son of a bitch? It’s rumored that Wenger’s valuing Reyes at around £20 million, I will eat my keyboard if anybody offers close to that.

That retarded mongrel Darren Bent thinks the Spurs wil be in the top four. Doesn’t he watch football? Doesn’t he have cable TV? Doesn’t he read newspapers? Doesn’t he know that we own the scum and will continue to own the scum until God decides he’s had enough of the world? “There’s no reason why we can’t catch the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool” said the brain-dead man. Yes there’s a reason: It’s because you suck rotten tomatoes. I’m going to take special enjoyment when we beat their scummy asses this year.

Even though I love the Gunnerblog for linking to this blog last week and almost taking me to the top of WordPress, I still can’t understand why he just won’t accept that we’re not signing anymore strikers. I’m proposing that we might even have a bit of a “logjam” at the striker spot or at least we don’t need any more forwards. Walcott, Adebayor, RVP, Bendtner and Eduardo are more than enough and barring any injury some of them will be exclusively relegated to cup duties.

Thierry Henry just scored the winner for Barcelona in the 90th minute for those who were wondering if he’d “lost it”.

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