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Michu chance: Watch

Cazorla shot: Watch

Ox hits the bar: Watch

Nacho Monreal 1-0: Watch

Gervinho 2-0: Watch

Small Highlight Pack: Watch

BBC Final Score: Watch

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  • anthony

    Yay! Well done lads!

  • Mofaz

    Why Arsene starts Diaby is a mystery, he can’t block a pass, he can’t tackle, his passing slows down the pace, he should be sold last summer the moment Ramsey replaces him we looked dangerous and scored..

  • Johnny

    So folks whether you like it or not, it’s a super sub Gervinho who does it! Bring on Reading 🙂

  • Sufian

    Not surprised to see solid defence once again with Vermaelen notas our captain. If there’s an easy and simple fix which Wenger can make, it is to convince Vermaelen to step down as captain for this will be good for the player and the team.

    Some people on internet were showing concern over Fabianski starting, very forgetful for they didn’t remember anything than his bad time.

    @Mofaz, will you please stop slating Diaby? The lad just returned from injury which was caused due to Wenger overplaying him.
    @Johnny, Wenger has got it right with his team selection after a very very long time.

  • Simon

    MOTD ?

  • Jellykid

    Proud of Arsenal, even after that bayern win we showed them we were a force in europe. People judge Arsenal way too easily..

  • mofaz

    @Sufian please tell me what did Diaby do during the match that contributed to Arsenal’s win apart being substituted? He just stood and watch the Swansea midfield stroll pass him, his attempt to tackle usually ends up giving away free kicks, one instance he dribbled pass the defenders and took the ball straight out for a goal kick..he should be used as a sub instead of starting the game..

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, probably better to use him as a sub, no question there. But if you read your post again, you’re calling for his head. Haven’t ever seen you calling for Vermaelen’s head or Szczesny’s when they were poor, and I’m not talking about times when they were coming back to fitness.
    Please stop criticising players when there are other factors contributing to their bad performances. At least Diaby didn’t gift goal to RVP or put a lot of pressure on Mertesacker.

  • walcott oxlade peter

    Thank God we are winning again lol :p

  • arsenalfan

    spurs lost at home to fulham. Good news that gap is closed.

  • mofaz

    @Sufian..Diaby is the perfect example how Arsene puts full faith and support to a player that he favors, please tell me how is it Arshavin is treated so opposite to Diaby? Arsenal still pays Arshavin’s weekly wages but for what? He is not even on the bench , is he injured? As a economist Arsene’s actions make no economic sense..

  • Arschloch

    Wenger has a large vocabulary of positive attitudes. Consistency, solidarity, mature, …The players rarely converted those on the pitch. On the contrary the next day they did all they could to disaapoint him and us.
    Most recently he spoke of rearly used expression “cohsive”. This time you could capture this term on the field.
    I think Wenger is getting a little tough. Some players feel the pressure and finally understand that Arsenal is not a welfare centre.

  • Sufian

    @mofaz, I asked the same question about Arshavin, and despite of him getting 2 goals and winning a penalty in 3 straight substitute appearances, he was constantly overlooked and Gervinho was played instead. When asked why Andrey wasn’t starting up despite convincing performances, I was told that Arshavin was not Arsenal’s saviour. So I guess Diaby is and that is why he starts?

    @Arschloch, these players are no more ‘kids’. I feel Wenger hasn’t realised that they play with authority when they’re put under pressure (such as half-time team talk or when top 4 place is getting out of reach). Quality is there but not managed well.

  • Bobby Zamora


    I’ve been wondering about the same thing. Arshavin has been a great impact sub and he still never got any action, even at times when we were absolutely plagued by injuries. Gervinho did have a bright start to the season, and to be quite honest, he did have an immediate impact both against Bayern and Swansea.

    I’m just hoping Rosicky can have the impact he had last season and hopefully stay healthy for 2013/2014. Such a shame for his injuries.

  • Gnostradamus
  • Sufian

    Latest comments from Szczesny Sr. (sadly) shows Wenger’s lack of faith in his GKs and the fact that he overuses and spoils players. Does it reflect the greedy attitude of Kroenke and the Arsenal board? I hope, because Wenger is a fatherly figure for his players (many have said it, even former Gunners) so it’s unlikely he’d like to overplay them without something extraordinarily forcing him.

    Does anyone know when Arsenal will be able to clear the debt thing? I hate the interest thing, and I believe Arsenal fans have begun to hate it too.

  • Jellykid

    Its pretty obvious why Arshavin doesn’t play and why AW rarely puts him on the bench.

    If he would start, he would only start on the wing. AW favors podolski on the left and walcott on the right. If one of them would be subbed or not start, then it would be Gervinho or AOC. If I was AW I would think about my future players, especially AOC! who starts more often if podolski is not fit. I rather have AOC get the experience and become even better than have Arshavin who honestly is a really good player but is down the pecking order especially with his last season at arsenal.

  • Jellykid

    I do miss watching Arshavin play though. He was a force in his first season down the flank. He reminded me of suarez but faster.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    “I feel Wenger hasn’t realised that they play with authority when they’re put under pressure (such as half-time team talk or when top 4 place is getting out of reach).”

    I don’t know about that. If this were the case then we should be winning games against the top teams. Instead, we’re inconsistent at best, and usually lose.

  • Arschloch

    Pressure or mature…. at the end we will find an attribute called “winner mentality”. We have been lacking this attitude since many years. I think one of the reason is the social wages structure –> No incentive “hard working pays off ” feelling convient and have no concern because you will have the 100K weekly no matter how you perform, look at Squillaci and Shamack “, hope Walcott does not think he has hit the ceiling of his expectations”. You could imagine when you carry the burden for a long time and you will not be rewarded like Fabrigas and RVP.
    Finally I do not want a tough competetive wages structure. I dislike the models of MAN City and MANU. A compromise is always there.
    This one aspect in favour of winning mentality.

  • Sufian

    @Jellykid, I appreciate how you put that. Wenger is not actually looking for AOC’s future but ‘his’ team’s future. He’s kept Andrey out because he will not be at the Emirates next season. Couple of people have mentioned that AOC plays best in central midfield, and Wenger (as to what he has said) also thinks the same.

    And it’s the problem of our poorly equipped LBs since Clichy left. Santos is a winger and Gibbs is not a natural defender and these lads’ mistakes and/or attacking plays put pressure on Arshavin to defend, which isn’t his strength just like Messi can’t do that!

    To be frank, future is not safe if Wenger overplays certain players and outcasts others. Look at ManU and you will see where Wenger has gone wrong and I’m not referring to the expensive signings.

    @Clinton Dawkins, you misunderstood. These players are currently under pressure to qualify for CL and hence the rise in their performances. Against top 4 it’s not much serious because board’s expectations (CL football) are met.

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, this team is not as poor as people have said or as hopeless as this season has gone. I am sure that if Wenger puts them under pressure of losing their places in starting 11 (like Vermaelen) then these players will start playing better and more seriously.