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The very thought of tape-delay actually still existing in the year 2007 is appalling enough but you truly feel the suffering when you witness it first-hand. Only when you become the victim of this archaic technique of networks juggling conflicts do you realize that it really sucks! That’s what happened with me and the Toronto FC/DC United game which was scheduled to be shown on CBC at 5PM instead of its actual 3:30PM start. Now avoiding all human contact for an hour and a half isn’t that bad but when you finally get a nice little sandwich and beverage and turn the TV on only to find a hockey game which was unfortunate enough to go into overtime, you realize that your wait has not ended. Things get complicated when the hockey game has a sports ticker which is threatening to show the TFC score any second; so you change the channel, finish off your sandwich and wait for another 40 minutes because c’mon, you need to see the trophy presentation of the conference champs.

Unfortunately, the misery doesn’t end there. Once the hockey festivities have concluded and the Toronto FC game is about to “start”, CBC has the balls to actually jump right into the game as if they had been broadcasting it since 5:00PM instead of 5:40PM! What does this mean? It means that the first action I’m watching is at the 43rd minute. So after waiting for 2+ hours they reward me with half the game! WTF?

It took me a while to get over this but at least I got to saw Eskandarian fire home a late first half header to give us a short-lived 1-0 lead. I didn’t catch much of the first half but from the opening minutes of the second DC looked the superior squad. They dictated play but it didn’t amount to anything in the end and it was the hero of two weeks past that was today’s goat – Kevin Goldthwaite. Goldthwaite showed us that he can be a great header of the ball as his defensive mechanism failed him and he sailed one over Sutton’s head like he was the enemy – tie game.

Everyone’s talking like it was a sure penalty, I’m not too sure about it. Was there contact? Yes, but I don’t think it was a clumsy challenge by Marvell Wynne and Luciano Emilio was hunting for the penalty than actually trying to score. Wynne should’ve held his ground than try to block the shot or make it harder for him to launch it then try and dispossess Emilio of the ball. Hindsight is 20/20. It was luck and a 50/50 call that cost us this game, nothing more.

A word needs to be said about our defense in general, it’s very ‘tentative’. What does that mean? Let me explain. We’re too often in two minds about what to be doing when we’re being attacked by forwards or when the opposing midfield is building up plays. We often retreat and allow the attacker enough space to make decisions and pick-off runs instead of just making a slide-tackle that’ll either dispossess the man of the ball or result in a foul, both acceptable options when you’re under pressure outside the area. I don’t want to get into the habit of criticizing particular players because the flaw is all over the defense, not just one guy but I will say Wynne needs to apply his smarts a little more instead of relying on brute strength.  I’m not saying this just because of the penalty, it’s a general observation.