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Still comfortable with Almunia in the net? He’s got to save the second goal and preserve the lead. It’s alls well that ends well I guess but we definitely saw a chink in the armour. Not a big chink but moments in the game where our passing ability deserted us and we were carelessly giving the ball away. Sunderland grew in confidence and managed to equalize because of our lackluster defending after the first two goals. Robin van Persie’s and his powerful left foot is the savior again.

How about Senderos, only he could score a goal like that. Body going one way, keeper some other way, and ball some other direction. What an ugly un-Arsenal goal, I almost wanted to give that one back but turned out we really needed it. Is it just me or does Sagna play better with the longer hair? I think it adds a little intangible toughness to the man, something that says, “Son, I’m gonna eat you after the game”. Grow that shit back man. So what’s this we’re back at the top of the table two points ahead of Man U with that ever-present game in-hand. I love the game in-hand, we always seem to have played one less than anyone else, it’s almost therapeutic.

Will RVP score 25 goals in the Premiership this year? I think so, he’s in top notch form and will score at least twice of what Adebayor will. Will Senderos ever score again in his life? Probably not. Can Diaby do anything with his left foot? Now I think he’ll be great for Arsenal for years to come but right now it’s almost painful to see him on the left side trying to desperately bring the ball over to his right so he could shoot it. It’s like he’s trying to draw a circle in the air with his right hand while moving his right foot counter-clockwise. Try it, see if you can do it? Didn’t think so.

Arsenal fan, I have some news. The Toronto Raptors season is starting soon which means another team to cover so the Arsenal posts might be shorter in length/content. Fear not though, the Toronto FC season is coming to a very slow and pathetic end so it means one less team to cover.

This was a 7AM start in Toronto so one must now sleep. BTW, Sopcast and MyP2P are being total bitches these days so I have to thank Arsenal Clips for the highlights. Grab the feed.

Check out all the goals in one video or download all the goal in one big rar file. 22.5MB. Or you could download the 89MB MOTD BBC highlights.

Here’s the Match Report and something from the BBC with post-match interviews.

RVP 1-0 ‘7 Download

[livevideo id=36AE5B7001F64CE88351E20087FA0C12]

Senderos 2-0 ’14 Download

[livevideo id=6D365FC93C2B45849AD9C8F7D475607F]

Wallace 2-1 ’25 Download

[livevideo id=D7F9274CDEF144A89F67C413727070FA]

Jones 2-2 ’48 Download

RVP 3-2 Download

[livevideo id=D5D030E1271B438AA980C3166122ACD2]