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Osman’s shot inches wide…: GIF

Everton goal 1-0: GIF

Lukaku goal 2-0..sad days, these: GIF

Everton 3-0 after Sagna error: GIF :: GFY

Yaya Sanogo’s disallowed goal: GIF

Aaron Ramsey Highlight Pack: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

  • Leigh

    Oh god… another loss. I’d take no CL and an FA Cup win, suppose Arsene will find a way to blow that as well…..

  • Sufian

    This loss is a good preparation for the team and manager before our FA cup semi-final. Wigan is a tricky game and Wenger will need to drop misfiring Giroud.
    Didn’t watch the match and it seems it was a blessing.

  • Leigh

    No flamini, so I bloody hope that if he had any intentions of “resting” Ramsey again these are now quashed.

  • rinaldo

    Mr Jellykid! I need tactical enlighment!

  • K.I.

    Why was sanogos goal disallowed?

  • Gnostradamus

    Nice. Seems like we didn’t need January reinforcements after all. Great job running the main players into the ground so they’re all injured or jaded now, or no competition. Giving the rest of the squad a chance to shine.

    Stan’s minions, I mean board of directors, are taking real good stewardship of the club.

  • Gnostradamus

    Looks offside to me. Didn’t watch or read the reports though. What’s the point.

  • jellykid

    stfu, stop talking like your vagina hurts, Honestly was a bad performance by everybody but I felt Everton had one deserved goal out of the 3. Too many arsenal players playing differently today. The first goal was horrible defensive mistake by Sagna and third goal was Foul. Mirallis literally tanks Sagna down to take the ball run it down the pitch.

    It wasn’t down to tactics today. It was down to sheer will power! Players couldn’t control the midfield with confidence. Passing was terrible and on the attack we lack more than usual. Tactically I don’t see what the fuss is about, Everton didn’t play brilliant!! they didn’t tactically outwit arsenal if thats what you want to say. Arsenal players didn’t play their efficient game causing massive amount of mistakes on their own not because of Everton. Again Everton only had one deserved goal and thats lukakus goal. He got Monreal on that couple of times that game, but what are you gonna do about that. It comes down to how many players arsenal have injured in their starting line up.

  • jellykid

    I think Kallstrom will play if not I’m looking at arteta and Ramsey, which would be nice.

  • Gnostradamus

    Ramsey had two days of training. That’s not a way to start or play any great part in the game, or he’ll be injured again in no time. Wenger’s always running players into the ground, even if he’s starting to learn not to rush them back.

    The real problem is not Ramsey sitting on the bench, but Arsenal not having any good replacements. A few pounds saved in January are earning the interests now.

  • Gnostradamus

    Learn some manners, kid.

    Cursing someone out is a sure sign of violent tendencies and lack of good arguments.

  • Jellykid

    It’s weird because, I didn’t think it was offside. But you know how they show replays on the distance of the player being offside from the line…. They didn’t show that for Sanagos. They didn’t even show a another angle.

  • rinaldo

    Oh my, i need your enlighment but i got stfu. Wow just wow

  • mofaz

    Arsenal will remain top 4 again , looking at the games in hand for Everton they will lost at least 2 of the remaining games..As for FA Cup , Arsenal will win easy..

  • Sufian

    Gives the man in charge to realise that Giroud has run out of steam, so much so that even a raw talent can hit the net while Giroud can’t!

  • Sufian

    After this result, every Arsenal fan would settle for this. 😀
    I won’t take Wigan lightly with a man in charge (Wenger) who has become prone to making terrible decisions.

  • dudeson

    Hi Arsenalist, can you create a gif of the handball which should have been a penalty, please?

  • Kanan

    All football Clubs are businesses, Arsenal is one.

    Want the board to spend more and stop the 10 year curse? we have to threaten their incomes.

    Lets make a move to not attend the last Premiere league game against WBA at Emirates.


