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I’m just waiting for the Wenger to Real Madrid stories to start popping out of Spain and that blasted El Mundo Deportivo, try reading the front page through Google Translator, its messed up. See Real Madrid sacked Fabio Capello despite the man guiding them to the La Liga title (apparently the finish was too close) and the only natural option would be to of course target another man who is allegedly discontent at Arsenal. I give it 24 hours from this posting until that this story surfaces. See I’m not lying in this posting because as The Daily Show says, if I put a question mark in front of a sentence, I can pretty much say anything. Like, Henry is a lying bastard? or Mr. Dein gangbanged the board?, you get the point.

We’re targeting Obafemi Martins at £13 million which wounds a bit excessive given we just sold Henry for a paltry £16 million but I’m one of those who sometimes tends to have blind faith in Wenger even when he didn’t dispose of testicular cancer Jeremy Aliadiere two years ago. For those of us that think Anelka is a better signing raise your hand and for those of you who think Anelka is an immature punk, you can f**k off. It’s been eight long years since he was at Arsenal, if anybody things he’s the same punk that he might’ve been before, they need to look in the mirror and see how they’ve changed over that long a period of time. He’s a better fit for Arsenal given his finesse and strength and also a closer replacement for Henry than either Tevez or Martins can be. Then there’s also Ryan Babel who apparently can choose when he wants to join Arsenal.

Matthieu Flamini is leaving Arsenal. Who f*****g cares? All I remember from the guy last year is his goal at Stamford Bridge, aside from that I just remember him running looking like he hadn’t showered in months. The Frenchman’s been fairly solid for us over the years stepping up whenever a hole needed to be plugged (sexual innuendo alert) but it’s pretty obvious that we have better players than him and he has become as dispensable as a twice-used Kleenex.

Argentina is my favorite international club so I would like to see a Tevez signing even though I think it’s not the greatest fit. So it crossed my mind if it’s actually possible to sign two strikers instead of picking one. Tevez is the pitbull type of forward that can create something out of nothing, something Adebayor never seems to be able to do. I’m looking at Adebayor as a part that stands to be upgraded and not just accepted. There’s something to be said for this train of thought.

One final thought: it doesn’t matter what reason Henry gave for leaving or whether it was genuine or what someone thought of it, he’s gone now and there’s no point flogging a dead horse. I’m over Henry, really, I am.