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Suarez 0-1: Watch

Henderson 0-2: Watch

Giroud 1-2: Watch

Walcott 2-2: Watch

  • Nickesh

    Have u given up on Arsenal that you are no longer updating the match, Arsenalist ? Pls dont give up…..

  • Fidel

    Hey Arsenalist, gonna get that Giroud miss up by any chance? Debating a friend on whether he should have scored (which he most definitely should have) and I’d like to see it again.

    Thanks for the great work you do getting this highlights up. I miss a lot of goals due to my work ending usually when these games are in the 2nd half so its great to have a place to come and check the highlights.


  • Johnny

    haaah who says Santos cannot play? haah roll on Bayern

  • gunners

    Bayern will have easy tie with santos and per playing , expect them trashing us, we need to but LB and bench per vs fast players, and i love ramsey new position he plays like boss, and wilshere world class and santi, podi and giroud

  • enough now!

    Liverpool played in a very ugly style. Everytime we increase the pressure on our oponents a defender or the keeper make a howler. That lower the spirits during the game and let the oponent come back into the game. The training staff must teach Cerni how to kick the ball. He should not be involved in the build up if he can not pass accurately. Trifle that makes you loose the game. We were very unlucky. Nothing is happening reg. new faces. I dearly hoped to have C. Samba but has been nabed by QPR.

  • Jellykid

    should have buried the game giroud had 2 chances one was a sitter! nice comeback from AFC though.

  • Reza

    Another panic buy! If AW cannot replace Gibbs by the end of today our season would go down the toilet. You’re talking about Bayern, even Brighton knew what a flop Santos is. It’s as simple as that, Santos in we’re f..ked! If we defend like this, expect an embarrasing game against Bayern.

  • Sufian

    @gunners, without Vermaelen we might not even be in this sh** ever! I mean even Miguel could have cleared that ball which Verm gifted to RVP for that Manure goal. Then he kept on his sh***y performances and helped leaking in goals while Per was saving more and more embarrassment by covering for such a useless defensive partner.

    I haven’t watched the match but certainly the criticism of Per is blown out of proportion yet again. If there’s one thing which needs to be fixed is a team play. Szczesny was right in saying that defence is a team art and that is where Arsenal lack (horribly)!

  • Sufian

    @D.Villa transfer saga, does anyone remember that when Cesc was chased Barca players accussed Wenger for keeping him against his wishes? Is it unethical or illegal if Arsenal players say the same regarding Villa?

  • Bobby Zamora

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about. Per has been our most consistent CB this season by far, and he certainly didn’t have too bad a game today. 1 loose pass, and 1 bad challenge and already people are asking for his head?

    Gibbs has been the best performer out of our back four by far, both defensively and offensively. I can’t believe he got injured today. Verm needs to move to LB and Koscielny in for CB. Or even Sagna to LB and Jenkinson to RB, but we cant have Santos playing against Bayern (or against anyone for that matter).

  • Bobby Zamora

    I need Diaby to get completely match fit again. We’ve seen some patches of class in the last couple of games, but he’s nowhere near his best

  • Sufian

    @Bobby Zamora, fit Diaby and Arteta bully any team in the world. The last time they played together (with Diaby fit), Chelski was no match till Diaby got injured.

    I’d prefer Sagna at left as he’d bring stability on that wing and Jenkinson needs game as well. Vermaelen has voiced his unhappiness when played at LB (though some ‘fans’ have concerns only when Walcott says he wants to play CF, and recently I’ve read on the internet that Walcott was a striker when Wenger signed him. The player himself said it upon signing a new contract).

    Btw, Santos isn’t a LB according to me. With his confidence back we could play him as a winger and he does have that magical movement and touch to grab goals. I can’t understand him, last season his first halves were mostly terrible but the 2nd 45 minutes used to be completely different. Lets hope this second half of the season proves to be second half of his 90 minutes.

  • Houstonya

    I think Arsenal will make top 4 because the Spurs are going to drop points and so will everton. After that I hope Arsenal sign some fast defenders I like Gibbs, Jenkinson, Sagna, Vamaelen… Per lacks speed but is clever in his movements… Santos I do not think is a defender… he might be a winger or midfielder but his defense is lacking in my opinion.
    Nice comeback but the goals we conceded are very frustrating to concede… we had liverpool beat in style and techinical ability and pressured them but I guess cheap goals just killed us.
    I like that Giroud is firing us up and Walcott has scored a few less than RVP did last season… It is starting to gel together but we need a core to stay together at the begining of the season without losing anyone… AGAIN…

  • Bobby Zamora

    Santos dives in for tackles too quickly. On top of that, he can’t slide tackle. And apparently, he has no concept of positions because he was all over the place against Liverpool. Its a shame because he did look solid going forward in patches last season. Nevertheless, he has nothing on Gibbs. Gibbs is really smooth, his shot fake is very effective, fast as hell, and he is a very consistent defender. His movement around the box has been great, and him and Podolski seem to have very good understanding. All he needs to do is improve his crossing.

