Leicester City vs Arsenal 1-1 Highlights

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Arsenal lineup – Image

Leicester City lineup – Image

Sanogo’s first touch lets him down… – GFY

Santi has a crack at it after interplay on the right – GFY

Leicester on the counter, Szczesny does well to read the clever flick – GFY

Oooh…great Mertesacker interception to snuff out goal chance – GFY

Koscielny collides head – is down – GFY

Leicester come very close – GFY

GOALL!! Alexis Sanchez – 1-0 Arsenal – GFY

Leicester equalize – GFY

Wow. What a great tackle by Chambers at the edge of the box – GFY

Sanogo half-chance – GFY

Arsenal FK – Sanogo shoves and shoots – GFY

WTF tackle on Per – GFY

Ramsey plays Sanogo in well, but he Sanogos it right into the defender – GFY

Sanogo is offside, describes how offside – GFY

Oooh, Chambers living dangerously. Dribbles through two defenders in his own box – GFY

Ramsey fires in a speculative shot from distance – GFY

Leicester with an early chance, Szczesny dives to save – GFY

Sangogo tries to play the give-and-go…tries – GFY

Arsenal penalty shout – Cazorla – GFY

Cazorla chance, shoots wide – GFY

Best chance of the half to Leicester – so close – GFY

Cazorla/Ramsey connect for a great chance – looping header saved – GFY

Sanogo with a great chance to score, shoots it straight at the goalie – GFY

Mertesacker falls, crucial block from Debuchy to prevent goal, Leicester dangerous – GFY

Sanogo gets on the end of the Cazorla pass, heads over, not pleased – GFY

OMG. Instead of shooting from 12 yards, Sanogo lets it go between his legs, no Arsenal player behind him – GFY

HUGE save by Szczesny to keep it at 1-1 as Leicester counter-attack – GFY

Podolski’s half chance at the end – it ends 1-1, points dropped – GFY

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Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Danny Welbeck & Calum Chambers vs Norway – Video

Cometh the hour, cometh Sanogo! – Vine

Danny Welbeck 1-0 vs Switzerland – GFY

Danny Welbeck 2-0 vs Switzerland – GFY

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U21: Akpom scores against Aston Villa 1-0 – GFY

Arsenal vs Besiktas 1-0 Highlights (Champions League Playoffs 2nd Leg)

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Arsenal lineup – Image

Besiktas lineup – Image

Jack with a nifty move early – GFY

Besiktas early chance, looked offside – GFY

Debucy with a great run down the right, wins a corner – GFY

Having issues with streams…

Debucy with a last-ditch tackle to prevent goal – GFY

GOAL!!! Sanchez scores 1-0 – Video

Sanchez goal, alternate views – GFY

Besiktas penalty shout – legit – GFY

Besiktas FK…not really close – GFY

Demba Ba almost gets on the end of the cross – GFY

Everyone is relieved! – GFY

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Everton vs Arsenal 2-2 Highlights

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Everton lineup – Image

Arsenal lineup – Image

Chambers with a strong challenge against Pienaar – GFY

Ox does well to whip the cross in after good play on the right – GFY

Everton turn it over and Ox has a go from distance – GFY

Chambers does well to tackle, preventing a break – GFY

Everton score 1-0 – GFY

Everton should have been up 2-0 – GFY

Ox has another go after the ball bounces to him, poor guy – GFY

Everton FK comes close, Szczesny had it covered – GFY

Everton score as Mertesacker challenge fails 2-0 – GFY

Debuchy fouled, gets mad – Video

Giroud misses a great chance..ugh – GFY

Giroud misses a pretty good chance, shoots wide – GFY

Ramsey scores 2-1 – GFY

Giroud header wide – GFY

Giroud equalizer 2-2! – Video

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Giroud injury – GIF

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Besiktas vs Arsenal Highlights (Champions League Qualifier) 0-0

