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Koscielny red, penalty save: Watch

Milner 0-1: Watch

Dzeko 0-2: Watch

Mini-highlight pack: Watch

Wenger Interview :: Mancini Interview

  • dubbledubs71

    mike dean fuck you, 2 idiot decisions which have ruined our chances. not fit to referee prem matches. i hope someone ass rapes him with a hedgehog

  • Nickesh

    Mike Dean the best man city player by far….damn…cant take this….fuck u dean bastard

  • Gnostradamus

    Haven’t seen the free kick but the penalty’s blatant as can be. If Djourou et al. did it you guys would’ve been calling for the heads of his progeny. Maybe it’s time to admit our veterans have made many costly mistakes in numerous games.

  • mofaz

    Diaby long time out injured goes straight into a game against Man City and suck big time .. not his fault, Arsene has his tactics wrong again!

  • Vic from Russia

    arsenal need to be reconstructed.

    it is now 6-th place team. NO one cup. No good game.

    arsenal was too lucky last few games… hotspur, etc.

    today we saw real arsenal… weak arsenal…

  • Kendall

    I just think winger got it wrong from the start. Kos and verm not a good pairing full stop.
    Viroid if fit should always start with Walcott as support. It is obvious!! Walcott cannot hold up the ball, giroud can win headers and knock the ball down for Walcott . Our play is so repetitive?!? Always out wide for a pointless cross!!ALL THE TIME!!

  • Sufian

    @Clinton Dawkins (in the last match’s comments), yes when I look at Squillaci and Djourou. Djourou is a good player but I feel he makes some judgmental mistakes which is the duty of coaches to rectify. But remember, it’s also down to the interests of other clubs, especially in Squillaci’s case.

    @Gnostradamus, it was a crazy and poor challenge from Kos. He has been here for 2 seasons now and should know what is not right to do in the box. But I feel maybe that red was a little harsh.
    Btw, out of the CBs we have, only Per has been the better of the 3. We finally saw a better Vermaelen this week.

  • enough now!

    what a pity! I feel somehow sympathy for Kos. That was an unnecessary action. I wonder if the players become some instruction on how to tackle and avoid soft penality regarding refs. Mike Dean and Phil Dawad are well known for quickly pulling out the cards while Howard Webb would not have even given a penalty. Definitely Company did not deserve red…fair game.

  • yappie02

    Gone were the days when we used to beat man c. thrashed Liverpool and Tottenham with our 2nd team… now even first team either cannot beat them or barely do so…
    Mr Wenger. I miss the good old Highbury days…
    Oh btw… sneider is available to buy… in case u do not know… Another dutch player is available.
    Pls we have enough French players.

  • Konvict

    people bashing arsenal… did u see the game? red card- poor from Kos should know better- great save from szes

    free kick was a bit harsh but not wrong from dean- we fell asleep and let in a great shot from milner. unstoppable.

    2nd goal again unlucky pressure paid off from city dealing with extra man they did well.

    2nd half we played great- im very impressed with our display. had our chances unlucky to not take them especially walcotts shot off line. we shut them down almost completely in 2nd half. and walcott nto holding ball up well? he won a ball in the air and won 3-4 free kicks when on ball…

    great showing from the lads- if it was 11 vs 11 we would have dominated! bring on chelsea you will see the difference

  • Gnostradamus

    Konvict, it’s always one thing or another. Fact is the last who knows how many games against City or other title contenders all end in defeat. Need to take off those rose-colored lenses.

  • vik

    if at the end of the season gunners finish out of top 4 it wouldnt be such a bad thing…i think that the past few years wenger and co has been lucky by somehow sneaking in top 4 or top 3…
    yes the season is not over….but the point difference certainly says something..

  • Sufian

    @enough now!, yes Webb might not have given the pen but if he had not, it would be down to the fact that he would want City to drop points. Remember Webb’s a Man Utd fanboy.
    @vik, it’s not that Wenger is the only lucky person. Look at Man Utd and their EPL titles and you’d see how much support from the refs they get. Every time Christiana Ronaldo stepped in penalty box, dived and took PK. Joke!

  • Sufian

    Oh, and don’t forget Ferguson’s dimwit comments when Eduardo was accused of diving against Celtic. Are people even serious that he really wanted to dive? He had come back from an injury which was widely though as a career ending one!

