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This post is being made from a hotel in Rome on my Android phone.

Video: All goals

GIF: Jack Wilshere 1-0 Goal

Video: Wilshere’s goal (1-0)

GIF: Ozil goal 2-0

GIF: Aaron Ramsey 3-1 Goal

Video: Ozil second goal (4-1)

Interview: Arsene Wenger

GIF: Aaron Ramsey Skill

GIF: Wenger thumbs up

Interview: Aaron Ramsey

Highlights – 5:11 (Spanish)

Full Match Download

MOTD Highlights – Arsenal vs Norwich

GIF: Flamini takes out Tettey

Player Highlights: Wilshere vs Norwich

Player Highlights: Mesut Ozil vs Norwich

Player Highlights: Aaron Ramsey vs Norwich

GIF: The Roulette by Aaron Ramsey

  • Martian

    you’re a legend! now shoo go enjoy your holiday!

  • FanOfArsenalist

    what would the world do without arsenalist. *Standing Ovation*

  • Boyd Blundell

    You make me proud to be Canadian.

  • Jason

    Surely one of the most passionate Gooners out there! Thanks!

  • Gurps

    thanks arsenalist!

  • made

    Greatly done, Arsenalist!

    Credit to Giroud. He created two great assists. Unfortunately he couldn’t get into the scorers list. And also Rosicky, the flow chage pretty much after his introduction in the second half.

  • John

    Watching from the north pole!

  • Aurel

    LOL, I’m sure you were watching the game somehow and said to you “O wait, this is probably one the best Arsenal game since long time, I just can’t miss the whole celebration, I have to post all the goals and gifs possibles”. Thank you Mister 😉

  • Gnostradamus

    The criticism of Mertesacker for his clearance in the leadup to the Norwich goal is unfair. The real problem was no one was tracking the Norwich scorer or really challenged him on the shot. I’m guessing losing Flamini was the ultimate cause, but the problem doesn’t really have to do with Per.

    What great team goals though. Ramsey’s reminded me of Nasri’s, and Wilshere’s flicks with Giroud were a joy.

  • Sufian

    @Gnostradamus:disqus I still feel he could have done a little better on the clearance,
    but that doesn’t mean I am calling for his head. He had a good game but
    looked a bit tired, might be the moment when Wenger considers to rest Per in
    and plays the shaky Verminator.

    As for Flamini’s
    influence, I think the people who were considering him a squad player
    when we re-signed him, could respond better. 😉

    I always
    considered him and Eduardo as the most important players of that 07/08
    run. Hopefully we will have that run without the lows, and if Wenger
    doesn’t play Ramsey as a winger again, I don’t think it’s impossible.

  • Gnostradamus

    Oh what Flamini has done. Banging his head like that. Ugh.

  • Tieneich

    We still have two direct approach wide forwards on the injury list. And we have two speedy, technically sound mid fielders on the injury list. Once everyone returns, this is going to be an incredible squad.

  • Jose

    Thank you for your hard work!