Manchester City vs Arsenal 6-3 Highlights

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Picture: Man City team

Picture: Arsenal team

GIF: Flamini tackle on Silva

GIF: Aguero Goal 1-0 Man City

Video: Aguera Goal 1-0 Man City

GIF: Negredo chance, shoots wide

GIF: Walcott goal 1-1

GIF: Foul on Nacho

Video: Walcott goal 1-1

GIF: Negredo scores for Man City 2-1

Video: Negredo 2-1 goal

GIF: City make it 3-1

GIF: Giroud header is close

Video: Man City 3-1 goal, after Arsenal giveaway

GIF: Arsenal handball shout

GIF: Walcott scores to make it 3-2

GIF: Man City 4-2 goal

Video: Walcott 3-2 goal

Video Man City 4-2 goal

GIF: Man City 5-2 goal

Video: Man City 5-2 goal

GIF: Mertesacker goal 5-3

Video: Mertesacker goal 5-3

GIF: Foul on Szczesny which led to penalty

GIF: Toure penalty to make it 6-3

Video: Foul against Szczesny, Toure penalty to make it 6-3

GIF: Bendtner goal that was given offside

GIF: Wilshere flips the bird

GIF: Giroud goal that was given offside

Frame: Mertesacker yelling at Ozil for apparently not applauding the away fans (via @fkhanage)

Post-Match Interview: Arsene Wenger

Post-Match Interview: Manuel Pellegrini

  • Jellykid

    after watching that game, omg…. idc of all those wilshere fanboys….. HE WAS COMPLETE SHIT TODAY! played so much worse than ramsey beginning of last season. We let them have 3 STUPID goals today.

    It was weird watching the second half because Arsenal, just making dumb mistakes in the midfield and just gave up in a way. The biggest mystery to me is why wilshere stayed on the pitch?? … and why rosicky and cazorla didn’t come out. Instead Gnabry and bendtner came out…. -____-”

  • Arschloch

    Very disappointed. We repeated the same mistakes in game against MANU, giving the ball away, no confidence and not determined enough. Wilshire was the worst one on the field. And what is the point of playing Bendner? It seems the Bendner’s welfare is higher placed than those of the club and fans. I can see my Arsenal dropping in form and dropping points unless we buy a new striker in January or at least sort it out with players along with players coming back from injury. Still we lead the table but a change must happen before it is too late.

  • Ofebs

    well beaten today…congrats to ManCity…Arsenal squad not deep enough…

  • Arschloch

    This was the game where we missed Podolski. It seems to me Wenger has delayed his return to give Bendner the chance to be back in the squad. Out of action due to hamstring for more than 4 months is incredibly very long time. Don’t get me wrong but it appears to me this blind loyalty and excessive sentiment to that boy, who joined the club with 15 and made many times no bones about his disrepect to the club, is going to deprive us of further trophies.

  • Arschloch

    Nice also posted on sky under my nickname Jenkens!

  • konvict

    bendtner played welll- his goal wasnt offside and giroud was too tired to continue. not sure why caz or tomas didnt come on tho… confused as to why gnabry came on in such a big game.

  • Arschloch

    Played well? Not so sure, how many touches ? Slow without link up play. I w’d have instead thrown in Rosicky or Cazorla and let Walcott spearhead the attack, why not ? I think two genius strikes are quite enough to prove his worth.

  • Gnostradamus

    Based on the roster, maybe Wenger wrote off the game. Hope Koscielny injury’s minor, and Arsenal can make up the points elsewhere.

  • jellykid

    we got robbed of those offsides T___T… FUCK!!! i knew bendtner and giroud were onside … I HATE THE LINESMEN STOLE 3 goals from us.

  • Big Dave

    Wow two perfectly good goals disallowed for offside. And for the penalty the ball’s already gone and Shitty’s No 7 deliberately changed his stride in order to get a clip off Szczesney’s outstretched leg!

  • Sufian

    I thought they hated Chamakh only, now I know they hate Bendtner equally. I think it was in Chamakh’s first season when he scored a really good header past Stoke’s keeper and it was disallowed for some pushing which nobody saw or felt. It’s the refs which put this great EPL to shame.

  • Sufian

    This defeat doesn’t show any depth problems. The defence was poorest we’ve seen all season. There was no awareness and that 2nd or 3rd City goal is a perfect example. Title is not lost in one match, especially this season when big teams drop points at lesser teams.

  • Sufian

    Bendtner was never quick, he was also like he or slower. He isn’t a great finisher but is more of a threat with his head. He has shown that before his car crash so it’s silly to question him.
    Wenger may have made a mistake by not bringing on Santi, but I guess Bendtner didn’t disappoint. If officials make a wrong call, what’s his fault? Didn’t see anyone complaining about Arteta getting booked twice. Keep calm, City will drop points elsewhere like United has.

  • Big Dave

    Some compensation – Spurs 0 Liverpool 5.

  • Sufian

    Haha. But only in case we meet a Spurs supporter. :D

  • mofaz

    Wilshere is totally shit against Mcity, but he’s English so the fan will not be too hard on him ..He should only be used as a sub.

  • Arschloch

    Iam still quite confident that the tilte is within reach this season, but Iam worried about the tatical decision made by Wenger.

    Just wait please!! It doesn’t mean questioning him. Last year at this time he made the right decision in dropping TV and Wilshire. In the last two games you can just wonder what he was doing. It takes him a very long time or we lose a very important game to make a bold decsion e.g. game vs Blackburn and Chamack was clearly not the one to fill the boots of an Arsenal striker and I don’t think Bendner fills them either.

  • Sufian

    Wenger makes some good decisions and some bad ones. He made bad ones in both Manchester games. He must have started Gnabry at OT and must have brought on Rosicky or Santi. I’m not sure why Flamini was brought off, he makes defence perform better and must have stayed. Anyway, it’s like crying over spilt milk and Wenger’s not reading these comments. :D

  • Sufian

    We’ve got Munich again. Does it mean we will find it difficult to win the CL this season? I’m referring to Klopp’s comment. ;)

  • ofebs

    players were tired after 3 tough games in 7 days so made silly errors, but if squad was deep, you can rotate effectively, net effect – players less tired like ManCity.

  • Ofebs

    great analysis from BBC of Mourinho’s tactic ability when games are tough
    hope Arsene Wenger can outwit him on Monda

  • Sufian

    We need a few players but not as many as everyone suggests. A tall, no-nonsense CB like Per, maybe a Giroud-like CF. I don’t think we lack any depth at any other position. We have a good number of players at wings (Santi, Walcott, Gnabry and, if need be, Rosicky).

  • Ofebs

    …a CB like Per, yes; a better than Giroud Cf, yes; and a bruising MF better than Flamini and Arteta – that makes 3 key players. This is what most Arsenal fans have been crying out for.

  • Sufian

    Not sure which personnel are better than Arteta and Flamini, and in January market (with a WC in summer) it’s almost impossible to find one. Besides Wenger is unlikely to go for such a player. Ramsey can fit in alright, as well.