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  • Imagine

    I think the Professor is leaving. So long for all the fish.

  • Gnostradamus

    I don’t think Wenger wants to leave, but Ivan Gazidis is going to have a huge upper hand in the negotiations on the future direction of Arsenal. Wenger delayed the contract hoping to be able to dictate the terms of what is likely his last contract. It really doesn’t matter though, with Kroenke being the silent owner. That he wants to keep it in the family means he won’t load the club with debt to take money out, like Manchester United. But not pushing on from here also means Arsenal will lose a lot of the attraction to players and fans, and become another mediocre franchise in the Kroenke family. Even the Wenger-out brigade’s finally realizing this, judging by the protests at the last game.

    Monreal was trying to emulate another Arsenal full-back, Lee Dixon.

  • arlind

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