Napoli vs Arsenal 2-0 Highlights

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Picture: Napoli team

Picture: Arsenal team

GIF: Higuain given offside

GIF: Pandev shot, Szczesny save

GIF: Mertesacker tackle on the counter

Great chance for Giroud, followed by a slip

GIF: Napoli shot vs Jenkinson

GIF: Napoli chance for a chip on the counter, shoots over

GIF: Koscielny skill, sweeet.

GIF: OMG Szczesny!

GIF: Ref tells Wenger to hurry up and get off the pitch

GIF: Ozil with the ball before 2nd half kick-off

GIF: Giroud almost catches the goalie

GIF: Napoli left-back with a great chance, Szczesny saves

GIF: Koscielny tracks back, challenges shot, just wide

GIF: Higuain chance, shoots over from close

GIF: Higuain goal 1-0

GIF: Arteta second yellow, red

GIF: Napoli second goal

Video: Higuain goal 1-0

Video: Napoli second goal 2-0

Post-Match Reaction: Arsene Wenger

Thierry Henry talks Arsenal on Sky Sports

  • konvict

    didnt get to watch game as im at work..but from the commentary online seems as if we played for a draw or a minor loss with no intention to top the group. also i had a minor heartattack when i saw 2-0 in last min when i hit refresh
    glad we progressed still but now we’ve setup a rather difficult scenario in the teams we can face in the next round. always taking the hard route

  • James Brown

    We go on and that’s fine, but what’s the point of playing all our best players and getting then fatigued right before city and Chelsea if we’re not even gonna try and win. If anything this loss might affect the confidence level in the squad ahead of a crazy few weeks.

  • Johnny

    the experts would describe it as “shit happens”. Napoli were good side, and worryingly dominated midfield. It’s second game on the trot, Arsenal were unable to assert themselves, and chased the shadows.

  • Gnostradamus

    Arsenal must learn to draw games like the upcoming City clash. No need to win as the likes of BBC demand. Go for a win, but play conservatively enough to minimize probability of defeat. Then just win as many of the other fixtures.