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Fulham chance: GIF

Walcott offside: GIF

Walcott FK: GIF

Fulham Red (Sidwell): GIF

Arsenal handball shout: GIF

Szczesny save: GIF

Giroud hits the post, great move: GIF

Good angle of Szczesny save: GIF

Mertesacker 1-0: Video :: GIF

First-half highlights: Video

Wenger running: Watch

Arteta gets yellow for nothing: GIF

Good deflection by Szczesny: GIF

Lineswoman nails the offside call on FK: GIF

Giroud red card: Video :: GIF

Wenger BBC Interivew :: Jol Interview

MOTD Interviews and Analysis: Video

  • USGunner

    good in result, bad in performnce

  • Sufian

    Got lucky and unlucky at the same time. Not sure what Giroud was trying to do, was a very awkward attempt to keep the ball and ref got it all wrong.
    Fulham plays extraordinary football against Arsenal, they didn’t disappoint.

  • Leigh

    Job done, home straight now cmon Arsenal

  • mofaz

    One of the worst display of football by the team..luckily the defenders and goal keeper stepped up and won the game..

  • mofaz

    The way the Fulham players went pass the midfield was astonishing.. Ramsey and Arteta were really poor..our crosses were poor..passings were poor..but 3 points with ugly football is fine just not so good for the heart..

  • dubbledubs71

    very important win today even if the team werent at their best, another draw might have been the end for cl place but credit to the players they stuck at it & got the 3 pts. spuds have city & chelsea to play, lets hope they get roasted tomorrow & at least draw with the plastics. think the gunners next 1 is QPR so we have a good shot of getting there but we cant afford any more performances like today

  • Dunga

    so sloppy but I will take it for a win. Giroud is suspended. Let us see if his replacement will do better. I really do not have any idea how to judge Giroud. Sometimes his presence and movement make us win spaces. Sometimes I think he is quite useless.

  • Bobby Zamora

    Quite unfortunate that we’re losing Giroud for the ManU game. He might not have been in hot form in the last few games, but ManU is not a team we can afford to experiment against right now. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the squad for that game. Its funny, it seems we have so many options right now. I just hope Arteta is fit.

  • Sufian

    @Dunga, not a Giroud fan but his physical presence causes opposition defence problems. It will be great if the red card is overturned as I don’t see why anyone would disagree after watching the replays, but since it’s Arsenal player so it’s a 50-50 chance.

  • Gnostradamus

    I think Chelsea has to draw with Spurs. Their run-ins are less tricky than Arsenal’s.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    van Persie left Arsenal and won.

  • sufian

    Persie left Arsenal and we will survive too.

    The mentality has dropped so so low that our survival is no worse than Spuds and the plastic fans ain’t helping. Wenger’s decisions, too much board’s control over the outs (Nasri,Fab, persie, etc) bad negotiations (Spahic) and plastic fans (minds fed by the media) are just too much for getting anything better than a top4.

  • Jellykid

    pretty good game, I wouldn’t say worst display?…. You can’t have good displays in football all the time. Not everything works for you all the time.

  • Sufian

    Crap article, don’t read; probably read by a Spuds fan. The comments by jderek3, pizizie, millhous22, alfoexo, xamaicano will give a clear hint why we have gone so many seasons (sorry, lost count) without a trophy.