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Walcott chance: GIF

Newcastle almost score: GIF

Goal-saving interception by Koscielny: GIF

Podolski miss, (ruled offside): GIF

Koscielny 1-0: Video : GIF

Walcott late miss, hits post: GIF

Spurs fans a bit upset: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

Wenger Interview :: Koscielny and Walcott Interview

  • dubbledubs71

    whats that coming over the hill is it the arsenal is it the arsenal

  • Ofebs

    …well done Arsenal…from no-hopers at the beginning of the season to champions league qualification.

    …the guys at MOTD especially Lineker and Hansen should eat their hearts out. All their hate yet Arsenal makes the cut…

  • Johnny

    Well done boys! Ugly again, but it’s a win!

  • Leigh

    Gary Lineker’s unbaised comments on BBC sport
    “Arsenal hang on and win a trophy for the 16th season in a row.”

    I sent a text into the BBC saying sour grapes much Lineker ?

    I hold my hands up, I wanted Wenger out mid season (Aim here)
    Each season Arsenal are tipped to finish outside the top four.
    Comments like :

    You wont get CL without Anelka ….. We did
    You wont get Cl without Henry……….We did
    You wont get CL without Fabregas…….We did
    You wont get CL without Van Persie…… WE DID

    So nice to pip Bale FC to 4th again, YEAAH !

    Now let’s get some names in !

  • Arschloch

    Koscienly, the Spurs killer HA,HA,HA…the day has got a meaning 🙂

  • Ofebs

    @ Leigh

    …not only did we get champions league, we got more points this year than last when we had v persie. this season we conceded the least amount of goals away in the premier league. last season we scored 74 with v persie, this season we scored 72 without him.

    in all the team improved in many areas this year compared to last year. the haters on MOTD and othe journalist will not highlight these facts…its left to the club, its bloggers and fans to make these facts known to supporters and the world.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Well done Arsenal but let’s not be giddy about a Champions League place or finishing above some other team. It used to be a given.

  • Disappointed

    Not excited at all.

    Van Persie is kissing the trophy while we are ecstatic about Qualification.

    What a world of difference in expectation.
    Wenger has made fools of us (fans) time and time again.
    He had reduced our expectations from Winning to only Qualification.

    I agree with Lineker. He is mocking us. Will he ever do that to MU?
    I seriously doubt it. I bet Fergie will join in the mockery had he not retired.

  • Ofebs


    Lineker is wrong, Arsene is not mocking the fans but working quietly within the constraints he faces. If the club was ok financially would he really have sanctioned the sale of Toure, Nasri, Clichy, Cesc, Van Persie and Song? The club desperately needed the money.

    In the face of having no choice but to sell his best players and look for bargain replacements, he’s done great keeping the club among the elites despite the efforts of Spurs, Liverpool and Everton to unseat Arsenal, not forgetting the many haters in the media.

    Do you truly think Arsene happily sold off those players?

  • Jellykid

    Koscielny is truly a BOSS! the guy manhandled every challenge. One of the most athletic CB’s I’ve seen. He is just a boss.

  • Arschloch

    totally agree. I was nearly going to call for AW’s head. A fantastic achievement to keep the club with very restricted resources competetive. We spent less, had to sell our best players and still finished above spur and almost same like Chelsski who bought just a not really desired cup for great amount of oil dollars.

    Would you please let this plattform open, so that we may exchange our views during the the break? Thanks for the good job!

  • a.k.a gunner

    While the expectations have surely come down, looking from a neutrals perspective, Wenger has done a tremendous job to win the 4th place trophy again … against all odds. I think everyone acknowledges that…

    Congrats Arsene!

    But the truth is, a club which charges the highest ticket prices in England and world club football should compete to win trophies and not fourth place. Anybody who says otherwise is out of his mind…

    Looks like Arsene is stick around for another season… Let’s see what he does with the money available..

    @Arsenalist… big thanks for putting up those clips match after match.. do love the gifs more than the videos… Why not the customary end of season review article Arsenalist.. what say you?

