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Teams: Arsenal :: Swansea

Ox chance: GIF :: GFY

Swansea score 0-1, Bony: GIF :: GFY

Mertesacker header from corner, side-netting: GIF

Swansea break, and break well. Shot blocked: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal half-chance, goes wide like a drunken man’s piss: GIF :: GFY

Santi Cazorla chance late in half: GIF :: GFY

Michu doing something and goalie comes out: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Podolski 1-1: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

GOAL!!! GIroud 2-1: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Swansea equalize, Flamini own goal 2-2: GIF :: GFY

Post-Match Interview: Thomas Vermaelen: VIDEO

Post-Match Interview: Arsene Wenger says result difficult to swallow: VIDEO

Post-Match Press Conference: Arsene Wenger – smells like spirit: VIDEO

  • jellykid

    it turned into a game after arsenal scored those 2 goals. its quite unlucky for that second goal from swansea. But team played hard in those last 20 minutes.

    I seriously felt the ref shouldev gave us some fouls towards the ending. It was a bit weird how we didn’t get any deserved ones outside of the box. Especially with kallstrom on, he couldev scored a freekick.

  • Kanan

    What a lazy performance, Heads should start rolling.

    And with only 7 games left, Here comes the same month of depression we fans go through for a decade now (fever pitch).

  • Gnostradamus

    When 4th’s good enough, still, 4th is what you get. That’s if Everton and Spurs don’t make a late run like Arsenal did in yesteryears.

  • Arschloch

    Never mind, after the title has clearly become City’s to lose. I hope we will have 2nd or 3rd place. Having this intent and FA cup we must support the team. It is also very evident that Wenger should leave. We will never win the PL- title till he resigns.

  • rinaldo

    Better to have draw/defeat rather than heroic victory. This is a good wake up call for deluded ppl who still believe arsenal can win the LEAGUE under Wenger after lifeless transfer window. I have enough of 8-2 5-1 6-0, and ppl still saying we are world class club! Screw you guys, im goin home!!

    The good things in this game are only Gibbs and good debut from Kallstrom.

  • jellykid

    I do agree we have to support the team but not just the FA cup but the league as well, LIKE ALWAYS. AW shouldn’t go btw, that would be plain stupid. To have Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott and wilshere out of your squad is already horrible but to fight without them takes a lot especially getting this far. Our season was compelled by injuries honestly. Signings doesn’t even matter now. Mourinho is lucky to not face arsenals starting line up.

  • jellykid

    well, Ramsey (best player for us this season), Ozil, our best striker Walcott, and wilshere out for a while literally hampered our season to the end. What can you really do about that honestly but to fight on and finish as high as you can. You haven’t seen out starting line up for half the season because of injuries. This season was the worst because of the amount of players that have been injured especially with a starter being OUT FOR THE SEASON. It was going to be extremely difficult.

    I think we lost by a lot of goals in the big games because of the non starting lineup being there and shuffling so many players who aren’t used to playing together. Also it has a lot to do with countering the opposition as well. I can go real tactical on it and how we obviously failed because of certain players but it doesn’t really matter, in the end a loss is a loss.

  • Sufian

    Moanrinho? Well his Chel-shit players would have sent them off as well. Moany moany Chel-shit.

  • Arschloch

    That is one of the ever annual recurrent execuses. Injuries and again injuries. Here also an interesting point that indicates AW is past his expiry date. Some experienced old people are not compatible any more with the needs of the modern life. AW has now different conviction (Weltanschauung). Fear of Spending and bad risk assumption and management. it is time now for a young dynamic manager. I have been supporting Arsenal for more than 20 years and I am quite convinced things will get better without him. We have in this squad many quality players. Add at least one striker of Aguiero, RVP, calibre and set up the formation using those players in right poistions and with new brooms sweep clean as many cups and finally win the title. Silverware are not the most important things but we thrive on them and they are equal of pride and success. How long are we going to rebuild and make amends in the future rather than right now.

  • jellykid

    I think the injury department can be an excuse every year but lets face it, 4 starters out!? one of your definite starters out for the season?! … if you think january is great way to replace the injured and buying new players then what happens the next season when all your players seem to be fit? .. get what i mean? that’s not managing a club right at all. You just increasing your wage bill consistently for no reason and replacing players who have temp injuries. Its a cycle of negative revenue and collapse of the club. Horrible seasons hampered by injuries and this time this is the worst because of the amount of injuries.

    Did you know Koscielny is out for a month btw..

  • Arschloch

    Yes JM is a rude primitive creature and our manager is a polite well educated holder of Economic Degree.
    But in football world JM does not do the failures which have been repeatedly done by our Manager. JM basicly takes control of the squad and even there he preferes to have resonably thin squad. Our manager likes to control every thing and go forward week in week out with max.15 players competing on 4 fronts. No wonder that everytime at this point of the season we have our best ones sidelined.

  • Arschloch

    Part of my answers wrote down here. I beg you pardon have a look at other great clubs e.g. Bayern they invest successfully and use the revenue to invest again successfully. Ok we went a long draught distance out of new stadium financial obligations but this year it was within very near distance to grasp and we have bottled it again and the reasons are well known even to school boys.

  • Gnostradamus

    This has gone on for many seasons. There were recent reports that Wenger ordered a probe into why Arsenal keeps having these long lists of injuries. Better late than never, but you either deal with it by revamping the medical team, or buying more players to deal with injuries. We knew the team’s short-handed in January. Did nothing (besides signing an injured player on loan) and now we reap the rewards.

  • Gnostradamus

    Man, citing the same reason game after game, year after year, at some point you’d think people would wake up.

    If your manufacturing firm is short-staffed because of injuries all the time, a CEO isn’t gonna sit around and accept the situation.

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, agreed. I’ve stated that (Wenger overplaying certain players) a few times before. Everyone saw Ramsey and Ozil injuries coming, but no we had to play them, why? Maybe because Rosicky, in AW’s view, was rubbish back then? Or maybe he takes more money to play than sit on the bench? Whatever it is, it has cost us dearly. I don’t disagree on this matter. Sad.

  • Gnostradamus

    You know what’s almost funny? The same people trotting out the injury excuse were the same ones who went bonkers when I recently argued that Ozil needed to be rested. No, no, you don’t leave your biggest purchase on the bench, they said.

    Thanks guys. Now we reap the rewards.

  • Sufian

    Maybe they were some glory hunters having no knowledge of footballing world.