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Teams: Man City :: Arsenal

Man City chance – Navas: GIF :: GFY

Santi Cazorla penalty shout (gets grabbed): GIF

Rosicky penalty shout, looks like a dive: GIF :: GFY

Man City 0-1 – Silva: GIF :: GFY

Flamini disallowed goal – offside: GIF

Giroud on the ground: GIF

Kompany yellow, blocks Arteta: GIF

Rosicky yellow vs Clichy: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal’s little-known January signing: IMAGE

Silva yellow, brings down Arteta: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Flamini 1-1: GIF :: GFY

Flamini goal 1-1: VIDEO

Ooooh! Podolski chance, Hart saves.: GIF :: GFY

  • Rinaldo

    Okay ill open, why the hell giroud earn 85 minutes on the field??? Sagna tries hard to cross but he never gets it! He lost the ball most of the time, he always lost duel against Demichelis what da hel!
    Can someone tell me why “our-super-duper-genius-saviour-hecantbecritisized” wenger, why he substitute Podolski first?? Tactical genius captain, please elaborate.

    We manage to get ONLY draw, against poor performing MC!
    Dont give me answer we lost our best player due injury, this reason has been going on for freakin 5 years already. No stupid ppl repeat each year without doing nothing to prevent this unluckiness… unless wenger is…

  • jellykid

    ugh, he wanted giroud to stay on longer to stabilize the front because sanogo doesn’t do that well. Podolski got subbed because he wasn’t providing good balance to attack. if you watched the game we actually played well and MADE MC poor!! go wank off if you don’t understand football tactics…

  • Imagine Reason

    Let’s be civil. You have as much right to praise as others have to criticize.

  • rinaldo

    By all means, enlighten me by your superiorness on football tactics. When I saw him yesterday, he shot wide, he couldn’t run past defender, often lose duel with Kompany-DEMICHELIS.
    By my amateur football tactics eyes, i saw we play 10-11 on attacking! (He defend on corner, I give him that).

    But his job is to score!
    But I can’t really see him threatening Hart!
    Flamini goal? He was on the right side!
    Remember when Sagna gave a delicious cross (2nd half)? He didn’t try to reach the ball!
    Remember long shot from first half? Even Hart blocked it with his FEET.
    Remember he tried to shoot outside of penalty area (2nd half)? far away from goalie.

    By all means, with all respect, because I am stupid enough to understand how football tacitcs work. Because currently what I know, striker tactic is to score goal (and sometimes assist and dummy run).

    PS: I also know Sanogo is still developing as a striker, so please explain also to me why we are not doing anything in January after losing Walcott?

  • Gnostradamus

    You know a blind loyalist when they never ever want to sub off a player.

  • Gnostradamus

    The achievement of the Invincibles looks that much more impressive today.