  • Johnny

    I would strongly advice you to watch Gary Neville’s analysis of Arsenal last 10 years. Hope it will clear some confusions over the issue of managing a real FC… not a fantasy one

  • Leigh

    Funny how that when Arsenal clinch champions league place (which is very often isn’t it Spurs fans) Arsenal get slated for celebrating, and being happy for rescuing what was at the time a disastrous season where everybody had written Arsenal off, yet SHUT UP all those critics AGAIN?

    Wouldn’t you after being written off, joked about (mind the gap take 2) being booed off the pitch by home fans, feel great about a sense of achievement when you as a team managed to pull off another one of the poistional combacks to finish 4th against the odds against your rivals, yes of course !

    C’mon, be honest, what would of happened if Spurs got the 4th Spot. White hart lane would of been insane, celebrations, picth invasions, chas and dave singing, red arrows flying, and of course the MOTD panel saying how much they deserved it and are right to celebrate?

    Well, sorry guys, you were wrong again, and next season please try and hide your baised opinions a bit better and give Arsenal some credit.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Leigh, we disproved the critics for writing off our qualification chances, but we only got it done by a point. You seriously want to gloat over this fact, while RvP won a trophy the year he left? Go ahead.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Johnny, the transfer budget by itself is misleading. Arsenal has one of the largest wage bills in the Premiership. It’s still a fantastic return, no doubt about it, and I think Wenger deserves the job for as long as he desires it, but let’s not gloss over the fact that we’re no longer title contenders.

  • Leigh

    Clinton, who give’s a , about Van Persie ?
    I am not gloating, I am HAPPY as are majority of other Arsenal fans who were looking at mid table at one stage, which way would you have it seriously ?

    Every cloud

  • Clinton Dawkins

    I’m relieved. I’m happy that you’re happy. Can I also be disappointed that we had no chance at any trophy again?

  • Sufian

    This season proved critics and fans a couple of things for sure. Arteta has been an excellent leader on the pitch, and if anyone noticed, our form improved when armband was given to Arteta and TV was replaced by Kos in the lineup.
    It also shows one weakness of Wenger: sticking with player(s) when he’s not performing and/or exhausted. It ends up with fans hating the player, no one would need an example here.

    Since there’ll be couple of outs this summer and with the speculated buying power of AFC this time around, upcoming season looks bright.

  • sd

    thanks for another great season arsenalist. cheers!

  • Jackie

    Not an ambition but a satisfaction for me to see the Spuds below us Oh yeeh.

  • Sufian

    I read that with TV we leaked an average of 1.17 goals a game and 0.33 without him. Can anyone tell me who was the person here who slayed Mertasacker for poor Arsenal defence mid-season? Just says how brainless people can be.

    Though I don’t like the idea of TV leaving Arsenal, but I wouldn’t put him on pitch if he plays like that again! We can stick with Sagna at CB.

  • Leigh

    Clinton , you sure can, go ahead :>

  • Arschloch


    I think the media and pundits are a little harsh to the performance of TV.
    First of all, I do agree TV made some howlers, the worst one against MANU the cause of 1:0.
    Apart from that people must consider the circumstances that may lead to bad stats about specific value.

    – Per and TV continued a partnership on unsustaind basis in the early stages of the season while team team was on a transition.
    – Just recall the two left backs we had at that time a decent right back with lack of experience a left back whose attitude never complied with the common rules of defence.
    – TV had to switch between left and CB. Something that could cause inconsistency.
    – Nervertheless TV and Per kept some clean sheets and led the team to a good position in PL and CL.

    For me the sitiuation is not bad because this will force AW to sign a CB, preferably Ashly Williams.
    As for TV, if he keeps his self-confidence Iam sure we will watch the so called TV’s resurgence unless Barca signs him, something we will deeply regret.

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, media is indeed biased when it comes to Arsenal. The only reason I can come up for his disappointing season (as per his standards) is the armband. If Wenger makes Arteta the club captain then I’m sure we can have the Verminator back.
    I don’t know why they’re saying (at blogs) that changing the captain will create problems for Vermaelen. He’s a grown up person and would understand and still respect the manager if he loses the captaincy, that is what I think.