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Michu 1-0: —

Podolski 1-1: Watch

Gibbs 2-1: Watch

Graham 2-2: Watch

  • conner

    Thanks for the clips Alist! Always appreciated.

  • ST

    Lets hope we have squad for the replay!!

  • Disappointed

    What a pain…

  • Nedu

    Thanks for all the clips

  • a.k.a gunner

    for those of you who badly want the FFP to kick in… check the comments section of the link

    Not only Arsenal rip of own fans it seems they want to squeeze the away ones too for money…

  • Sufian

    @a.k.a gunner, part of it is down to inflation. Not defending the price, instead I say that if Wenger takes a pay cut, we might as well sell tickets much cheaper. Not sure why the upper layer at the club takes so much money while there’s a salary cap on the players?

  • Clinton Dawkins

    I’ve noticed that, too, Sufian. Bad bargaining, perhaps? The Club don’t seem to do outbound transfers well either.