  • Disappointed

    Why bother?… Arsenal is just like Titanic… A sinking ship with Wenger cluelessly filling the holes.

    Walcott, please go and follow RVP and Fabregas. Only fools and youngsters stay behind under Wenger’s steward.
    There are more chances to win a trophy and get good income at other clubs like Manure and MC and Chelski.

  • enough now!

    the point is that players must be wary of such refs. It was surprising that Kos. repeated his old clumsy chalenges and to make it worse in a game whistled by a cunt who dislikes Arsenal. Kos unlike that stupid asshole Squillaci will learn his lessons this time.

  • Sufian

    @Disappointed, people said things like that about RVP but when he did, abuse was thrown at him. I guess we’re getting emotional here. Let stay calm and hope (blind one) that this team will have a good run in FA Cup. Nothing good in murdering the squad, but yes the defense has problems and it’s very easy to see. To save a few million, Wenger is letting double of it go. No good business, he has to sign an agent who can make this thing clear to the greedy board.

  • konvict

    Gnostradamus i know what youre saying just think we did best we could with 10 vs 11. and even goals were soft- stronger defence and maybe could have been 0-0…

    and if people on here hate wenger so much and arsenal…why support team still? move on maybe …?

    if wenger leaves so will our big names like wilshere… ive questioned it myself whether he should stay but no other manager can do what hes done with arsenals “policy” on wages and transfers etc

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Wilshere isn’t a big name. He’s an up-and-comer with great potential but is nowhere near the finished product. He’s not even a Rooney, and we all know how well Rooney performs on the world stage.

  • dubbledubs71

    im a bit worried about arsenals lack of activity in the transfer market, wenger is more interested in keeping the players he has got which is ok if the theo saga is done n dusted. but at least he has more or less said that he is looking more towards english players as opposed to french league 2 muck. i still think he should move for m,villa, i know we cant compete with chelsea or city in trasfer market but if the media reports are anything to go by he will soon be a QPR player, surely we can at least compete with the all conquering qpr in the transfer market. leighton baines is 1 player he should be trying to sign

  • Sufian

    @dubbledubs71, Baines is a classy player. I fear Wenger will not sign him because he wants Gibbs to play at LB, though I have no issue with that if he doesn’t make the defence vulnerable. Podolski plays at left wing because he is a strong man, committed and excellent tackler (typical German) more importantly he does exceptionally well in defending when Gibbs goes on to launch the attacks.

    Some people start to troll when his name is mentioned, but lets see why Arshavin had lost his touch anyway. Wenger on is quotes as saying “He (Podolski) gives us a good balance on the left… We demand a lot of him, because we demand a lot of defensive work. He has a good mentality and wants to do well and fights.”

    Now for those who just copy-pasta the pundits’ words without knowing what happened during the match, are feeling ashamed. I’d like Messi play at our left wing and manage it when Gibbs launches the attacks and see how what people have to say about your timid (copy-pasta) points. (Gibbs is no bad player but he must work on his defensive positioning!)

  • Gnostradamus

    “stronger defence and maybe could have been 0-0…”
    Yes, after every game it’s the same – could’ve been this or that. It’s because of the overall lack of quality that there is always something. Again, when you lose game after game against the title contenders, season after season now, it’s not just one tiny thing.

    As for Wenger, I’m not one of those asking for his head. I’ve said for a long time the board needs to be completely replaced. Stories abound of the utter lack of organization and leadership in the executive offices. Until we have owners who want success and not just a good return on investment, replacing the manager will not benefit the club.

    Again, we’re just Blackburn with a good manager.

  • konvict

    Gnostradamus — i agree with you, we have lost far too many games against top 4 over last few years. youre far more mature on comments than some of the people on here lol

    lets see how we get on against chelsea on sunday. wenger came out and said as lots of money has been repaid to the stadium debt they have big money to spend… lets see how far that goes in january and summer signings.

    only positive from this season… now its UTD that are a 1 man

  • Sufian

    @konvict, the Chelsea fixture…had Diaby not got injured in our last match against them we could have won convincingly. We lack players who can bully the attackers like he does!

    It’s unlikely Wenger will splash the cash like other crazy managers do, and I’m unsure if he’d buy players which we lack (2 or 3 as always). Some say that he said it to get some critics off his back. I don’t know but he does very well apart from a few hurtful and unreasonable mistakes.