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Sanogo chance: GIF

Walcott miss – GIF :: Alternate Angle GIF

Walcott Goal: Video :: GIF

Good control by OX: GIF

Giroud shot: GIF

Giroud header chance: GIF

Drogba dive to win penalty: GIF

Drogba penalty: GIF

Drogba 2-1: Video :: GIF

Full Match Highlights: Watch

Wenger Post-Game Press Conference: Watch

  • dubbledubs71

    come on wenger time to prise open that warchest we have been hearing so much about. there is no way this team is anywhere near good enough to compete in EPL or CL. felliani or fabregas, goalie, top class striker (if there is any left on the market) & a defender or two. i really couldnt see either rooney or suarez joining arsenal, but out of the two id prefer suarez even tho he has a lot of baggage you cant argue with his goalscoring record

  • Jellykid

    arsenal’s second team but that penalty was super soft lol. The second goal was class from drogba though.

  • Arschloch

    The transfer window closes on 2nd Sep., not 31 Aug. as Wenger thinks. If AW considers the qurrent squad to competete on 4 fronts we have really a problem. A game every two days. No one can keep up with that. Squad was ressted for a week and we hear the execuse of fatigue thoug. Unless we add quality, comes May we will be empty handed again. An experienced goallie like Cesar, Ashley Williams and clinical difference making finisher ( not Suarez at any price, alternative Lewondowski, Kiessling /Bay. Leverkusen).
    Come on Wenger don’t repeat the old same mistakes!
    So speaking in his old fashioned style I say:
    I do not say in Arsene I trust but I believe I trust him to make it if he grasps the current situation.

  • Bobby Zamora

    The penalty was non existant. The second goal really was pure class.

    On another note, I’m not nearly as disheartened by the lack of signings as everybody else. The only problem is that Gazidis and Wenger kept talking about their new financial power and what not, putting extra pressure on themselves for no reason. A world-class striker (only Luis Suarez left I guess) and Arsenal can win everything.

    By the way, has anyone noticed what a monster Ramsey has become?

  • Gnostradamus

    Look at Spurs. Yeah, they don’t have Wenger, so they haven’t succeeded. But at least they try.

    Arsenal’s owners are in it for the dividends, competitiveness be damned.

  • Gnostradamus

    By “try”, I mean aim for higher places. There are still many players up for grabs in the 10-30 million range. We’re not involved in any of those. So much for the scouting network–looks like it’s been disbanded. And there’s no successor to Dein. How long has he gone?