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  • zirgam
  • rizalb12

    Hazard, I would had called him douche bag until before I saw your replay which show Hector does kick his feet first, but he certainly being mischievous during the interview. Anyway man another draw, Arsenal really need to win the UEFA Cup. Thank you for the upload.

  • Gnostradamus

    Good for Arsene to talk about the match-fixing that the press refuse to see. You see the Guardian denigrating him article after article and dismissing the complaints, while ignoring not only injustices on Arsenal but favorable decisions for many of the rivals.
    Hope Arsene gets to write that book he’s hinted at about what goes on in the game. In my book he’s not won the title recently only because of dark acts on and off the field.

  • Highlightsfootball
  • David Spagnol

    As an Arsenal fan, obviously I’m disappointed that Arsenal did not hold onto the 1-0 lead, but that must have been one of the best games ever for the neutral. Both defences were made to look bad, and the keepers given the opportunity to shine, because of the way that both teams attacked.