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Liverpool vs Arsenal Highlights, Anfield – February 8, 2014.

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Liverpool team: IMAGE

Arsenal team: IMAGE

Both teams lineup: IMAGE

Maybe we can moan about the LFC offside goal, that’s a ‘highlight’, no?: GIF :: GFY

Liverpool 2-0: GIF

Liverpool 3-0: GIF

Liverpool 4-0: GIF

Liverpool 5-0: GIF

GOAL!!!! Arteta penalty!!!!: GIF :: GFY

Sturridge’s lip blub blub blub: GIF

  • nick

    My god….whats happening .

  • jellykid

    Fuck…. worst game i have ever seen honestly

  • Gunner KS

    Tactics all wrong from the start

  • Aurel

    Dude, i really like your site, but not posting Liverpool highlights for this match is really not fairplay.

  • Faith

    Saving tactics for bayern

  • johnny

    the wheels came off in a spectacular but familiar fashion. this time next year ……:-P

  • orval

    Lemme start:
    Why are we not buying not-hold-up striker in january?

  • Arschloch

    I must admit that Liverpool deserved competely the 3 points. But what a bad selectin Wenger made! We have been mauled by The Moncs and MANU. You know why? Because Wilshire insufficient defencive qualities in such big games. It is utter rubbish to let Arteta deal alone with Liverpool’s massive striking force.

  • jellykid

    It’s a arsenal site…. Wtf lolz r u serious?

  • santori

    Poor is an understatement.

    We failed the first batch of big games but were lucky to survive at the top.

    This time round may not be quite as charitable and I suspect will provide a reality check for which competition we should have to prioritise.

    Still to put in perspective, we have a chance to rectify our horrendous nonchalance with a victory over United which now must be absolutely vital.

    A loss would really squander the charity of City today whilst Chelsea’s blink encrusted miniature horse has stealthily snuck by us.

    If we win against the Mancs, it will afford us a bit more positivity going into the revenge match against Liverpool and I would then fancy us to sneak it (if one was being anguine, I would suspect us being the happier in dropping these 3 points in the league despite humiliating circumstances then being kicked out of the cup).

    Then on to Bayern which in all likelihood seems a difficult ask. whilst the sauqd is deep enough for a title challenge in the PL (Granted we could always do with the extra invention up front), it still seems a bit lacking in Europe principally because of the missing ingredient at the very top.

    However it is a cup game and if we go at it with the right attitude, we could sneak a draw and have all to play for in the returning game.

    Who dares wins. I believe we are guilty of being a bit too calculative where Liverpool’s SAS went for it today and it bore dividend (massively) for them.

    That’s two heavy defeats to Liverpool and City. We drew Chelsea, beat Liverpool in the earlier fixture and lost to United.

    Whilst we beat Dortmund, we were also taken apart by them later on and by Napoli.

    We have built a remarkable consistency over more mundane games. Barring the Spurs derby victories, I’m not sure that we have truly matched absolutely top class opponents who are willing to come at us with the kitchen sink.

    I’m not expecting much against United but if we don’t win it, I feel less it less likely that we will survive this period without major consequence.

  • santori

    A hold up striker is not what we need.

    Rather if we take note of our pursuit for a striker last summer (HIguain and Suarez), we are in need of something slightly different to Giroud (and Bendtner), really someone with a bit more pace who can work the gaps and have some invention enough to beat a man or two on his own if need be.

    Particularly this is more important I feel for our CL course where the added technical ability would help us against the giant we are scheduled with.

    That said, if this is what we need, there was not that many options in the market TBH.

    The likes of Berbatov would want permanent transfers that would saddle us in the wage structure and incur opportunity cost in the summer when better targets come available. Nor at his advance age has his recent efforts in the league been terribly impressive (4 goals)

    Others mooted Mitrogolou are either not that great and are also cup tied. The loan targets made more sense as temporary measures but neither Vucinic nor Klose wanted to move.

    One of the players I thought may have made some sense for us was Pato.

    He was having issues at Corinthians (themselves in a right mess) and would want a platform to build for the coming summer event.

    Still only 24, he has plenty of pace and technical ability where questions surrounding his focus suggest the main issue for us (and if today is anything to go by, then this is a big issue indeed)

    However a loan for him with an option to purchase seemed a good course for us particularly as he is not cup tied and has plenty of experience in the CL to offer. In short, he is something different that could unlock an opponent up top.

    That said, the ship has sailed and Pato is off to Sao Paulo.

    We are with what we have right now and it should be enuf to sustain a domestic challenge if anything. there should be no excuse that we have insufficient quality or quantity and we should not bleat about lack of transfers every time something like this happens.

