Arsenal vs Hull City Highlights 3-2 (Extra Time) – FA Cup Final

Streams: Wiziwig :: Live TV :: First Row

Hull score 0-1: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Hull score again 0-2: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

GOAL!! Santi Cazorla 1-2: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Sagna flattened: GIF :: GFY

Giroud doesn’t know where he is on the pitch: GIF

Giroud creates a chance on the right…nobody can tuck it in: GIF :: GFY

There’s been a goal in the massive Barca/Atleti game, check it out: GIF :: GFY

Penalty shout not given, Huddlestone brings down Giroud: GIF :: GFY

Penalty not given, Santi brought down: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Koscielny 2-2: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

OOOH! Gibbs with a HUGE miss…unbelievable: GIF :: GFY

Another penalty shout turned down, again or Cazorla: GIF :: GFY

Giroud chance, keeper saves!: GIF :: GFY

Sangogo chance…just wide: GIF :: GFY

Ooooh! Giroud hits the bar in extra time.: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!! Ramsey scores – Arsenal lead 3-2 in ET: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

OMG! Fabianksi comes out and Hull almost score in an open net: GIF :: GFY

Fabianksi’s crucial save at the end: GIF

Arsene Wenger’s moment of joy: GIF :: GFY

Arteta, Ramsey, and Wilshere interview: VIDEO

Arteta, Ramsey, and Wilshere interview: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Podolski using the FA Cup lid as a hat: IMAGE

Lukas Fabianski Interview: I’ve played my last game for Arsenal: VIDEO

Arsenal vs Hull City Highlights – 6:25: VIDEO

Stoned Sanogo: VIDEO

Trophy Ceremony and Post-Match Celebrations: VIDEO

Podolski chases down Wenger with champagne: GIF :: GFY

  • Gnostradamus

    It’s a library here!

    Congratulations to a well-earned victory, with negative help from the ref! Spirit to come back from yet another disastrous open (what’s up with that?), but didn’t panic and the class showed through.

    And thank you to Arsenalist for a season of hard work to keep everyone up to date with the entertainment.

    P.S. It’s been half an hour since Arsenal won a trophy.

  • Tieneich

    It’s been forever since I last comment here. I am just here to say thank you to gunners! You made me proud!

  • jellykid

    i’m in tears…

  • goutham edara

    We were there many times before.. but didnt win because of sheer bad luck..
    Arsene delivered….I am crying my heart out….thank u arsenalist for providing us with highlights ASAP……Gooner 4 ever

  • Sufian

    So, how many more years of failure before Jose Mourinho qualifies as a specialist?

  • Aurel

    Ty for this season’s work Arsenal list ;)

  • Sufian

    We still had bad luck with decisions – there should have been 2 penalties (one of them was on Giroud when Huddlestone dragged him to ground) and there was also an incident where Huddlestone used his hands to deflect the shot on goal.

    Bottom line is, lads deserve a lot of credit because this time they worked hard not against 11 players but also bad refereeing. They really deserve it despite some fools saying Hull City is a poor team. Wasn’t Wigan a poorer team when they beat Man City’s team of millions? They only say that to cover up their failings.
    Man U? Yeah in 2 years, the club where RVP went and he has got 1 title and finished 7th this time. We got two 4th place finishes and 1 trophy, who’s laughing now?

  • dubbledubs71

    so pleased for the manager, players and most of all us gooners. it seems fitting that ramsey got the winner & what a goal to win it. all the players will benefit greatly from winning the FA cup. well done arsenal & thanks for all the goals & highlights over the season arsenalist.

  • made

    Thanks Arsenalist! Keep up your great works.
    Hope the team will also gunning for more cups next season.

  • Gnostradamus

    Why are the video highlights from this game so poor (on other sites they were often worse)? Was everyone streaming from the same site?

  • goutham edara

    true…But we should win EPL next year..I am sure wenger is hell bent on winning it…wenger vs pelligrini vs THE SPECIAL LOSER vs van gaal….this is going to be epic of all seasons

  • Sufian

    +1 for “THE SPECIAL LOSER” :D

  • Gnostradamus

    The voting’s ended but you can still see the contenders for the best goal of the season at
    I’m glad the Wilshere goal won by a landslide. The one-flick back-and-forth, and back-and-forth, is mind-shattering.

  • gdrkn

    9 years. Like Wenger

  • Sufian

    Hey a Chelski fan!
    How does it feel like when you spend more money to finish just 3 points ahead of Arsenal while having no trophy to show at end of season? What’s the use of the billion pounds flop team?

