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Walk of champions or whatever: Video

Walcott 1-0: Video :: GIF

Arteta fouled by Jones, yellow: GIF

Cazorla touch gets away – GIF

RVP foul on BFG – yellow, pleads innocence – GIF

Walcott vs. Evans, with cunty Evra chiming in – GIF

Podolski shot, save: GIF

Szczesny save on RVP: GIF

Sagna’s moment of madness: GIF

Sagna giveaway, foul, + RVP penalty – Video

First Half Highlights: Video

Danger pass from RVP in 6-yard box – GIF

Szczesny saves Rooney – GIF

Walcott cross, meh: GIF

Santi comes close: GIF

Ox saves the day with a key block on Gibbs – GIF

MOTD Highlights: Video

Wenger Interview :: Ferguson Interview

RVP almost enters wrong dressing room: Video

  • Tieneich

    Sanga out!

  • Tieneich


  • arsenalfan

    How much wages did van persie promise to give sagna?

  • Sufian

    I fear Sagna will be labelled a ‘B-list’ player after that 10 seconds of madness.
    Now if Arsenal win the match and ManU don’t turn improve in second half, media won’t be saying the same things like it did in the opposite fixture this season. They’ve won the league but that doesn’t justify the retards to troll.

  • Sufian

    @Tieneich @arsenalfan, I’ll refer to those comments (I linked in the previous match’s thread) where it talked about players being ‘overplayed’. It removes from their mind the competition and hence we have players making mistakes like Sagna.

  • Sufian

    @arsenalfan, probably more than what he offered Vermaelen in the opposite fixture. Note that Sagna’s more consistent performances gives him upper hand over Vermaelen here.

  • Tieneich

    Good work Ramsey.

    It’s so thankful that Sagna and Vermaelaan don’t take the field together anymore. The best game Sagna ever played this season was when he played as a CD.

  • Jellykid

    was not a penalty btw, and sagna was solid besides that incident. We got robbed with Manu getting an easy penalty. That game was ours easily. We created way more chances and shouldev scored atleast 2 more goals.

  • Johnny

    Aside from Sagna madness – he’s always been prone to it – we were ok, ish. Good point IMHO. Man U were impressive going forward, when they did. We need some of their stamina to compete for throphies.

    PS. thnx (again) for your quick uploads mate

  • Raghav

    Please change Gibbs to Giggs on last video description, thanks for your great work as always!

  • dubbledubs71

    fair enough result, cant really fault the effort of the team & wenger made the changes to try & win it. my only problem with sagna is the complete lack of quality in his crosses into the box which rarely beat the 1st player & concedes possession when arsenal are in attack,why bother if u cant even get it into the box, it just leaves 1 defender in no mans land. i have a feeing he is leaving at the end of the season i hope he doesnt but i dont think he is happy at arsenal

  • Bobby Zamora


    Sagna did get the ball first, but most of the pundits are arguing that he didnt get enough of the ball, and too much of Van Persie. Not that I expected anyone to acknowledge that Arsenal got robbed.

  • jellykid

    Arsenal got robbed, clearly people don’t understand that. If you seen the whole game you would know!

    @Johnny…. Manu wasn’t impressive going forward…. I don’t know what your standards are for football but all they did was counter and park the bus. On the counter they were typically OK… they maybe had 1-2 good chances but other than that they weren’t really bothering us at all. We literally dominated them going forward. We should have had 2-3 goals that game. That penalty was classic Manu penalty.

    Did we watch the same game here lol..

  • Gnostradamus

    What matters is the results, jellykid. Complaining after every game about how we could’ve, should’ve, just shows how we never have.

  • Johhny

    @jellykid We both watched the same game, but with a different bias. Sometimes desire for thing to go certain way can obscure reality.

  • jellykid

    @johnny I believe our desire was for arsenal to win, that being said being biased has nothing to do with comparing how both teams played football. Arsenal were quiet impressive going forward. ManU’s game was the same all the time, they know they can’t play against arsenal by attacking them head on. You see it every year yet your telling me I’m biased lol.

    @ Gnostradamus, hmm never mentioned anything about “we should/could’ve done that”…but instead let people know we were robbed.

  • Sufian

    @JellyKid, even if we were robbed, don’t you think Arsenal is a top club and MUST be able to win games even when robbers are doing their business? This has happened to us, not first time not second but for several seasons. Manager is experienced and players aren’t kids anymore. Manager SHOULD be responding like he should and not hide under the comments like “we were unlucky”. Show the ambition in the market, show the ambition to players by punishing them when they don’t play well and yes playing them in their preferred positions. Few players are like Santi who can play anywhere, or Ramsey (CDM, CM, CAM). Some players are like Vermaelen who just complain and complain when moved from CB to LB. Wenger doesn’t take care of players like TV.

  • Vic from Russia

    Well, Arsen, how much does it cost to buy side refs.

  • Sufian

    @Vic from Russia, asking ManU manager this question may be fruitful. Wenger is so disappointing to even manipulate a ref in making fair decision.

  • davi

    I love how Sagna got the ball clearly but no one cares

  • Clinton Dawkins

    If we miss out on Champions League it won’t be because of one penalty.