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  • Gnostradamus

    I’m glad Wenger’s “lashing out” at the institutionalized bias. I’m sure there’s a lot of corruption going on too. PEDs, match-fixing, and plain old favoritism are so glaringly obvious, but clubs and “customers” drunk on the facade can continue to berate a great manager and great man. Maybe in a few years or decades people will look back and realize what’s going on, but right now he’s fighting the lone battle against a culture obsessed with being number one at all costs.

  • rizalb12

    that 5-7 match is all down to Chamakh 🙂

  • gdrkn

    No but there’s a lot of crying , whining, and winging and plain old bullshitting. But arsenal supporters drunk on the past and there own delusions. Maybe in a few decades they will realize the game left wenger behind 10 years ago. Arsenal fans have been settling for just being in the top four
    PS I’m not going to debate anyone who is afraid to face reality. Despite the complaining every one knows that Bayern are a far superior side. After all football fans saw Bayern destroy arsenal in the first leg 5-1 as well