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God damn strikers.  It’s like our legs suddenly stop working and brains stop thinking just as soon as we’re about to do something that counts on the scoresheet.  I’m going to sound like a broken record if I go off on Aliadiere (the SOB should’ve scored man, it’s that simple) or Baptista but thats exactly where we’re lacking.  Let me just say my two cents about Aliadiere – late in the game, Rosicky made a clever little run to the baseline and had the ball passed to him, the defense collapsed and he setup Aliadiere who had to just offer an average shot to threaten the goalkeeper but he fired it about 35 feet too high.  I’m not joking, it was 35 feet too high.  Even the commentator started second guessing his place at Arsenal.

I’ve learned to never criticize any Arsenal player for taking a shot too early.  At least it’s a shot so when Fabregas tried firing it from 25-30 yards out a couple times, I wasn’t upset, at least he was trying.  Same for Ljunberg or Rosicky.  But Baptista, what a piece of work this clown is, watching him with the ball is like watching a one legged chicken trying to cross the road.  Believe it or not, he wasn’t awful today and the only reason I say that is because he didn’t miss a sitter.  He manged to turn the defender around a couple times but you knew it was never going to lead to anything and it didn’t.

Abou Diaby was impressive, he reminds me a little of Viera and his forward runs.  Gilberto had a few mental lapses, or as they say in old English, Brain Farts.  On a couple occasions, he was caught in the Christmas spirit and literally just gave the ball away without any pressure from the defender.  Here’ s my vote for Kolo Toure to come forward more often, everytime he does, something positive happens.  Here’s a bet: If Kolo Toure played as a striker for Arsenal, he’d score more goals than Baptista.  Guaranteed.

Arsenal couldn’t execute in the final third, piss poor crosses, couple bad missed cost us the game.  Thanks to Crazy Jens for making some big saves to keep us in it.

Andy Johnson 1-0

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