  • Sam

    A few observations from this game (and the 9 preceding it, and the 9 years preceding that), for anyone who cares to read and just to get it off my chest if not…

    1. Everyone seems more interested in whether Sanogo was onside or not. To be honest, it was too late in the game to make a difference, but what I’m more interested in is his positioning, control and finish in a high-pressure game which backs up my belief that he is one to watch, and I for one am very excited at the prospect of seeing him with match practice and confidence, fully fit and gelled into the team. However, he is not yet the finished product and we need someone else in the summer.

    2. Our main problem (apart from the ongoing lack of belief which I think filters down through the players from Wenger) is a lack of strength in depth. Man City have 4 strikers who are all better than any of ours. Arsenal didn’t play terribly, but we had no one who was willing to make a run into the box when we got it wide, or who could finish sharply. Everton had several such players. Yes, Walcott and Ramsey (and Ozil and Wilshere) have been out for chunks of the season, but the fact that without those few players we are so inept, proves that we need more depth. Wenger wanted to save a few bob in the January window, but he’s not unlikely to cost Arsenal a lot of money by not qualifying for the champions league, and Walcott was already injured in January so he knew he needed to replace him. As soon as he bought Ozil, everyone seemed to conveniently forget (as he must have calculated) that he’d only spent £42 million of his “minimum” (in Gazidis’ words) £70 million pot from the summer. Now it looks like Ozil will be playing in the Europa league next season, a scary thought. Fulham splashed out £12 million on Mitroglu, who frankly has been on fire the last two seasons. That kind of spending on him would have eliminated a lot of our problems suffered in this half of the season. With our style of play we need pacy players who get in the box and score goals. Only Walcott does that, which means we have no strength in depth. We need three players like that at least.

    3. I would take the FA cup for Europa league football next season any day – Wenger may disagree with me, and as someone here mentioned already, he may screw us out of both by getting his priorities wrong, but the only benefit of being in the Champions League is the extra money, whereas winning the FA cup will give the fans and the team a much-needed lift and a new feeling of belief. With some smart purchases in the summer (and if forced to buy unheard-ofs due to not being in the CL, Wenger will have another chance to show his talent-spotting abilities and less pressure to buy another Ozil) it could be the first of many over the coming years. Win the Europa league and Premier league double, back into the Champions League the following season, buy a couple more world class players and away we go (who am I kidding, right?)

    4. Although I don’t agree with everything Wenger does (and doesn’t do in the case of the transfer market) and I think he is now in such a negative cycle that he may never win anything with Arsenal again, I do think he is sometimes harshly treated. With limited budgets he’s managed to get us into the Champions League every year without fail, and has managed to sniff out talented youngsters and put them together into a decent team, despite having his flow disrupted almost every season by losing any top-class players he has. I do agree that his excuses are getting old now, and he should have invested more this season when he finally had the money, which would have been more than paid off if he had (this year was our big chance to win the league, and if he’d used his full budget we could be doing it) but I do think that considering the resources he’s had to hand, he’s done well, all while giving the club a lovely new stadium and a financial stability that will see us through for years to come. However, it’s patently clear that it’s now time to invest in the team, and if he won’t do it this summer, for all his great talent-spotting and coaching and years of loyal service to the club, I will be among the crowds begging him to leave if he really loves this club as he claims he does – we now need someone who is willing to speculate to accumulate and spend money, publicly challenging the board to give him a proper budget if that’s what it takes, and take the club to the next level where, whether we like it or not (and I certainly don’t), austerity does not allow for trophies. As a fan all I want is for Arsenal to win, and much as I hate money, what I hate more is seeing the club greedily holding on to the plenty of cash it has and letting us fans suffer. It’s time to spend some and win something, and that will be good for all of us, board, Wenger, fans, players and all. Don’t act now and we are in danger of becoming a mid-table side like Man Utd.

