Hull City vs Arsenal 0-3 Highlights

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Hull City team: IMAGE

Arsenal team: IMAGE

Arteta kicked in head: GIF

Advertising boards fly on to the field: GIF

Szczesny comes out well to clear: GIF

Szczesny great save! Goes just wide for Hull: GIF :: GFY

Podolski creates space, forces save – good shot: GIF :: GFY

Warning sign: GIF

Heads collide, Hull man down: GIF

GOAL!! Ramsey 0-1: GIF :: GFY

Aaron Ramsey Goal 0-1: VIDEO

GOAL!! Podolski 0-2: GIF :: GFY

Podolski goal 0-2 (incl. Hull foul claim): VIDEO

Hull chance – defender gets back in time: GIF

GOAL!! Podolski 3-0: GIF

Podolski goal 0-3: VIDEO

Great play from Santi, cross cleared: GIF

Ooooh…Mertesacker almost scores with the header off the FK: GIF

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview (Sky): Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Lukas Podolski and Aaron Ramsey: VIDEO

Player Compilation: Aaron Ramsey: VIDEO

Hull City vs Arsenal – MOTD Highlights: VIDEO

Arsenal vs West Ham United 3-1 Highlights (Lukas Podolski Brace)

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Podolski chance, refs calls offside: GIF :: GFY

Giroud chance, tries to get a knee on it…: GIF

Giroud misses a golden chance to put Arsenal ahead: GIF :: GFY

Rosicky chance, Giroud pass – fails to drag ball with him: GIF

West Ham Score 0-1: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Podolski equalizes 1-1: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

First Half Highlight Pack: VIDEO

GOAL!!! Giroud gives Arsenal 2-1 lead: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Kim Kallstrom yellow card: GIF

GOAL!!! Podolski strikes again 3-1: GIF :: GFY

Look at Podolski going in for the tackle!: GIF

Managerial handshake – Wenger v Big Sam: GIF

Arsene Wenger Press Conference: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Arsenal vs West Ham Utd Analysis: VIDEO

Giroud pays respect to Hillsorough victims: IMAGE

Vermaelen’s hard high-five: VIDEO

Santi Cazorla vs West Ham Utd Compilation via @Arsenal_Editor: VIDEO

Arsenal vs Wigan Highlights 1-1 Penalties – FA Cup Semifinal – April 12

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Wigan lineup: IMAGE

Arsenal lineup: IMAGE

Arsenal come forward early: GIF :: GFY

Oooh…Ramsey almost latches on to the end: GIF :: GFY

Ox makes a run: GIF :: GFY

OMG! Sagna with an awesome chance, shoots it across goal: GIF :: GFY

Wigan almost score…shot almost grazes the top bar: GIF

Yaya Sanogo has a go: GIF :: GFY

Podolski FK goes wide, somewhat close: GIF :: GFY

Sanogo played in, but handbrake comes on: GIF :: GFY

Aaron Ramsey playing with fire – Wigan penalty shout: GIF

Mertesacker foul resulting in Wigan penalty: GIF :: GFY

Wigan score to take 1-0 lead. Fabianski dove well, got a touch but not enough: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal fans wanting a sub: GIF

No worries: IMAGE

It’s Giroud’s long-lost brother: IMAGE

That clearance off the line by Wigan: GIF :: GFY

GOAAAALLL!!! Mertesacker equalizes 1-1: GIF :: GFY

Angry Wenger: GIF

Mertesacker goal 1-1: VIDEO

Uwe Rosler is into the match: GIF

Sanogo can’t get to the end of the cross: GIF

Sanogo turns and shoots, forces keeper into save: GIF

Full Penalty Shootout – Arsenal vs Wigan: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Per Mertesacker: VIDEO

Highlight Pack – 10:20: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger

Everton vs Arsenal Highlights – April 6

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Osman’s shot inches wide…: GIF

Everton goal 1-0: GIF

Lukaku goal 2-0..sad days, these: GIF

Everton 3-0 after Sagna error: GIF :: GFY

Yaya Sanogo’s disallowed goal: GIF

Aaron Ramsey Highlight Pack: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Arsenal vs Manchester City 1-1 Highlights – March 29

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Teams: Man City :: Arsenal

Man City chance – Navas: GIF :: GFY

Santi Cazorla penalty shout (gets grabbed): GIF

Rosicky penalty shout, looks like a dive: GIF :: GFY

Man City 0-1 – Silva: GIF :: GFY

Flamini disallowed goal – offside: GIF

Giroud on the ground: GIF

Kompany yellow, blocks Arteta: GIF

Rosicky yellow vs Clichy: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal’s little-known January signing: IMAGE

Silva yellow, brings down Arteta: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Flamini 1-1: GIF :: GFY

Flamini goal 1-1: VIDEO

Ooooh! Podolski chance, Hart saves.: GIF :: GFY