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Southampton penalty shout (Vermaelen foul): Watch

Southampton, classic Arsenal defense fuck-up: Watch

Own goal 1-1: Watch

Southampton very close: Watch

Southampton offside: Watch

Wenger Interview

  • Srikanth

    DISGUSTING to watch Arsenal play, new year but same old Arsenal, this team doesnt just cut it Kos and Verm are useless and Sagna is loosing it , there is no spine in this team, playing like a bunch of idiots, no wonder RVP and Nasri left!!!

  • Nickesh

    damn….lets equalize in this first half itself

  • Nickesh

    great…now lets do another newcastle thing…

  • Nickesh

    dont worry,srikanth…we will make it 5th straight win in 2nd half…

  • Nickesh

    i am sorry,Srikanth… 🙁

  • Srikanth

    This team is useless, we dont play the beautiful football anymore if you have noticed, just pathetic, even if we didnt win the league or any trophies there was some pride in supporting arsenal as they used to play lovely football with one touch passing and amazing counters now they cant even pass for nuts, no player cares anymore its like a job they just want to play for money and they dont give a damn about the football or money from Cesc Fabregas to depeding on the likes of Ramsey and kieran gibbs utter BS. Either Arsene should go or we need some quality players in Jan, we need to remove all the crap like chamakh, even diaby we cant afford to have players who are fit for 3 games in a season, i have seen a lot of people who are positive about each an every game, but come on tottenham are playing better than us this season and i dont think we can make it to 4th this season, anyways i dont believe in finishing 4th just for champions league football, whats the point we dont even make it past the the first or second qualifying stage and if we continue at this rate then no one cares about Arsenal, if you have noticed we are getting there no one writes or talks about Arsenal in the way they used as there is no respect for the club anymore.

  • Leigh

    Wenger out

  • yappie02

    Mr Wenger,
    could you fire your defence coach?

  • Leigh

    This is the year when things will change, and to be fair it needs to happen. I.E finish outside top4, then the fans will have a true arguement.

  • mofaz

    The enthralling game against New Castle has taken its toll on the players. Realistically fourth spot is the only viable target, but it will be very tight. Fourth is like being a champion for Wenger and the Board.

  • Sufian

    Wenger fails to put pressure on his players (unlike Ferguson) by dropping them to bench if he see a dip in form. Nobody is asking him to boot Sagna out of Arsenal, but to play him when he’s not playing at the level he can, why play him? Is it going to be another Chamakh/Arshavin in the making? Give the lad some rest and bring back Jenkinson!

    @Leigh, what argument? I’d say where we have waited for 7 years, why can’t we wait for another 2 or 3 years? Gazidis has said (something along the lines of) real Arsenal will be back in 2 years. Wishing/hoping for things to get worse is not doing to do any good.

  • Sufian

    @Srikanth, before bashing the Gibbs (for him not having proper guidance, it appears) and Ramsey (for Wenger being stubborn in making him some kind of winger because Theo doesn’t want to play there anymore) is pointless. If you want to blame a player, it has to be Vermaelen. I liked him till he played alright this season, but now he is like Squillaci, no clue whatsoever. Don’t know if it’s the armband or what, but he has to be benched. I might play Djourou instead, as it will at least be a chance that 1. Vermaelen realises it, 2. Djourou won’t make the same blunders.

  • Vic from Russia

    what a fucken team… it is a real power of Arsenal… 1-1…

    no goal…

  • Jellykid

    we should have won that game on extra time! Anyone who saw the actual game Gibbs need to cross it in the box but failed at it. Poor performance from Gibbs and sagna but it wasn’t horrible. they played well at times.

    My biggest criticism was we never really got more forward in the game. Theo made horrible runs on the right I felt he should have bee subbed.

    bad game today, can’t wait till the next game =D

  • thrallaros

    I dont yet get why wenger doesnt play Rosicky, and why play Sagna who cant cross… play jenkinson… he is imature but a good player in the making. Sagna cant even walk when he has the ball.. no control…. ! Fack i could field an 11 man team and control the game against arsenal this season. Man-mark Arteta and arsenal flop…

  • Leigh

    @Leigh, what argument.

