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Streams: Live TV :: Wiziwig :: First Row

Chelsea team: IMAGE

Arsenal team: IMAGE

Chelsea early chance: GIF :: GFY

Chelsea 1-0 Etoo: GIF :: GFY

Chelsea 2-0: GIF :: GFY

That Giroud chance which would’ve put us up: GIF :: GFY

Ox’s intentional handball (somehow Gibbs got red): GIF

Hazard penalty 3-0: GIF

Chelsea 4-0 goal, Oscar: GIF :: GFY

Giroud chance goes nowhere, halftime score is 4-0 Chelsea: GIF

Oscar 5-0: GIF

Salah 6-0. Yup, it’s actually 6-0: GIF

Post-Match Interview: Arsene Wenger – BBC: VIDEO

  • Andrei

    WTF ?

  • Kanan

    Seriously WTF!!!!!
    fucking didn’t learn anything from Manchester-city

  • jellykid

    honestly not the players fault except AOC!!, I said this last week!! AOC makes horrible decisions in the middle! He gave away the ball for the first 2 goals! and handles the ball in the box( IDIOT) …. he seriously ruined the game for us. I’m not even hating on him, its just facts watch the first 2 goals how they happened.

  • Sufian

    The only way to play Chel-shit is:
    1. trip players when they attack (that’s how they break down Arsenal’s attacks),
    2. park a double-decker in front of goal.
    3. play on counter attack while keeping defence stable and alert.

    Wenger must have learnt it by now. He’s called Le Prof for a reason.

  • Kanan

    1- Giving the ball easily in the center is what happened, They applied
    hardly any pressure on the mid-field and we lose the ball. Experienced
    players will at least get a foul but will never give a chance for a counter

    2- Giroud is a failure in any counter attacks game, he’s good in a
    position game. So, against big teams he’s useless and we have to rely on attacking mid-fielders. Kinda like Torres minus speed and dribble.

  • Arschloch

    They even have lernt nothing from the following Liverpool’s calamty.

  • Arschloch

    Funny the only today entirely committed player is not offered a contract renewal or still no terms have been reached in negotiation. The cured Swede was not used and best player supposedly to return in time for biggest games of the season was not there. Contradictory world of Arsenal

  • jellykid

    I feel for AW honestly, the players let him down and you all know its the truth… without walcott and Ramsey two of Arsenal’s best players it was going to be hard. honestly speaking though, a lot of players played hard for arsenal. AOC gave the ball away for the first goal. He did the same for the second. Then he handles the ball for the penalty -____-” . AOC literally changed this game in 20 minutes himself.

  • made

    What a result.. especially for Arsene’s 1000th

  • Gnostradamus

    It’s one thing not to challenge for the title. It’s another to pretend to. At one point it kept young players long enough they mature to giant transfer fees. Now it just makes the club a joke in the eyes of the neutral, even some fans.

  • gdrkn

    In West London he’s known as the specialist in failure