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Walcott goal: Video :: GIF

QPR Chance: GIF

Poor Szczesney throw-out results in his own save: GIF

Szczesny gets a crucial touch, was a sure goal: GIF

Interesting defensive technique by Monreal. Yellow. GIF

Derry fouls Rosicky, yellow: GIF

Koscielny has a shot: GIF

Walcott, nice move, shot: GIF

Wenger stretching: GIF

Another great Szczesny save: GIF

Wenger Interview :: Redknapp Interview

  • gunner KS

    Any iphone streaming links by chance?

  • vik

    qpr giving it back to arsenal….with 1 nil game still wide wide open….
    arsenal still wasteful in their passing and crossing at times.

    wonder what will happen to some of these qpr players when they get relegated? some are pretty decent names like park and remy

  • Johnny

    Ugly win, not in our style.. but it’s still a massive WIN! Giroud is solely missed! His sheer presence gives us more options up front. Next game vs Wigan may be really dodgy, they seem to be fired up. COYG

  • arsenalfan

    After Chelsea’s win at Old Trafford, a Tottenham win against Chelsea will seriously jeopardize Arsenal chances of finishing top 4.

    Let’s all pray hard that Chelsea don’t purposely screw us over.

  • Johhny

    How Man U played was totally disrespectful towards the whole PL. Hate to listen SAF brag – smoke screen really – about meaningless incident. They were just plain shameful.

  • Sufian

    @Johhny, ManU has always been a bad example of English football with some of their thugs and their outspoken manager. I didn’t watch the match but I’m sure ManU would have played really really bad to lose the match.

  • Sufian

    Alex Ferguson will retire at the end of season. Hopefully our board’s hold over a lot of things will retire as well. They have wasted so much of the players’ talent as well as Wenger’s and quite clearly his reputation.
    Does anyone know how much debt do we have or when we’re going to get rid of it? I am assuming (from Gazidis’ comments earlier this season) that we will have paid it by the start of season 2014/15.

    Not trying to create pessimism here; realising the facts will ease the pain just in case.

  • Jackie

    Ramsey is the player of the month. This guy is fantastic to stand against great load of muppets and prove himself.

  • v

    what is the best result for gunners in chelsea vs tottenham?

  • Leigh

    Id say either a draw or a chelsea win. Anything but a Tottenham win, O look they drew, now we are in the driving seat.

  • onliner_

    I’m glad that it was an ideal draw. That means we still above spurs and only 2 points away from chelsea. So, there’s still hope for us to finish in third place. Hopefully we can grab all points available and score as many goals as possible from next 2 games (of course, with chelsea slips with max 3 points from theirs)

  • Sufian

    @Jackie, yes I’m really happy for the lad. Wasn’t treated fairly (like some other players this season) by the fans. He plays excellent through the middle, CDM, CM, CAM. There are not many players who:
    a. don’t moan when played out of position,
    b. work their socks off to play for the team.

    And yes, the muppets are not posting anymore. Thank God. 😉

  • Arschloch

    Where is Mofaz? He is not there when we are at our best. I do not think that he is beyond words to praise Walcott and Ramsey.
    Come on Arsenal! Keep this momentum and get back to the golden time.
    No slip up, win the next two games! Add to this core and we will be a force next season.
    Rumour mill announces that Koscienly might be sold to Bayern. I would really be very disappointed for he makes now a solid partnership with Per.

  • Sufian

    Are we still in need of selling our best players? If it’s that necessary, why don’t we start with Vermaelen? I like the lad but he has been very disappointing this season, but if the need arises we can offload him instead. And I guess Wenger will let Djourou go. He is a good player but inconsistent.

    @Walcott, haha. The blogger at arseblog wrote about Walcott (before ManU match): “form is in the toilet since new contract”. It’d be interesting what these people have to say now. A good example of plastic fans, eh? 😉