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So we’re told Wenger has some money to spend and he’s just waiting to sign the “right” player. The Boss exudes the confidence he has in his youth and dismisses any claims of old farts like Anelka reappearing at Arsenal. Now that’s fine with me but Wenger doesn’t really elaborate on what kind of player he wants to sign. He’s being vague as saying:

“If I find the right player, I will take him. If I find two, I will do it.”

Fair enough but what the “right player” is only God knows because it sure isn’t Tevez, Anelka, Babel or any of that sort. Unwinding this thread a little more we learn that Kaka is being chased by Real Madrid with great zeal. Now if there is a right player by any categorization or criteria it’s Ricardo Kaka who can be considered the greatest player in football. Any amount of money being spent here would be well spent. I can’t think of a better replacement for Henry than Kaka who has continuously rivaled the Frenchman as the best player on the planet. Or we could get Anelka. The Gunnerblog has a great post on the media’s fascination with an Anelka signing and suggests Wenger’s using Anelka as a smokescreen.

There’s finally some indication that sun-worshipper Jose Antonio Reyes is finally out of Arsenal, his destination? Not the glamorous Santiago Bernabeu but the industrial wasteland that is Atletico Madrid. £9.3 million is the quoted price which I remember reading was far less than what Wenger wanted for him. Either way it’s money we can use to sure up our shot at a title run which Cesc Fabregas thinks is a realistic and quite achievable goal. Reading his comments I’m thinking he’s ready to put his hat in for the Arsenal captaincy sweepstakes:

“I have matured very much over the last two years and I am prepared to be the leader of the team.”

As this is the only Arsenal blog with an MLS flavour I’m happy to report that Freddy “Who?” Adu looks to be heading out of the MLS to Benfica. For those of you living on the Eastern side of the Atlantic, Freddy Adu is the most hyped up and under-performing player of his generation, he seems like a nice enough guy but the expectations and performances never quite added up.