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Arsenal lineup – Image

Demba Ba almost catches Szczesny right after kickoff – Video

Wide angle of Demba Ba’s treachery – GFY

Demba Ba gets a strike off right at goalie – dangerous – GFY

Santi Cazorla squeezes a shot across the face of goal – GFY

Sanchez sets up Giroud who gets a shot off whilst on his butt – GFY

Replay shows Ba’s shot hitting the bar..whew – GFY

Alexis tries to get on the end of the Giroud cross – GFY

Half-hearted penalty shout by Besiktas…Koscielny with the tackle – GFY

Better view of Koscielny’s tackle right in front of goal – GFY

Callum Chambers dispossesses Demba Ba nicely – GFY

Jack Wilshere unleashes a left-footed shot, keeper has to dive to save – GFY

OMG! Demba Ba misses great chance after Chambers falls over – GFY

Ooooh! Giroud finds himself all alone, 1v1 with goalie but cannot control – GFY

Arsenal give possession awawy and Besiktas almost score on break – GFY

Aaron Ramsey picks up a yellow card for having shirt pulled and pulling back – GFY

Flamini picks up customary yellow – GFY

Really weird montage of players in slow motion – GFY

Good Arsenal play results in half-chance for Giroud – GFY

Oh man…Sanchez plays it nicely to Giroud who totally Girouds it – GFY

Cazorla goes low on the FK, goalie bumbles but controls – GFY

RED! Ramsey picks up second yellow and is sent off – GFY

OOOOH! Ox hits the post after keeper tips it – GFY

Replay of Ox’s strike which hit post – GFY

Wenger with the head-shake… – GFY

Highlight Pack – 720p – Video

Full Match – 720p + Post-game analysis – Video

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger – Video

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Calum Chambers vs Besiktas – Video

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Aaron Ramsey Ice Bucket Challenge – Video

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 2-1 Highlights

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Arsenal lineup: IMAGE

Crystal Palace lineup: IMAGE

Crystal Palace try a clever start – Arsenal alert: GIF :: GFY

Debucy on the overlap, pass too far out: GIF :: GFY

Chamakh and Cazorla collide: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal penalty shout! Looked like a good one.: GIF :: GFY

Sanchez has a go from distance…: GIF :: GFY

#ThingsSanogoDoes Does well to regain control, shoots rather wide: GIF :: GFY

Wilshere with a great left-footed shot, Goalie almost lets it in: GIF :: GFY

Szczesny comes out…Arsenal in trouble, Arteta tackles: GIF :: GFY

Hangeland scores for Palace from a corner: GIF :: GFY

Ref having issues with vanishing spray: GIF :: GFY

Koscielny equalizing goal 1-1: VIDEO

GOAL! Koscielny equalizes for Arsenal (more angles): GIF :: GFY

#ThingsSanogoDoes – Manages to pass while falling down, almost creates chance: GIF :: GFY

No, that was not a handball on Koscielny: GIF :: GFY

Handball shout against Chamakh: GIF :: GFY

Ooooh…Palace almost with an own goal: GIF :: GFY

Sanchez dribbles in nicely, keeper dives for save: GIF :: GFY

Giroud almost gets at the end of a Monreal cross: GIF :: GFY

Giroud shoots across goal after Sanchez pass, noooobody there: GIF :: GFY

GOAALL!!! Ramsey gives Arsenal 2-1 lead in injury time: GIF :: GFY

Ramsey winning goal 2-1: VIDEO

Szczesny marshalling troops on that final corner: VIDEO

Szczesny vs Chamakh on final corner: GIF :: GFY

Sanchez – great chest control: VIDEO

Szczesny after the winning goal: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Keith Millen: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Wojciech Szczesny: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Aaron Ramsey: VIDEO

Compilation: Calcum Chambers: VIDEO

Compilation: Laurent Koscielny: VIDEO

Compilation: Alexis Sanchez: VIDEO

MOTD Highlights: VIDEO

Mesut Ozil ice bucket challenge – Video