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Streams: First Row :: Wiziwig :: Live TV

Arsenal lineup :: Spurs lineup :: Arsenal bench

Koscielny handles Adebayor

Fabianski saves well on Eriksen

Walcott shoots, Lloris dives to save…close

Walcott curling shot, just wide

HTML5 Video: Oooh…Walcott chance, curling shot just wide (multiple angles)

Cazorla shot on Lloris, over and wide

Oooooh….Walcott with a superb chance, should have chipped it

GOAL!!! Santi Cazorla 1-0 :: Video

Jack versus some scumbag

Sagna almost gets on the end of a FK

HTML5 Video: Soldado chance late in first half

First Half Highlight Pack

Sagna fouls Chiriches

Walcott’s foot gets stepped on

GOAL!!! Rosicky 2-0 :: Video

GIF of that grey haired dude wondering why Lloris kicked it out of bounds

Walker is shot down

HTML5 Video: Mesut Ozil does Dua before coming on pitch

Ooooh…Walcott almost scores a third

Walcott injured – looks innocuous but needed stretcher

Haha..Walcott makes 2-0 sign on stretcher

Ozil almost scores, good save by Lloris

HTML5 Video: Flamini wants a piece of someone

Video: English commentary of both goals

GIF: Rosicky goal celebration

Quite funny, Vermaelen gets mascot to hide Spurs badge

Arsene Wenger Post-Match Press Conference

Tim Sherwood Post-Match Press Conference

Post-Match Reaction: Tomas Rosicky

Roy Keane: ‘Tottenham will always let you down’

Ian Wright on Theo Walcott’s gesture

Not sure who made this GIF of Sherwood and Ferdinand, but it’s great (via

Adebayor pushes Sagna, Bac shakes head: GFY :: GIF

  • Leigh

    Excellent, can you put a video of Adebayor falling over and also the fans asking him what the score is please ?
    Excellent work

  • Gnostradamus

    Ref was horrible but didn’t matter at the end. Great job.

  • arsenalist

    Need to know time it happened.

  • Arschloch

    A very oustanding performance from the midfield. It shows with the depth there we can win many games, no matter who leads the line. I hope apart from this fact we will have a top forward against big teams like Real Madrid, Bayern, Barca …etc. Giroud has improved pretty well but I am not sure if he can win us such games. I hope to proven wrong.

  • dickinson’

    That Vermaelen video is played backwards, it’s hilarious though.

  • jellykid

    i love how Roy Keane calls spuds fans ” What Idiots..” lmao…

  • Gnostradamus

    No one gave props to Fab for a great save at the start from Eriksen. Kept the team in the game without need to take more risks. Feel bad he can’t get more games and develop further.

  • Johnny

    “We love Tomas” said AW few months ago…. sure we DO boss, give him a new contract, pls

  • Gnostradamus

    This is seriously a crisis now. Walcott out of World Cup. Major reinforcements needed.

  • fab4

    Walcott out fpr 6-months … sh.t

  • Sufian

    They won’t because it’s difficult to praise a player after bashing him. I personally think he’s more confident and reliable than Wojech but his fitness baffles.