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  • gunneristan

    lol cheerleaders at crystal palace?? didnt see that coming lol

  • Gnostradamus

    The argument about the penalty’s pathetic. Can’t Robbie go back to the Laws of the Game and look it up, or someone else show him? The second goal was really lucky. Can’t say decisions always go against. Better take advantage while they do, though.

  • Rea

    I’m still a bit confused why no one is mentioning Özil’s early 1st half goal, disallowed for being offside, which clearly wasn’t offisde on the video review. Why isn’t anyone reviewing that? If MOTD are going to question the penalty, and call the second goal offside, then they should show that we scored a perfectly good goal which was wrongly adjudged to be offside.

  • Gnostradamus

    Why isn’t that on here? Arsenalist’s gotten lazy. =)