  • Bobby Zamora

    @Sufian I don’t like to bring this up since it seems its the same story every year, but had Diaby managed to stay fit, this season would have looked very different. As you said, him and Arteta are a scary duo of defensive midfielders in the 4-2-3-1 (which was working quite well for us in the beginning of the season). On top of that, with Wilshere back, Arteta would have been able to get a breather at some point and avoid a stress injury. It’s just a shame. I hope he is ready for the Bayern tie because Ramsey, in spite of a few solid games in that position, doesn’t have the technical ability, the long passing, nor the composure to receive the ball under pressure against a team like bayern

  • Gnostradamus

    It’s a shame but Diaby’s finished. He was destroyed by the thuggish tackle and has never been fit since. So there’s no use speculating on what he can contribute.

  • Jellykid

    NACHO MONREAL!!!!!! =D saw him alst season for malaga! brilliant signing!

  • Sufian

    @JellyKid, I wish pessimists don’t target you now. The player will need time because EPL, unlike La Liga, is very physical.

    @Gnostradamus, he can and if you think otherwise, then we’d have to settle for outside top 4.

    @Bobby Zamora, Wenger admitted after the recent injury to Diaby (against Chelski) that he took a gamble because Diaby was on the edge. Wenger knows it as well that the squad doesn’t have depth when it comes to certain players. Arteta and Wilshere, Santi and Rosicky, Giroud and Walcott or Podolski, Walcott and Alex, etc but nobody to replace Diaby yet! Frimpong could be but only if he gets to control his anger.

  • Arschloch

    Only a left back?
    I must admit it is a brilliant move from Wenger. It is not a big gamble to have only tow strikers (Theo + Giroud; Gervihno for me is just a winger). We have also Poldi and Santi who will reach double figure. I do not prefer either to sign D. Silva because he is aging. I would rather look for a younger one in the EPL. A decent center back is urgently needed but now it is too late for this season. Still many have to go. The likes of Squillaci, all the loanee except Miachi, Frimpong and may be Cambel. Top 4 finish is a high priority. There could be FA win, doubtfully CL and just forget about the title. Wenger must start now to search for additions and I hope we are not going to cry for those 2 signings like we did when we had Sylvstre and Sandros as the main center backs and needed someone alongside van Persey. Let us pray history will not repeat itself.

  • Jellykid

    I think the physicality of the EPL is exaggerated. To label it a physical league is understandable to for a different reason ofcourse. If you’ve been watching the EPL for more than 10 years then ONLY truth about the EPL is that you will get tackled the shit out of and the ref wouldn’t care as much. My point is its a league that lets dangerous tackles go by for the most retarded reasons. The ref’s literally let you tackle someone anyway you want at times.

    I’m pretty sure any arsenal fan would know the tackling the refs let you get away with.

  • mobeen

    Hey sorry just wanted to share the Pre game conference for stokes game… really sorry if i violate the commenting rules

  • Sufian

    @Jellykid, wasn’t being critical of you, just stating you how people will respond to your reaction of signing this player. He could be a good player, I don’t know, but Wenger has signed it from Malaga so it must be quality.
    Most of the refs are in Fergie’s pocket so I don’t understand them anyway. Some of the tackling allowed is very ugly, take Eduardo or Diaby tackles. I believe in any other country those players would have been banned for a long time, if not a life-time ban. Yet, some freaks said that Eduardo tackle didn’t even deserve a booking! Yes some anti-Arsenal peeps, ManU fanboys and Fergie fanboys. They really feared Arsenal of that time, despite of the fact that team had no Viera. Cowards, always relied heavily on cr*p like Howard Webb and co.

  • mobeen

    Santi fit right in… hopefully so will Nacho… hmmm Nacho… need to sign Salsa in the next window… That would be a yummy proposition…

  • Sufian

    @mobeen, lets hope but the truth is that defenders have to be better equipped for rash tackles and fights. Santi, is a player who is top quality but also has reliable and efficient players around (Jack, Arteta, Podolski, Walcott and Giroud), but Nacho might not be so lucky with Verm around. Lets hope Podolski’s presence will help out this lad. I’m also hopeful that he would be a nice attacking player (read he’s a good crosser).