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Streams: Wiziwig :: Live TV :: First Row

Hull City team: IMAGE

Arsenal team: IMAGE

Arteta kicked in head: GIF

Advertising boards fly on to the field: GIF

Szczesny comes out well to clear: GIF

Szczesny great save! Goes just wide for Hull: GIF :: GFY

Podolski creates space, forces save – good shot: GIF :: GFY

Warning sign: GIF

Heads collide, Hull man down: GIF

GOAL!! Ramsey 0-1: GIF :: GFY

Aaron Ramsey Goal 0-1: VIDEO

GOAL!! Podolski 0-2: GIF :: GFY

Podolski goal 0-2 (incl. Hull foul claim): VIDEO

Hull chance – defender gets back in time: GIF

GOAL!! Podolski 3-0: GIF

Podolski goal 0-3: VIDEO

Great play from Santi, cross cleared: GIF

Ooooh…Mertesacker almost scores with the header off the FK: GIF

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview (Sky): Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Lukas Podolski and Aaron Ramsey: VIDEO

Player Compilation: Aaron Ramsey: VIDEO

Hull City vs Arsenal – MOTD Highlights: VIDEO

  • rinaldo

    This half time showed how we miss Ramsey so much >.<

  • rinaldo

    3-0, clean sheet, dominating performance,
    sharp Prinz Poldi and amazing Ramsey,
    apart from Giroud cant score any goal,
    today is a good day!

  • Gnostradamus

    Good rehearsal for the real thing, save for the wobbly start.

  • Gnostradamus