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Man City Offside: GIF

Walcott 1-0: Video :: GIF

Koscielny saves a goal: GIF

Sagna has a good go: GIF

Szczesny save on Dzeko: GIF

Foul on Ox? GIF

Fabianski does well – GIF

Ramsey 2-0: Video :: GIF

Giroud 3-0: Video :: GIF

Man City 3-1: Video :: GIF

Ramsey Highlights: Watch

Walcott Highlights: Watch Highlights: Watch

Highlights: Watch

Full Highlights: Watch

  • Bobby Zamora

    Very promising. I can’t believe how much Ramsey has improved.

  • budski

    could you also post giroud’s offside goal? tyvm

  • Jellykid

    lolz “i can’t believe how much ramsey has improved”

  • Arschloch

    I did believe and do always believe that Ramsey is an special talent and said against all doubters and haters he would evolve into a great player even better than Fabrigas. Also I was and still I am a great supporter of Walcott.

  • Bobby Zamora


    Not sure what you’re ‘lolz’-ing at. @Arschloch I remember vividly what a prospect Ramsey was before his injury. I was only referring to the fact that over that last 6 months, Ramsey has improved drastically. At times, it is hard to believe it is the same player. I also think OX has made terrific progress.

  • Bobby Zamora

    As for Walcott, he definitely is a very intelligent player, as Wenger puts it. His strength is all about his clever runs, and now his finishing.(even though we’ve seen glimpses of some other stuff in this particular game) The reason some people get frustrated with him I think, is that he is not the kind of player that can conjure something on his own. So if he doesn’t get the proper support, he can seem pretty useless.

  • Arschloch

    I think Ramsey has still a room for improvement due to the fact he is still young and has not hit his peak yet. For me it was not understandable how some people acted in such an ugly manner after that horrible injury. Walcott has also a similar history,called injury prone, not wisely and fairly dealt with, but booed and now with just these skills mentioned by you, every PL-club would love to have him among their rank. The most important thing now I am happy we finally have got rid of the majority of the rubbish particularly Squillaci, Santos, Djouru,..
    I hope AW will sign a decent CB ” Ashley Williams “,Luis Gustavo seems to be on his way to us. Not my first choice but I think he will contribute to a better squad depth. If we could get Luis Suarez then we would have an enviable squad. AW and the board would have gone subsequntely far beyond statement of intent. Wait and see perhaps it is going to happen, not only wishes and dreams.

  • Jellykid

    Ramsey was always good, he played the DM/CDM/CAM for arsenal in his first season. With the class of players around him he flourished easily and a great season for a 19 year old. Of course his injury stopped him from showing his talent more.

    When he came back it was a different squad. Fabregas wasn’t there and he only played with song like twice until he moved to Barca. Completely different squad of players in the middle who didn’t play the arsenal way.

    I guess watching him at times is weird because he’s changed his game towards the players around him in the middle. It wasn’t one touch passes anymore as much as the first season with fabregas and song.

    I always thought he felt his vision was superior to arteta, thats why he wanted to hold the ball longer. With the manager trusting other consistent players in the middle he was sent wide left to support the middle more. That wasn’t part of his game but he tried to adjust.

    To me he was so good his first season, his long ball vision was compared to fabregas and fabregas SAW EVERYTHING!

  • Jellykid

    people forget very easily he was that good before this injury. I believe what made him that good were the players whoe played with him in the middle.

  • Bobby Zamora


    Agreed, Arsenal did play differently back then. A lot more of one touch passing, and a lot more direct. Nowadays, and especially 2012/2013 was more about possession football and patience in the buildup.

    But you can’t deny that in the beginning of last season, it looked like it would take much longer than a few months for him to come back to this level. Even though he was played out of position, you can’t be making 3 stray passes in a span of 10 seconds. Besides, given the horrible start to the season, I thought it would be very hard for Wenger to give him enough playing time in order to build his confidence again.
    Now that I mentioned it, that was really the point I was trying to make all along: it’s incredible that confidence is pretty much the only thing making the difference between Ramsey today, and Ramsey 12 months ago.