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Chesney save: Watch

Giroud 1-0: Watch

Brighton 1-1: Watch

Podolski hits bar: Watch

Giroud 2-1: Watch

Brighton 2-2: Watch

Walcott 3-2: Watch

  • addy

    good win, but not good enough. Teams like brighton should fear us, we should be able to close the game much earlier and not concede 2 goals. The team still need plenty of work.

  • mobeen

    we won… Why wont u give credit to a championship side for playing well… we got some miles on our recovering player with diaby getting a full game and a damn good assist… Enjoy the victory… Its important to scrape through wins… you cant always win emphatic 5-1 or 5-2… u gotta just nick it sometime… we did that… damn proud of the team… COYG!!!!

  • enough now!

    porous defence –> outcome 2 poor goals. Santos had a very bad performance. So sorry that he is heavy faulted and no fans favourite any more. You can easily find out the quality gaind through experience in the comparison Sagna vs Jenikson. Also Gibbs much more convincing than Santos. An addition is desparetly needed for the coming stage. The german giant will tear us apart if we feed in the current so called first team.

  • Johnny

    Santos had a stinker – AGAIN
    not really good enough for PL

  • Bobby Zamora

    Keep in mind that only 4 of our EPL first choice players were on the field today (not including subs) : Szczęsny, Mert, Giroud and Podolski. Rosicky and Diaby are still not near their best, obviously lacking match fitness, and with Ramsey playing deeper than he is used to, it was very hard for us to control the midfield. Brighton played a great match, they looked better than the bottom 5-6 of the Premier League.

    Good win, and as someone pointed out, good for the likes of Rosicky and Diaby to get some much needed playing time.

  • mofaz

    Merteseker and Santos were very poor .. but a win is a win

  • Jellykid

    I like the game today! I thought the initial score should have been 3-1 because it was our GK’s fault for the first goal. But the second goal was purely to the fact they were literally allowed to make crosses from the right side when ever they wanted.

    If you actually watched the game, Santos played so weird. Its like he really didn’t feel like playing anymore at all. He didn’t even want to defend 1v1 for the crosses, he just kept drifting back. You can totally tell he doesn’t care to play for the club anymore. I feel if he was truly performing he would have played much better on Defense and attacked collectively better. But he didn’t show any kind of serious emotion at all. Maybe he has a rift with the club or the boss or… maybe he doesn’t like how he’s been treated over all by the fans?!??… I’ve seen him play much better than that last season even if he isn’t the best defender eh..

    Girouds finishing was impressive. Loved the first goal! I think he is a future 30 goal scorer! I said it!! why?? he actually has a good shooting technique, and his heading is pretty good. His physical stature actually allows him to win so many aerial duels its like he wins 8/10 of them every game lol. He isn’t as impressive on his ground game as RVP because RVP has to have one of the finest ball control I’ve seen but Its getting up there. He isn’t going to get shut down in a game because again of his physical stature. If he makes his conversation rate of every chance he gets into goal then we really can be a future 30 goal scorer. I kind of understand why AW prefered him over Demba ba! His teamplay is amazing as it is.

    Oh an BTW if anyone is like “Future 30 goal scorer??..has even scored 20 this season??” … well I know FOR SURE he will score 20 or more this season actually!

  • konvict

    good showing from forwards today and great for diaby/rosicky to get some good game time.

    bad communication appears to have led to first goal from corner…
    and merte marked on wrong side of defender for 2nd goal while santos made no effort to block cross- hope bould rips them a new one for that

    giroud is showing signs of a great signing- needs to do it in big games to realy get his name out there. how much diff would everyones opinion of him be if he scored that early chance at chelsea?

    hard fought victory against a brighton side that played very hard! congrats to them and lets see us move closer to a cup final!!

  • conner

    The defending on that first Brighton goal was horrendous. All the Arsenal players literally just watched the ball and did not move. This shit should have been fixed last year. Other than that, happy for the win, and Giroud is a pimp.

  • Arschloch

    Santos can perform better within a strong starting VI. He has great offensive qualities. Do not forget Chelsea and West Brom games last season.I am sure he will bounce back after fixing the problems and removing the damage have been made during last MANU game.
    Giroud is gaining more confidence game by game. He is very similar to Mario Gomes, at leat in this game. I did not know him much before.The way he went through the first games in EPL let everyone have great doubt. If the this squad stays togehter for some more seasons and if we can add two quality players we will collect a good number of silverware

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, I think you are right there. Santos’ confidence seems to be hit by that. I think he sometimes hesitates to play his game and I think in the first half against Chelsea last season, he was roaming and doing nothing (most this was the case with him) and in second half he was totally a different player, just like Arsenal have been in this season.
    I had said that Giroud is not a player of this season, he will be a player who Gunner could rely on in next season. He is still a little shaky, in a mild way of course (with the misses he has while scoring even more difficult and amazing ones).

    @mobeen, it was the same defence again. Defence and the goalie sometimes have poor understanding, and it was evident on the first goal, and the second one was partially due to the same reason.

  • enough now!

    A deadly striker and a rocky center back will SUSTAIN atability. The exhaustion of our troupe of actors is the reason for our inconsistency.

  • Sufian

    I’d go for a change in training and attitude towards players (they aren’t kids anymore!). Individually these players are great but their team play is terrible at times. If that can be fixed, I’d be happy. Miguel can be the 4th CB and we’ve seen him give his 100% and rarely making a mistake at such an early stage of his career.

  • Jellykid

    I think sometimes people forget arsenal is a professional team, not some high school team. There are numerous Professional coaches who have worked with the players every time. I think if you actually take a week off and watch other top teams play you will see we’re not alone in making mistakes on the pitch during big games or small.

    All I’m saying is if Arsenal can be an attacking force Europe at times they can surely have defensive mistakes as well. You can’t have a perfect team that attacks extremely well and defends extremely. You eventually get caught from your standard loop.

    Barca’s general defense is their key in ball possession. There defense alone isn’t amazing.

    @sufian their team play isn’t that bad especially with the fact only 4 actual starters were playing with a bunch of subs.

  • mobeen

    i never saw santos before he arrived to the english shores dont know if i am right to assume this but i think he was bought in for his attacking prowess not his defensive steal… he likes to move forward with little focus on the rear guard… he would perhaps be more suited for a defensive midfield position than a full back… full backs have to be fast and great crossers and attacking however before any of that they need to know how to defend and be disciplined… they need to keep a year out for someone vocal to maintain the defensive line and that is something that we have been missing… a screaming shoulting drill master a the heart of our defense… all said and done we scored more goals than the opposition.. a strategy that is working very well for the current league leaders…

  • Sufian

    @Jellykid, I was talking about our defensive play of best 11. In games against Man City and Chelsea there was a clear lack of communication. Talking about this match, Kos and Per are senior players and should have defended well anyway, but that is not the point to debate as the full backs need game time.

    Just look at defence of Chelsea and ManU, they may not be excellent defenders individually (especially ManU) but they make a solid wall in front of goal and had it not been De Gea, it might have stayed 1-0. Arsenal previously had a ‘soft’ midfield and now it shifted to the defence, though it is not down to players but the coaches and their defensive training.

  • Gnostradamus

    Where’s the Liverpool game post/thread? At this rate, you may not want to see it though.