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Podolski chance…close: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!! Podolski 1-0: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

GOAL!! Podolski 2-0: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Coventry protest – The Why?: GIF :: GFY

Podolski chance…: GIF :: GFY

Wilshere injury.: GIF :: GFY

Jack misses wide after Arsenal break, very wide: GIF :: GFY

Podolski with a slide-rule pass to Gibbs: GIF :: GFY

Fabianksi saves, great Koscielny challenge: GIF :: GFY

Coventry hit the post!: GIF :: GFY

Bendther chance, good moves but shoots wide: GIF :: GFY

More Coventry protests – The When: GIF :: GFY

GOAL!!! Giroud 3-0: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

GOAL!! Santi Cazorla 4-0: GIF :: GFY :: VIDEO

Video: Post-Match Reaction – Arsene Wenger: VIDEO

  • ofebs

    job done…

  • jellykid

    Mourinho is always going to talk trash, the reality is AW never does. There are people who open their mouth on insults on other people (mourinho)…then there are people who are well aware of the insults to say to other people but don’t because of mature and personification of a person.(AW). Aw can bring up a lot of things on him for years but he doesn’t. Ever notice no one does because they are mature and act respectable as they represent themselves as respectable people. Only mourinho talks like an idiot in front of the press.

  • Vaclav