  • gdrkn

    Beat all top four sides so feels like Chelsea are gearing up for world domination.
    How does it feel to go 9 seasons and win nothing?
    Arsenal supporters specialists in failure

  • Sufian

    Better than watching a Bus parking session.

  • gdrkn

    Accepting failure? Your pathetic.
    Chelsea scored more goals then Arsenal last term and parked the bus on top of Arsenal 6-0

  • Sufian

    You’re the one accepting failure here. You’re so proud of your 6-0 win that you forgot that you finished the season empty handed.

  • gdrkn

    Chelsea finished with more points more goals and went further in champions league then Arsenal;

    However I haven’t forgotten anything as I said previously “Beat all top four sides so feels like Chelsea are gearing up for world domination. How does it feel to go 9 seasons and win nothing?
    Arsenal supporters specialists in failure

  • Sufian

    Oh, more points? Tell me how hard it was to fetch 3 more points than Arsenal?
    Beating all top 4 sides and finishing 3rd isn’t glamorous at all. Where has that ‘no trophies’ claim gone when you talk about Chelsea? Trolling or just ignorant?

  • gdrkn

    Losing to top 4 sides and finishing 4th is more glamorous?

    Are you smart enough to recognize a trend?
    Let’s see

    11 trophies in 10 years

    1 trophy in 10 years

    Do you see it? LOL!

  • Sufian

    So you are living in the past. That my friend is not so glamorous.
    Accept the fact that your Chelski won nothing this season and all your
    rant is “we won more trophies in past x years” or “we will conquer
    Europe”, one is living in the past and the other is hypothetical stuff.
    Get back to the real world, and stop trolling.

  • gdrkn

    The past? You scraped by a Hull City fighting relegation and compare your team to Chelsea?
    The Same team that Chelsea humiliated at Stamford Bridge? The same squad who has as many trophies as Wigan in a decade.?
    The same team that sh#t the bed in champions league again? Really???
    You’re delusional mate.
    See you again next term prepare to outclassed by a superior Chelsea side AGAIN.

  • Sufian

    So those defeats nullify the trophy? Please stop that. You’re making me laugh so hard. Little horse, more like little Loser.

  • gdrkn

    One FA cup in 10 years! Yes of course same as Wigan.

  • Sufian

    So that covers up the failure of your Special Loser last season? Nice. Well done Mr. Mark Hamill.

  • gdrkn

    To be on par with Wenger’s impressive run of failure Mourinho would have to win nothing for 8 more seasons! Wenger is truly a world class “specialist in failure”

  • Sufian

    Now we have someone who has poor memory. We built our own stadium and our own history, that is without the money of the sugardaddy you Chelski are used to have. And before you say something ridiculous, can you tell me what did you win in the season 2013-14?

  • gdrkn

    Sugardaddy, who cares? Are you a fan of football or accounting?
    Chelsea are in compliance with FFP regulations. If you have a problem take it up with PSG or Man City.

    Chelsea won nothing the 2013/14 season the same as Arsenal won in :









    Arsenal won the same amount as WIgan who won the fa cup 2012/2013 season

    CHelsea won during that time 11 trophies including four FA cups

    ( 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2011–12)

    Three league titles

    ( 2004–05, 2005–06, 2009–10)

    Two Community Shields

    ( 2005, 2009)

    One UEFA Champions League

    One UEFA Europa League

    In short Arsenal’s accomplishments in the last ten years are comparable to Wigan’s. LOL

    Chelsea are not looking at Arsenal.
    Chelsea are looking past Arsenal , towards bigger and better teams such as Man U, Barca, Real, and Bayern.
    Arsenal are simply insignificant.
    Before you start bringing up history do you remember when Nottingham Forrest dominated Europe and Leeds where unstoppable in the League? Is that relevant?
    At the current rate Arsenal will be consigned to the ash heap of history

  • Sufian

    Chelsea won same number of trophies upon returning to England as Fulham, Norwich, West Ham. Even a poor man like David Moyes won a trophy to show. Poor poor Chelski, poor poor Jose Moanrinho. I know how pathetic you’re feeling right now, but dude the next season is about to start, don’t feel so sour.

  • gdrkn

    Sour? I’m looking forward to put 7 on Arsenal next term. Poor Chelsea! LOL . I’ve heard CFC called a lot of things but poor old Chelsea. Classic.
    Chelsea have addressed the needs and you should be afraid, very afraid. I hope to see your postings as we vie for the treble and Arsenal struggle to stay in the top 4 next term.