    Plain and simple, we did not show up. the gaffer may have got some tactics wrong but to lose this badly would suggest our players were absent in spirit and not hungry enough.

  • ofebs

    …the players did not turn up today, whose fault? Arsene earns millions of pounds to get the job done, to make sure he gets the big games right, he consistently fails. A manager content with top four when he has resources at his disposal to win it all. Wenger is driving Arsenal fans crazy, he should retire.

  • Mofaz

    Loss by 1 goal or 4 goals margin is same 3 points loss..How Arsenal reacts to the lost against Manu is important..Just 1 point off the top and still above ManCity..learn from the defeat and put a winning run of 10 + games..

  • Mofaz

    Arsene is not on the field ..he plans and the players execute the plan not his fault if the players failed to turn up…

  • Clinton Dawkins

    I’d a feeling our good record against Liverpool might be corrected. Didn’t imagine it’d be so bad.

  • Gnostradamus

    Fans asking for Wenger’s head need to have own examined. What other manager has kept a club in the Champions League for so many seasons? The real problem is as good as Wenger is at finding gems among stones and penny-pinching, he needs help with transfers. Signing a crocked midfielder who won’t recover before the other injured players he’s supposed to cover is nonsense. it is unfair to fans paying the highest ticket prices and players who signed to win trophies, and only serves to line the pockets of Stan Kroenke.

    The criticisms about the total anarchy at Arsenal’s boardroom still stand. The signing of Ozil covered the cracks but only could only go so far. If Wenger and the club are serious about challenging for the title, they need to revamp the board and have a replacement for David Dein (or bring him back). Until then, fans should boycott the American owner, who has done nothing to dispel, and everything to reinforce, the notion he is in it for the profits only.

  • jellykid

    i dont understand why everyone think Ozil had a horrible game. Ozil made ONE major mistake which he got fouled for and henderson stole the ball for LP to score their 3rd. Other than that Ozil had an OK game. The whole media scrutiny on OZIL is dumb. WILSHERE HAD A TERRIBLE GAME. I saw the game twice because i recorded it, when wilshere plays in that middle and arsenal don’t have possesion and get pressed… he is terrible. Its like a nightmare.

    English media won’t call wilsheres head though apparently because he’s english. But Ozil apparently became a target. smh….

  • jellykid

    I felt like rosicky should start over cazorla and and cazorla should switch right or get AOC on the right. That provide more defensive cover on the left with Rosicky always tracking back in defense. I actually miss ramsey A LOT! Ramsey is way better CM than wilshere. Defensively a huge upgrade.

    I think the reason why arsenal looked so ridiculous in the first half was the line. The backline with the DM’s didn’t organize well especially with liverpool exploiting the fullbacks. Sagna was actually fault for the first goal, not mertesacker. He was way up front leaving mertesacker exposed to suarez alone 4 yards up( tactical foul was needed). Sagna was also at fault for their 5th goal if you watch the lob over him leaving mertesacker isolated again. Liverpool didn’t really go crazy on tactics, they just did a lot of people try to do for years against arsenal ( attack their fullbacks) and apparently it worked this time because arsenal made too many mistakes. I think wilshere is good only with organization with the backline and DM but when getting pressed he can’t defend or keep opponents out of bay. He’s to weak( Ramsey was actually able to do that even without speed) Ramsey tackling stats were actually up there if you google it. Another bad mistake was the wingers on both sides didn’t track back at all in the first half. It was devastatinging to see ozil and arteta isolated A LOT and getting robbed easily like kids.

    I wonder how our defensive stance changes on the way to ManU

  • Sufian

    Media despises Russians because they were Soviets and there’s a similar reason to hate Germans (Ozil being not as good, those kind of claims) because of that WW2 thrashing England took from Nazis.

    Time to get over it, I guess, and stop acting like women. But no, it took them till early 21st century to recover from the debt (2006 it was, I think), so it will probably take longer than that.

  • Sufian

    Didn’t see the match but I do know that Ozil doesn’t track back and it will eventually cause problems for Arsenal if he plays at wings. Should have played either Gnabry or Ox, they are very effective in both departments.
    Ozil seems to have run out of steam. It’s not that we don’t have other players to play to give him a bit of rest!

  • jonny

    Yes, Rambo is a big miss, this bundle of pure energy, tirelessly running box to box. All our troubles in the midfield started with his injury, irreplaceable little sod. But also, I would argue, the lack of a pacy wingers, Theo reallyreally, with his intelligent runs which unsettles defencesdefences into mistakes.
    But Arsenal shoud cope, for being a super club with wast riches and hoards of silver….