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Streams: Live TV :: Wiziwig :: First Row

Wigan lineup: IMAGE

Arsenal lineup: IMAGE

Arsenal come forward early: GIF :: GFY

Oooh…Ramsey almost latches on to the end: GIF :: GFY

Ox makes a run: GIF :: GFY

OMG! Sagna with an awesome chance, shoots it across goal: GIF :: GFY

Wigan almost score…shot almost grazes the top bar: GIF

Yaya Sanogo has a go: GIF :: GFY

Podolski FK goes wide, somewhat close: GIF :: GFY

Sanogo played in, but handbrake comes on: GIF :: GFY

Aaron Ramsey playing with fire – Wigan penalty shout: GIF

Mertesacker foul resulting in Wigan penalty: GIF :: GFY

Wigan score to take 1-0 lead. Fabianski dove well, got a touch but not enough: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal fans wanting a sub: GIF

No worries: IMAGE

It’s Giroud’s long-lost brother: IMAGE

That clearance off the line by Wigan: GIF :: GFY

GOAAAALLL!!! Mertesacker equalizes 1-1: GIF :: GFY

Angry Wenger: GIF

Mertesacker goal 1-1: VIDEO

Uwe Rosler is into the match: GIF

Sanogo can’t get to the end of the cross: GIF

Sanogo turns and shoots, forces keeper into save: GIF

Full Penalty Shootout – Arsenal vs Wigan: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Per Mertesacker: VIDEO

Highlight Pack – 10:20: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger

  • rinaldo

    No giroud? We have chance to win this! Coyg!!!

  • Leigh

    Had enough of this shambles… looks like another year of Skysports previews of “Arsenal, who have not won a trophy since 2005”

  • rinaldo

    fantastic chambo!
    this penalty shootout will test this team winning mentality! plz let it be win….

  • rinaldo


  • Leigh

    Arrgh it makes me so angry when these pundits slate Arsenal for celebrating ?
    What the f**k do they expect them to do, just shrug their shoulders and walk back into the changing rooms ? They wouldn’t be saying that if it were Spurs

  • Sufian

    Giroud came on and played better than he has been doing lately. A sure thing he needs competition (and maybe some help of taking the big responsibility of leading the line for Arsenal).

  • Sufian

    Before the shootouts, I was pretty much leaving the game in Fab’s hands, and I was proven almost right. Our kick takers rose to the occasion, and it’s a pleasing thing.

    Still can’t digest why Wojech plays ahead of Lucasz?!

  • jellykid

    yea i was pretty pissed about that, It shoes how much hate Arsenal is getting for no reason.

  • jellykid

    intense game actually, 2nd half was pretty impressive by us. good game.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Time Warner Cable went down as expected, but I’m glad of the result. Haha.

  • Gnostradamus

    I think it’s mostly down to bad luck, with Fab getting injured every time Wojciech SzczÄ™sny gets injured.

  • Sufian

    That’s partially right, but nobody can deny that Wenger keeps playing until fans hate them from their hearts. Wojech will be dropped from starting 11 when everyone makes those ‘flappianski’ kind of jokes of him.

    I hope Fab does well in the final and lift the trophy for us, and maybe Wenger has a change or heart and offer him enough promises (which will be fulfilled) of game time and keep him for another 2 or 3 years. Never seen an Arsenal keeper who does so well in pens, for a long time and overall awareness.

  • Gnostradamus

    Agreed. One of Wenger’s 3 major weaknesses, I think. (The other two being willful ignorance of opponent’s tactics, and risk aversion to spending).

  • Gnostradamus

    F is for Fabianski, a much more superb keeper than the critics gave him credit for. Even when he single-handed won this game with two top-notch saves he doesn’t win the applauds he should, but hopefully, wherever he ends up, he can demonstrate his potential. Unfortunately, I’ve a feeling it won’t be at the Emirates.

  • Gnostradamus

    BTW, Wenger may actually step down if he wins the cup and gets the 4th place trophy. I’m getting the feeling he’s waiting for an achievement to cap these torturous few years, reminiscent of Ferguson’s retirement.

  • Sufian

    I think I’d be glad. It would give a glimmer of hope for stars like Fabianski to stay for a little longer.

  • Gnostradamus

    No credit cards. no Internet. Ha ha.

  • Surfian

    Pretty soon your TWC will go down for good. Ha ha.

  • Gnostradamus

    As much as I disagree with Wenger on a few things, I wouldn’t wish for that to happen. It’s almost impossible to step into big shoes, like Moyes’s finding out at United. Without broad changes on the board level (with perhaps ownership transfers), I don’t see another manager doing drastically better on the transfer market or at the club, but much more likely to be a disaster.

    We need a David Dein back, if the club’s serious about moving up from 4th place. That, more than an Ozil signing, would prove real change.