    Well .. How long have you got, I am sure I would have some backing ?

    Not looking to fall out with anyone here, but this is my opinion.

    Watching Arsenal for years, used to go to most home games at Highbury back in the day from a tube trip from Blackhorse Road Walthamstow and when it was £5 to get in. Hardly go to the Emirates – in fact refuse now due to the prices as a family day out at the ground will cost me a oner, and value for money and what are we the fans getting, we go home with the ass ache because of… ?

    Yes granted being a “supporter” of a team means you support through thick and thin, but it works both ways. What are the supporters getting in return for their loyalties, whilst our “rivals” and the rest invest, our team flop each year, and have to put up with it ?

    Sorry -I am not the minority any more, call me fickle or w.e . Some fans are not willing to accept that “maybe” in another two “Tranasitional” years the team “might” perform. All other clubs invest for TODAYS success, not 7 years time, if you look at the other successful clubs and ask youself why they are successful and we are perhaps not quite as ?

  • Sufian

    @Leigh, you have to ask those ‘intelligent’ people who were in against RVP for going to ManU, and it’s a fact that they are now blaming Wenger for selling him. You know, they think with their emotions.

    Yes it’s sad to see people spending so much money on by going to the Emirates and buying things but what can you do? Nothing has happened in 7 years and every end of season we hear Wenger say that we will be ‘stronger’ next season. Not surprisingly, fans even thought this could be our year and some freaks went on to say that without RVP we could still be very strong.

    You probably misunderstood me. Let me explain what I meant by no argument from the fans. They will be happy for things like Walcott being in Arsenal or if he leaves then some other nice player joins, and they will definitely look back at the season’s impressive signings (Cazorla and Podolski), not to forget the emergence of Gibbs and Jenkinson. We’ve seen this happen for so many seasons but never do the fans learn, and this is the art of brainwashing.

    In the end, just like 7 years, these 2 years with go. There is nothing to worry about as long as we remain in top 4. We all love to win trophies but as long as Wenger doesn’t convince this unintelligent board that a little investment (big gamble, as they see it) will bring the cash flow, things aren’t gonna change much. Keeping RVP would’ve been no problem had it been before building the Emirates.

  • enough now!

    Now that that game confirmed in many ways my arguments about the current squad and the current fruitless club policy, I would like to say a word about the witch hunt that is going to take place twards one of the best and most committed Arsenal player. Sagna, that lovely african boy from my mother continent(of course not the reason for defending him). Those fucking bitches are clueless and they are not even able to count past 3. More than 80 % of the game took place on our right side. This lovely boy was involved heavily in the match, probably with the most ball contacts. So relaively he might have made more mistakes but absolutely less than other players. His attempt of clearance contributed to the goal, but watch this again. You will see how far the distance he ran and where was the ball before, just right on the left side, then came that horrible not intended Poldi’s pass. In this very same way we conceded a goal vs West Bromish and two other games. It demonstrate how meaningless the passes between the back four are and shows the lack of creativity of the midfield. So please shut up you stupid haters and suck his black dick.

  • Arschloch

    @angry enough now!
    I do understand…yeah real Arsenal fans know how invaluable Sagna is. Take it easy.

  • mofaz

    Those passes between Sczecny to Mertesacker to Sagna back to Mertesacker back to Sagna are accident waiting to happen .. against Tevez he’ll surely put pressure on either one and nick a goal ..

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, I fear Wenger will make the real Arsenal fans dislike Sagna, just as he did with Chamakh, Arshavin and Ramsey.

  • Arschloch

    Our best players become overplayed and loose the incentve. Fabrigas said that after his departure. It shows also Wengers lack of tactic and makes the team very predictable to throw week in werk out the same collection.

  • Sufian

    @Arschloch, and it’s not what Wenger doesn’t know. I think he did admit it about playing Ade more than he should have in the 07/08 season. It is looking that way with Santi leading the list. May God show some mercy on these players.