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I’ll be on vacation for the rest of October – going to Rome, Florence and Italy. Unfortunately, this means no coverage of Arsenal games till then. I’m sure we’ll win them all.

  • konvict

    enjoy man… ill need to google some highlights another way since im usually at work during our games lol

  • Johnny

    >>I’m sure we’ll win them all<<
    Hehe what can go wrong?!? Famous last words….

    Enjoy your stay in Italy! eeeerr and Rome & Florence too 😉

  • spaceman

    Assassin’s creed….

  • made

    have a nice vacation! Been there for an Italy-trip. Great places

  • Jason

    Love your work!

  • GhostofDialSquare

    Have a great time and thanks for all the effort. I appreciate ti:

  • Guest

    The one week they aren’t showing the Arsenal game on tv 🙁

  • anand

    lol no .. please come back. i want the instant highlights 🙁

  • konvict

    wow what a game! all 4 goals brilliant…and messi (ramsey) scores a spectacular goal!! wilsheres opener is goal of season contender brilliant team move.

    bendtner didnt do too bad when he came on pitch too, unselfish play im hoping he can get some more mins against some easier teams to show what he can do. maybe build his confidence to play with the team as hes starting to show

  • Sufian

    Bendtner has certainly improved his team work and was much more quicker today than in that CC game.
    Per had a very bad moment that could have been a turning point, but good team spirit and quality served well. Ref was a bit disappointing today.

  • Rahul

    Yes We Won!!!!

  • Johnny

    boring boring boring Arsenal… 🙂

    hope Flamini gets speedy recovery, few painkillers and a bottle of red! we dropped the guard since he went off. defensively we’re not the same solid team like with him playin. he’s a must for dortmund game (IMO)