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Giroud chance: Watch

Cazorla 1-0: Watch

Ramsey chance: Watch

Jenkinson second yellow: Watch

Szczesny massive save: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

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  • arsenalfan

    look at the 23 people on the field, the referee is the one with the lowest salary.

    So who is most likely to succumb to corruption/match-fixing? It is the referee.

    Cattermole should have been sent off already @ 26min mark. But not even a single yellow to Sunderland for those small despicable moves. Referee is a disgrace.

  • Sufian

    Sunderland is U21 version of Stoke. Nice to get back to footballing now. Monreal has brought defensive stability, he doesn’t make those terrifying runs forward but he does what you can ask of a defender and can a good crossing skill. He has just started his Arsenal career and we see him doing impressively against very physical sides in EPL.
    So far no mistake from Sagna, so I’m glad for him.
    Oh, btw, I was so happy when I read that Vermaelen wouldn’t play today.

  • arsenalfan

    wow cattermole stays on the pitch but jenkinson got sent off? referee is seriously not bribed?

  • Tieneich

    Horrifying refereeing. A bad sequence in the beginning of the second half should see three different Sunderland players booked, and instead we have one sent off and two other booked in the second half.

  • a.k.a gunner

    now, can we have some praise of Sagna please?.. He and Szczesny saved the day for Arsenal!

  • Sufian

    @a.k.a gunner, yes Sagna was probably the best Arsenal defender today. I like how Wenger rotated the backline. Sagna would definitely play ahead of sloppy Vermaelen and out of form Kos, in my teamsheet.
    @others, ref probably giving home advantage or self-advantage, if you know what I mean. 😉

  • Arschloch

    Clearly the wanna be diver Sessognon precipitated the Jenkinsons’ sending off. Adam Johnson did vainly his best to have it done in the first half. I could see that happen. Jenkinson should get sustituted. Shouldn’t he ?. Just 21 and inexperienced. Why should the same mistake of MANU’s game happen again as Wilshre was sent off? It is an extreme optimism that accompany our tactics. Somtimes it seems like hit or miss.

  • Arschloch

    Ramsey deserves also to be praised despite a mistake that nearly caused a goal. He did a good defensive work taking into consideration this new role.

  • Johnny

    Gutted for Jenkinson. Didn’t deserve red at all. What kind of horror tackling have gone around him, it’s crazy decision to send him off.

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, quite right with the sub for yellow carded players. Jenkinson is talent but he should have been subbed because Sunderland players were fouling all the time and whenever Arsenal player made a sliding challenge, ref would take notice. It was no different to Stoke, in a way.
    Ramsey did well, but I hesitate to praise him as people start to troll. Maybe captaining the Welsh team makes people think he’s older than he is, or maybe because he isn’t English. Anyway, most of the criticism he faced when he played at wings, like some other players…again not mentioning due to trolls.

  • Tieneich

    Really feel for Jenks. Ref was double standard until Jenks was sent off. He is a real talent and he showed in the year run of the season. Ramsey did well, too, despite one serious mistake. Overall, we beat Sunderland at their home with one man down, that is really something to be proud of.

    The positives from yesterday
    *Despite the criticism on the right, Sanga was immense in the middle. Maybe he can consider pairing with Mert for a few games?
    *Our defensive line wasn’t too high most of the games, and Mert was comfortable with that. And obviously we can still score and control the game without playing high line, so we should stick with it.
    *Our midfield link up so well with the front three, even though the front three didn’t score. It reminds me of the Fabregas era.
    *Ramsey actually did well the right fullback position. How doesn’t that work? I have no idea.
    *Szczesny was MOTM. I hope he is focused like this in every game he plays.
    *Arteta participated in linking attack more. He was a monster in the midfield and no one dares bullying him.

  • Arschloch

    All our players except Arteta were on international duty so I think one has to be proud of the result.
    As for coming games it will be very difficult to have a solid back four unless the injured players come back.
    Let us get honest. Both tackles were embarrasingly poor, but no sweat because Jenkingson is still very young. He looks older because of his well built stature. Though I think he is technically exceptionally gifted. The future is bright for him. But I think he should be primarily engaged in home games where he can access more confidence and support.

  • Sufian

    @Tieneich, though I rarely have seen Arteta make mistake in Arsenal shirt, the critics here somehow have seen some. It might not surprise you that some critics at SkySports wrote he wasn’t too good (last season) and of course as soon as we lost him to injury, Arsenal would suffer a lot, even more than RVP I think.
    Lets hope Sagna plays CB in CL so we keep a solid defensive performance. With Arteta, Jack and Santi, we can expect a good attack but without a defence it’s always difficult. Hope Wenger realises this and doesn’t play Verm with the armband (he has been our most terrible defender this season and I believe it’s armband’s pressure). 😐