  • Gooner

    …and still theres fuck all in your trophy cabinet, poor old chelski, all that money spent to end up with nought :(

  • Gooner

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! said mate, you pwnd that rentboy, he’s been very grumpy since i made him look stupid too. :(

  • Gooner

    Who cares he says, then goes off on a heart felt history rant…and still theres fuck all in your cabinet, you poor little man :(

  • Gooner

    Whats pathetic is a grown man that doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” and what context they should be used in…schoolboy error from Mr angry here…wheres ya trophy grumpy rentboy? You gonna run away from me all upset and teary eyed like the last time i clowned you off? :(
    Cheer up m8 :)

  • gdrkn

    Upset and teary eyed? LMAO!
    I love crushing you as much as Mourinho loves crushing Wenger!
    Gooid job on the catching the grammar error(predictive text). Everybody loves the grammar police.

  • gdrkn

    9 years and one pathetic trophy.
    11 trophies in 10 years.
    You’ve cried your eyes out by now. Enjoy your next trophy in 2023. LOL

  • gdrkn

    A win over Hull City for your first trophy in a decade and it goes straight to your pin head.
    Arsenal one FA cup in 10 years
    Wigan one FA cup in 10 years
    Chelsea 11 trophies in 10 years
    Do the math.

  • Sufian

    Can we stop talking about past and talk about present where Chelski won nothing? Hahaha. Present is very sour, right? :P

  • gdrkn

    First no one was “pwned” but you lot. 6-0 at the Bridge and still talking smack. Silly gooners. To deluded to face reality. I know it hurts.

  • gdrkn

    The present is great and the future is bright. Your talking about the last FA cup. New season mate looking forward to giving you lot a 7-0 thumping at the Bridge this term (an extra one from Fab).
    Going for the treble. It will be sweet!

  • Sufian

    It will be a long time before Cesc could park a bus like Lampard.
    And who cares how many you score if:
    a. Arsenal score more
    b. chelski win nothing yet again.
    Spend more and more on players who miss sitter after sitter. 50 million for Torres? Indeed, Chelsea still a little horse.

  • gdrkn

    Super Frank Lampardi s one of seven players to score 150 or more goals in the EPL and the only midfielder to do so. If you consider that parking the bus then you’re dumber then you seem.

    You think Arsenal will score more?
    The Arsenal that suffered devastatingly heavy defeats at Liverpool 5-1, Manchester City 6-3 and Chelsea 6-0! LOL!
    They scored less goals then Chelsea last season and gave up more as well.

    Paddy Power puts the odds of winning the League at

    Chelsea 15/8

    Man City 11/5
    Man United 11/2
    arsenal 13/2
    Liverpool 10/1

    And the the Top London Club at
    Chelsea 8/15
    arsenal 2/1
    Spurs 7/1

    They are not in the business in losing money and if you care to put yours where your mouth is I’m quite sure they will take some of your money happily.

    Chelsea are in compliance with FFP and will within those limits spend what ever they deem necessary to achieve their goals. Arsenal’s board on the other hand will line their pockets with your money and arsenal will sh#t the bed again in Champions League and battle to stay top 4 in the Prem and win nothing as usual! After that you will praise the specialist in failure Wenger and talk crap about next year as per usual.

  • RomansDick

    Poor $luttyChav ..plastic fan from the slutty bridge where they suck the Russianz deeeeeeck

  • Sufian

    Your Chelski will the EPL, CL, Capital Cup and FA Cup, all in your dreamland. I like your hypothetical things. Besides, that time is gone when title was decided by the top4 table. Chelski did well against top4 but dropped more points to smaller teams and ended up just 3 points ahead of Arsenal. Grow up already!

  • gdrkn

    Pathetically weak attempt at trolling. You can do better then that.

  • Sufian

    Yeah you’ve bought more players for present and will buy more in the future. As Spurs found out, you can’t buy and have a great season, team takes time to gel. Not too long ago you lost 5-3 to us. We didn’t have a great team but still beat you. What makes you think you’ll do well this season, other than some silly hypothetical reasons?

  • Sufian

    He is living in the past. That happens a lot to the Glory Hunters. Don’t worry, he’ll be supporting the Red & White of Arsenal in a couple of seasons when we’ve had put few trophies in a row and Roman also has left Chelski. ;)