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Coming off some pretty good games, the job at hand might have seemed to be attainable given the form of the club and the acidic high we’ve been riding. But yesterday we ran into the wall of Quality and were outclassed by a team that right now is just better than us in many aspects. Much like the earlier game against New England, this one had us holding the ball for long periods without any significant attack being launched in the first half. But it’s hard to launch attacks when you’re down early (14th minute), there’s this little thing called psyche which f***s with you with each goal you allow. And when you allow two early ones, part of the body wants to take the rest of the night off.

On the first goal the Rev got a little lucky after the ball bounced off Goldthwaite and straight to Dorman, don’t blame Goldilocks though, nothing he could do. Marvell Wynne got beaten by Pat Noonan on a seemingly harmless cross for the second and the third goal, well the third goal doesn’t really matter. But what does matter is to figure out when we start getting on Jeff Cunningham’s ass for missing golden opportunities, he should’ve scored on a one-on-one against the goalie after Noonan scored but, and pardon my language, he shot like a bitch and straight to the goalie. Now I like the guy and think he’s a great addition to the team but c’mon man, score some f*****g goals.

Sometimes our midfield defense gets exposed too easily, as good as they’ve been offensively of late, they get torn apart by teams of quality (as somewhat expected?) way too easily. New England could’ve scored at least three more goals if it weren’t for them just stupidly bumbling the ball in the final third. When the opposition uses the width of the field and spawns East-West attacks we become very vulnerable to crosses and often lose our man on defense allowing them an opportunity. This must be rectified because quality teams live off chances like these and we must either a) tighten up the midfield to prevent long side-runs and b) be aware of the forwards as they make their runs looking for a cross. Sounds pretty simple but it’s something that has been lacking and needs to be improved.

Generally speaking, we looked like we didn’t have a clue of what to do on either end and looked like the TFC of old (I realize how stupid that sounds).  But I don’t think we need to be too critical of the players, they’ll watch the game tape and hopefully Mo Johnston can outline where they need to improve in both their general and counter-attack defense.

It’s a good thing Greg Sutton’s back (hopefully not injured) , Srdjan Djekanovic’s been decent but he gets caught out of position a little too much and his body angles/weight never seems to be proper when defending against a shot. He needs a little more time in practice which is what he’ll get since Canada was robbed (video) in the Gold Cup by a paid off ref.

Anyways, bad night to be a TFC fan.