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Cazorla 1-0: Watch

Walcott chance: Watch

Szczęsny save: Watch

Giroud chance: Watch

Villa 1-1 (poor from our keeper): Watch

Giroud header chance, good save: Watch

Cazorla wins it, 2-1: Watch

Short Highlight Pack: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

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  • yappie02


    a win is a win! Good Job Santi…

  • conner

    The second goal was fun to watch. Excellent pass from Wilshere to Monreal, whose ball into the box was great. Good win! Thanks Alist!

  • sufian

    Nice to see glimpses of the real Verminator today. I guess the team received a hair drier treatment in the wake of terrible results.

    Podolski’s presence made players around him gain confidence. Don’t know why he wasn’t put in starting 11.

    Giroud had an off day, I’d say unlucky. He’s been good lately so won’t blame him, especially at a time when everyone is throwing so much negativity at Arsenal.

  • sufian

    The second goal was a typical Arsenal goal, catching the defence off guard. Monreal has been excellent in defence and skill and intelligence with crosses and movement. I’m hoping he’d bring the best out of Gibbs and Wenger won’t spoil this talent (Monreal) like he has with others.

  • Johhny

    The BBC commentator reckons it wasn’t very convincing win and Villa were unlucky?!? Did we watch the same game? Doubt it….
    A very good and hard fought win. Plenty of possesion and good chances. Schesny had a blunder… shit happens! He is a very good goalie, tho’. Wilshere was great, early few little errors didn’t dent his confidence.. and he’s still only 20. Giroud needs to relax and goals will come in buckets.. again!

    Building on this squad, Arsenal can go a long way. AW is vindicated IMO

  • Bobby Zamora


    Yeah, Monreal really settled quickly. His crossing is extremely good which is the one thing Gibbs needs to become a top class fullback. Anyway, nice to know that we will have depth in that position when Gibbs recovers.

    Verm was solid, but honestly, Koscielny is still by far my favorite CB out of the three, and I’d love to see him get more action. I guess its hard to drop Vermaelen to the bench given that his the captain, and we do need Per in the air.

    Hard fought win, good result. COYG

  • mofaz

    The Villa goal is very similar to the Blackburn goal ..the defence caught out too forward, didnt clear high ball ..not Scezney’s fault the strike was powerful and accurate..Need to mention Ramsey’s contribution he added the calmness in midfield good substitution for Diaby..(Arsene should have bought Sisoko for DM btw)

  • Arschloch

    more than 2 years have gone and finally it is nice that you mention a good thing about Ramsey. I said once he would evolve into a complete player, even better than Fabrigas, remember?
    I said the same thing here about Walcott violating hostility rules, even Poldi was not welcomed by many people in this forum. I am happy to have given a little contribution not so significant but any way delivering opjectivity helps us further.

  • Sufian

    @Bobby Zamora, I like Kos but currently he’s not at his level. He and Chamakh made Arsenal a more physical side. Sadly Chamakh was shown the bench due to superb RVP. Anyway, I hope for Kos to play because he’s a fighter (unlike most of the players we have) to run for the ball and tackle the players even when Arsenal players are shouting for offside/fouls. I believe that mistake in CC took a lot of confidence out him.

    @Arschloch, Ramsey has talent and has eye to make those passes/assists again (start of 2011-12 season) once he gets his confidence back. It’s strange that he’s plays better at RB than RM/RW.
    If you mentioned the Walcott part back in Dec/Jan, you’d have faced a lot of trouble. People nowadays tend to think the way media tells them to.

  • mofaz

    I think the problem with Ramsey is that he feels that with all the media hype around his transfer to Arsenal he has to prove that he is the real deal, the leg breaking tackle did’nt help..Ramsey just need to be calm and in control and pass the ball quicker, Diaby is also having similar problem, he too needs to release the ball quicker..

  • mofaz

    Gervinho in the other hand plays like he’s watching himself in the mirror, admiring his skill and forgot that there are other Arsenal players around..

  • mofaz

    The way Arsene treats Ramsey is very similar to Flamini, remember him.?

  • Arschloch

    Of course I do remember him. Flamini was another type of players. The reason why he went is that Wenger used to prefere Fabrigas. I did not like Flamini that much.
    I think Ramsey has still a bright future among that intended core of Wilshire & Co. We have now what we have been calling for a long time. A mixture of youth and experience. We need just a little fine tuning. If Wenger is not going to use the cash at his disopsal, I think he would be the greatest fool ever lived on this earth.

  • mofaz

    @Arschloch who would you suggest Arsene buy next summer? Your wish list of players Arsenal should go for ..

  • Sufian

    Wenger definitely needs a backup keeper to challenge Szczesny, meaning Mannone and Fabianski to be allowed to move on. I like both but sadly their injuries are not helping either parties (club and the player).
    DM, to move Arteta to his preferred role.
    A no-nonsense CB, who would provide competition to Kos and Verm and who is similar to Per (we’ve been overplaying Per and I fear we’re getting too dependent on him). I think Samba will be the best option out there, but it is highly unlikely even if he’s available for free.
    RW/RM. Walcott has shown desire to play as CF and I we need to switch to 4-4-2 (or its variation) to make use of players better.
    CF tall and solid like Giroud who can do the dirty work (physical battles) and a good finisher.

    If we get all these players and a work on defensive positioning, I have no doubt that Arsenal can go all the way.

  • Arschloch

    Ashly Williams / Swansea City; Coloccini/Newcastle United; Lewondowski/B. Dortmund. They are probably available and affordable as we know penny pinching policy of our club.
    Defintely no signing from the french league. We have enough to send back.
    I do agree with Sufian Samba is such awsom and awful, but now too late to get him.

  • Arschloch

    Sorry! Just forgotten Holt /Norwich City.
    Actulally we need one or two CB and just one striker. Giroud would not have been my preference. Now we have to go along with him. We have a good midfield and many young players with great potential, still to be exploited.

  • Sufian

    When Arsenal signed Gervinho, another French player was linked at that time. I don’t remember his name but he’s now with Lyon I guess. It was probably his height which pulled off the move or his price? I watched some of his goals at YT and he had some trickery when it came to finish and dribble. I don’t think Gervinho has that, though his time at Arsenal hasn’t been as terrible as critics suggest. He is definitely not performing at a level to even sit on the bench of this club. Confidence, decision-making and calmness is lacking.

    Holt is a really good player. He is not a finisher but he can provide a healthy competition to Giroud. He’s ‘too old’ for Wenger to sign but will provide mental strength to the squad, plus he’s British, isn’t he?

    Samba could be signed if QPR gets relegated and if Wenger wants to, with lesser possibility of the later. 😉