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It’s terribly hard for me to look past Jens Lehmann’s antics in goal so far this season but despite him doing everything he can to help us lose, we’re still doing quite OK. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool have all dropped points and we’re keeping pace and have that all so meaningful “game in hand” in hand. And getting a point at Blackbrun wasn’t all that bad of a result. The early season is showing all the signs of a tight race and Wenger assesses that we’ll be in contention all the way to the end:

“It looks like it [the league] will be tighter. We have only played two games of course. I am confident we will be up there but with whom I don’t know.”

I don’t know how many points Lehmann will cost us this season but Wenger has to step in and take some action. Either Jens is just playing nonchalant (which is completely not understandable) or he’s just lost it. It’s probably the former and maybe Wenger should just bench him for a couple games just so he can get his head screwed on straight. Fabregas offered some tin-canned sympathy for Lehmann but you almost have to be a saint to not be peeved at crazy Jens. Lehmann just said that the English side are “mentally weaker” than the Germans. Some jokes just write themselves.

William Gallas’ first stint as captain is over because of injury, he’ll be out three weeks which will open the way for Kolo Toure to be captain and for Philippe Senderos to make a bid for the job. Gallas had played well in the first three games and despite the defense looking leaky against Fulham he did a commendable job along with Toure in clearing dangers. I don’t like him being a captain but he’s been a good center back so far.

David Dunn “hit back” at Wenger by basically agreeing with him about the ‘a desire for violence’ comment by basically saying they have to play like that to make up for the talent difference between the two sides. He’s an idiot but Arsene doesn’t do us any favors by complaining about the physicality of our opponents after ever game. As the Arseblogger points out, we’ve started to hit back at physical opponents and it’s awesome to watch Fabreags kicking people around. Wenger shouldn’t talk about this nonsense in his post-game interviews and just let his players do the talking on the pitch.

The fallout from the crazy Liverpool/Chelsea game which saw Liverpool get robbed of two points is Rob Styles being suspended for seeing what’s not there and denying he gave yellow cards when there is clear HD video evidence to the contrary. There’s also some story making the rounds of Beckham and Wenger giving the photographers “their moment”.

Not much else going on in Arsenal Land. Grab the feed.