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The Arsenal 2, Manchester United 2

Good comeback by the Gunners, went down twice and came back in dramatic fashion. We definitely didn’t deserve to lose this game after having quite a bit of possession and controlling the game for long periods. Both Man Utd goals came on the counter-attack where were were left figuring out who we’re trying to mark. Adebayor sucked as usualy, he’s about as likely to score for Arsenal as I am and I live in Canada. We’re missing RVP on the freekicks, the corners, the counter-attack, well..everywhere really. I’d say give Eduardo more playing time, the man clearly deserves and plays with aplomb (look this word up, it’s pretty cool). Either way I think it’s time for Adebayor to have a seat, apparently Drogba hates Chelsea so maybe get him over here….drooooolll…..

Good job by the linesman for calling the Gallas goal over the line, I missed it like everybody else too, but then again I was watching the game in piss-poor quality over Sopcast. Eh, still something I guess. Thank God for Fabregas, the guy just loves to score crucial goals. Anderson epitomizes what a cunt is. What else, it’s the one year wedding anniversary so I’m off to cottage country.

Read the match report and also grab the feed. There’s also the comprehensive Third Gen match report, damn good recap.

You can watch the highlights using VLC. Be sure to check out the 15 minute highlight pack.

Wayne Rooney ’45: Download High Quality Download

Fabregas ’47: Download High Quality Download

Ronaldo ’82: High Quality Download

Gallas ’90 Download High Quality Download