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  • jellykid

    Arsenal got robbed so hard with that first goal. Shouldn’t have happened that way…

  • Gnostradamus

    That this board used to overflow with comments, now hardly gets any, says it all.

    About the club, not the site.

  • Gnostradamus

    “We had a poor defensive performance from the first until the last minute. We never looked comfortable and we got punished,” said Wenger.

  • Wanger

    @Gnostradamus i know! I used to come here during/after every game for all the banter

    First goal definitely changed the momentum. We should be able to recover from those though. Mentally not there yet.

  • jhnhgs

    Why can’t we play Burnley and Sunderland every week!?! We’d look impressive! And clean sheets, too!

    PS. Comments are not visible from the main page, if that’s the idea then its ok. Otherwise the old fashion link with counter (how many comments) worked well IMO