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What a boring, unwatchable and disappointing game between the Gunners and Magpies today. Neither team created any real chances and even when the odd “chance” was created, it was appropriately not taken. Nobody deserved to score and nobody did. Now if Arsenal had dominated the game like they did against West Ham and ended up tying the game, I’d be a lot more upset. So I conclude that it’s much better for my health that they not even create chances if they’re not planning on taking them.

If it weren’t for the crossbar coming to Arsenal’s rescue when James Milner’s early second half shot smashed against it, we’d be talking about four consecutive league defeats. Thank God Bolton only managed to tie Everton otherwise we’d be in fifth right now and out of the Champions League picture. The Gunners didn’t disappoint entirely, they never do. Some nice passes were made, a few wide runs and some eye-pleasing football was put together, of course all this was meaningless as it never looked to bother Newcastle enough to the point that they would worry about Arsenal possession in midfield.

Shay Given only had to make on real save and it was a most unlikely candidate for this shot, Alexander Hleb. Hleb has yet to recover from his PSV brain-fart of fouling unnecessarily and allowing the freekick that lead to the Alex goal. Hleb looked a little better today and was moving with some purpose but as luck would have it, his tackle involving Adebayor quickly put an end to his afternoon. I just hope he recovers quickly and gets his head back on straight.

So all we’ve got is a 2 point lead over Bolton and a game in hand. This season is becoming very exciting for all the wrong reasons, we should’ve been talking about Arsenal’s part in this week’s Champions League play but instead I find myself worrying who Bolton is playing next. Brings a feeling of true despair upon me. I spit on the UEFA Cup and want no part of it.

Here are the highlights courtesy of Arsenal Clips:

Arsenal vs. Newcastle 1st Half Highlights

[dailymotion id=2Ufmu1RcKLUtMbVwD]

Arsenal vs. Newcastle 2nd Half Highlights

[dailymotion id=2fnxL8ytsw560bVzD]