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Wilshere 1-0: Watch

  • konvict

    glad we made it to nx round- didnt see game but heard we missd lots of chances. shooting practice at training!!

  • Bobby Zamora

    Arsenal dismantled Swansea in the second half. Tremendous performance, especially Jack. Very unlucky not to score on many occasions but perseverance and belief put us through. Keep it up boys. And Arsenalist, you better get on to those highlights 😉


  • Jellykid


    I agree about the dismantled part lol. Arsenal literally owned the whole swansea side of the midfield for the WHOLE second half. Majority of the missed shots where sloppy finishes but some of them weren’t at fault. It seemed luck wasn’t on our side at times lol.

    Walcott had about 6-8 chances in that game. It was crazy how he missed them all. Giroud had about 4-5 chances, they weren’t easy but still he should have done better as a striker.

    I saw the whole entire game but I never really understood where Coquelin’s position was. Was he with diaby in the middle behind cazorla or was he playing left wing and supported the middle? … He was around everywhere in the middle so it was kinda confusing at that part.

  • Bobby Zamora


    Yeah, everyone was switching out of position a lot. On a few occasions, Giroud was playing behind Wilshere, Cazorla, and Walcott. Jack was almost a left winger at times; Sagna was caught at right back a few times etc. Very fluid performance from the entire team.

    Arsenal’s second half performances of late really make you wonder what exactly Wenger tells them in the locker room at half time. It’s a completely different team in the second half, and I’m not talking about this game alone.