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Teams: Tottenham :: Arsenal

GOAl!!! Rosicky strike! 1-0: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Huge miss by Ox: GIF :: GFY

Tim Sherwood vs. Tim Sherwood’s Jacket: GIF :: GFY

Sagna booked: GIF

Adebayor chance: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal chance…just wide: GIF :: GFY

Mike Dean does not like to be touched: GIF

Podolski hits side-netting: GIF :: GFY

Ox skies a shot after being setup nicely by Rosicky: GIF

Danny Rose takes a dive: GIF

Szczesny misses cross, Koscielny saves the day with the block: GIF :: GFY

Levy’s stupid face: IMAGE

Adebayor heads wide from 6-yards out…living dangerously: GIF

Vertonghen booked for studs-up challenge: GIF :: GFY

Arsenal penalty shout – Koscielny pulled in box by Vertonghen: GIF :: GFY

Oooh…Mertesacker almost beats Lloris on a low shot, diving save: GIF

Szczesny dives to save on Adebayor: GIF

One last check on Daniel Levy: IMAGE

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Tim Sherwood: VIDEO

Post-Match Reaction: Tomas Rosicky and Laurent Koscielny: VIDEO

Tottenham vs Arsenal MOTD Highlights: VIDEO

Rosicky strike – Epic Arabic commentary: VIDEO

  • Leigh

    What a strike & and what a defensive performance

  • Arschloch

    Almost an ugly win but a very sweet one. Two lapses of concentration by Szerni could have been costly. Hope Wenger will take many positves and go to next match with better ideas and also have Rambo back. The midfield was today not so effective.

  • BigDave

    The second half was almost all Spuds but they only got one save out of Sir Chesney. The same as the Spuds keeper. The defence was immense, and the midfield did well defensively too but we didn’t seem to be able to get the ball down and play. But if you can defend like that, one goal is enough!

  • Johnny

    Great win, but more worryingly our game has gone flat in the recent weeks. AW needs to do a miracle – like a magic wand and stuff – to get the boys play footie we used to do. So much to ask after today’s win, a?!

  • Gnostradamus

    Something’s wrong with the medical… it’s been years. Also, squad not big enough to fight on four fronts. Something else few people have discussed: the constant fight for 4th place means the need to navigate the tricky qualifying round for ECL, which shortens the close season and the notoriously busy English schedule, compared to continental leagues.

  • Gnostradamus

    Rosicky’s really saved his best for hopefully the last few years of his career.

  • Kanan

    Rosicky strike! 1-0, EPIC commentary 😀

  • Jellykid

    everybody has to realize AOC played in the middle, thats why we couldn’t get control of that midfield. AOC is immense with his dribbling ability and had good strength and quickness but his decision making skills in the middle is sometimes odd. I’m not even talking about the finish either. Cazorla isn’t very effective on the right either. We miss Ramsey a lot in that middle honestly. Btw with walcott and Ramsey out we’ve been grinding out wins!! =D

  • Jellykid

    he was always a VERY HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYER, he had that horrible injury in the end of 2008-2009 season that made him miss season and half of football, and then he couldn’t get back in the first team with many short term injuries.

    Facts — did you know Rosicky played against gaurdiola in 1999 in dortmund vs barcelona and he outskilled him that game! =]

  • Gnostradamus

    Why does Wenger (and others) see his future in the middle? His pace and dribbling seem far more suitable on the wing.

  • jellykid

    I think its probably his uplift to win the ball back become a box to box midfielder. He needs to work on vision and technique more. I’ll be honest when we’re counter attacking i love to see AOC on the other end, he’s just too fast and athletic.

  • arsenalfan

    Just a thought, if Van Persie was still with us, he might just have squeeze 3 past bayern and take us through to the quarters