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  • wallab06

    Once again Wenger doesn’t see the light. The LC people crying about no PK near the end should be quiet. Their guy pushed into the Arsenal player. Why do you think the ref was laughing! LC likes to a bunch of fake injuries and dives! They should be thankful they weren’t called on them! They should Walcott from Arsenal for being a “ball hog”! If Walcott would have tried to pass, via sliding kick or chip, to Giroud the score would have been a positive for Arsenal.. Look at the stats! Arsenal let the match go! Wenger started KOS, but didn’t let Ozil and Giroud come in till very late? They should have started! Arsenal/Wenger need to get off their arses and get a couple good players before the window closes! Wenger seems to be back in that groove of thinking, I have players coming back around Xmas time so we don’t need any new players! Still needs to get rid of Wilshere, Welbeck and that very selfish one Walcott. He doesn’t know how to play as a unit or teammate! I believe Wenger saw it, but probably will not do anything about it. As for Alexis, he needs to go back to his regular spot. He didn’t look comfortable out there today. Once again Chelsea saves their game late against a low division team. For Arsenal, another draw! Starting to look similar to last season; no goals and not following through with very good opportunities! Better add and better change!