    5. Roberto Martinez has impressed and surprised me in equal measure this season. Everything was set up for him to fail, and he got relegated last season after failing to make any real progress with Wigan during his time there (other than the FA cup, which is more than Wenger has to his name lately). I was worried for Everton, yet in his first season there, with limited resources, he got the job done – brought in a top class striker (Wenger: fail), got the best out of his players (Wenger: fail) and overcame adversity and an indifferent start to the seasons to now be the favourites for 4th place (Wenger: underachieved. And fail again. Yes, Everton have Chelsea and Man City left to play, but Arsenal are playing a psychological game against themselves now, and any one of the bottom-halfers we have left can beat us in that state, as history teaches us).
    I have been secretly thinking that Martinez would be a great replacement for Wenger, and I am starting to suspect that he may be being groomed for the job by Wenger, as Moyes was by Ferguson. His style of play is similar, and Everton, with inferior players, have looked better at it than us frankly. He stayed loyal to Wigan for several years, a trait which will surely be encouraged by Wenger’s replacement. He’s getting involved in the holistic care of his players and the running of the club at Everton (e.g. investing some of his transfer money in training facilities in the summer), as no doubt Wenger’s replacement will be expected to do at Arsenal. And then there’s that warm handshake between the two before this match. Oh, and Wenger being very coy about whether or not he will sign a new contract for us. All of which makes me think – is there a chance that Martinez is the next Arsenal boss? I certainly wouldn’t mind, especially if he gets a season to practice managing in the Champions League next year.

    Does anyone agree with me on that, or would you rather have an Ancelotti / Mourinho / proven-CL-winner type character taking over the reigns? (Or should Wenger stay?)

  • Gnostradamus

    Last game is too late. Imagine Ramsey, Walcott, etc. looking towards a season of UEFA Cup, or worse. They may not stay.

  • Kanan

    My theory is,

    1- They wont spend unless they see some empty seats, because from a business point of view, you wouldn’t waste your money to buy new players if you always have a full tickets revenue every game.

    2- To send a message that arsenal fans wont be there forever so they wont take us for granted. We’re already loosing the next generations for other competitors.

    3- To put some pressure on Wenger and the board to spend more this summer especially in the next world cup, it’s going to be like a supermarket for world class players.


    PS: WBA game is home in Sat 3rd May 15.00

  • onliner_

    the wagon’s ready. jump in!

  • Gnostradamus

    I agree. Not just boycotts of games, but there needs to be a stop to the revenues. No buying shirts, memberships to, etc. Money talks and until Kroenke feels his revenues hurt, it’s business as usual. His whole MO is lowest investment for the highest returns, because money spent is risk taken. He’s in for no-risk investment as long as Wenger stays, because no other manager would tolerate this level of non-spending.

  • ashes

    Arsenal at top is like an elephant at top of a tree , you wonder how it got there but you are damn sure its gonna fall #copied

  • Kanan

    I hope post this in his facebook, someday.

  • jellykid

    roberto martinez is good at fair, not world class. There’s a massive difference. You can see in the past interview how martinez looks up to AW. Roberto Martinez will ruin arsenal. Not because he’s not good enough but the players styles and belief wouldn’t be the same.

  • Sufian

    With all due respect, Wenger seems to have lost his magic touch. The things which are quite obvious to us are either overlooked or completely ignored by Wenger.

    Take the injury of Ramsey and Ozil, we knew it and the fact that it could damage out title run-in, yet Wenger overplayed and didn’t use the services of Gnabry and the other pacey youngsters. I’m a huge Wenger admirer but now I too am beginning to think it’s an end of a very good journey.

    If Wenger blows away the FA Cup then it’s all over. Nobody’s gonna trust him anymore, other than the board or mindless fans. Arsenal FC has lost to lose with dignity and that’s down to poor poor tactics deployed by Le Prof, and not the players!

  • jellykid

    I think people forget, why he didn’t want to get strikers because the world class ones weren’t available to GET! name me one striker thats world class arsenal could have gotten in january?