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Theo 1-0: Watch

Ba 1-1: Watch

Ox 2-1: Watch

Marveaux 2-2: Watch

Podolski 3-2: Watch

Ba 3-3: Watch

Theo 4-3: Watch

Giroud 5-3: Watch

Giroud 6-3: Watch

Theo 7-3: Watch

Highlights: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

Arabic Highlights, always the best: Watch

Walcott Interview :: Wenger Interview :: Pardew Interview

ESPN Walcott and Wilshere Interview :: ESPN Wenger Interview

Wenger Press Conference

  • Douche of Cambridge

    Thanks to Arsenalist…….Also to the Arabic commentator who made the video more interesting….Walcott made my day,hope he signs anew contract…

  • ArsenalFan1

    We should keep Walcott. Great player and a good character on and off the pitch.

  • Jamaican Gooner

    Great job from the lads today, the result was good. It’s nice to see the team playing into form now. Just hope we can keep the momentum.

  • Gnostradamus

    The score was 2-2 in the 60th minute and 3-3 in the 70th…

    Walcott’s goal is contender of the season, but I got the feeling it’s downplayed because of his shirt.

    I think Podolski and Arshavin have higher claim for the central position though – Walcott really caught fire after Giroud came in and he switched to the flanks.

  • Sufian

    From what I read from Sky Sports, Wenger is eager to switch to 4-4-2 so he could play Walcott and Giroud there. Somebody on this site had talked about the possible partnership and glad Wenger has thought of it.
    @Gnostradamus, why would you want to play Arshavin in a central position, or is it in the midfield?

  • Mofaz

    Dear Mr Bould..please kick Kieran Gibb up his back side for defending like a school kid in a weekend game…

  • budski

    admin, do you have the clip of wilshere doing one-two with his head? i forgot who he did it with but it was quite funny and brilliant! if you have it can you please upload? thx!

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Sagna was disappointing, too, Mofaz. He’s not been at his best for a while now. A real shame.

  • Tieneich

    It’s great to have options to switch in formations. We have 4-3-3 with Walcott leading the front line, and a 4-4-2 seeing Walcott supplying Giroud some amazing delivers.

    Poldi was playing great, too. Our crosses are getting better finally.

  • Jellykid

    Hmm, a 4-4-2 formation sounds easier given the type of players we have up front and how well they’re syncing on the attack as well. The only troubled thing i hate about that formation is your countered behind the midfield. It just leaves to much space behind the midfielders in the middle 2. Especially with a team like Arsenal having their midfielders attacking consecutively. Look at Manu, they’ve created an attacking front but have conceded a lot defensively on mostly counters with their 4-4-2.

    We just have to see it run, besides that the game was interesting. Arsenal really do have another gear a lot of top teams don’t have. When both DM’s and CB’s moved up in the second half we dominated them on the attack (not even talking about the goals). Clearly shows we have a driving force mentality in our squad.

    Our defense wasn’t bad actually, the last 2 goals we clearly Gibbs fault as much as I love him. Horrible positioning on his part. Both should have been easy to defend from. Other than that nice game to watch.

    Btw all the criticisms on Sagna, honestly he had obertan on LOCK almost the whole entire game. Sagna mistepped and let obertan get 2!!! crosses in. So Sagna actually played really good. Its not his fault the cross he didn’t defend became the easiest goal in the game because of Gibbs. I really think Kosc and Vermaelen can’t work together.

  • kalone

    post match analysis mate?

  • loose_cannon

    Wow, Sagna made two mistakes in ONE game and suddenly he isn’t good enough for arsenal anymore. Right… Good performance generally, especially Walcott of course. Still think we could do with a DM that adds some physicality into our midfield play and lets Wilshere push higher up the pitch. We should be fine after that, but we might need another striker/winger in case Walcott and/or Giroud get injured.

  • dubbledubs71

    wot a result! well needed confidence boost for the team. slowly getting back to playing the type of football that we know the gunners can play, & all our attacking players getting on the scoresheet. i wonder what the arsenal bashing press are gonna say now? im sure there is some negative angle they can use zzZZZ. just a pity we didnt stick a bit closer to the top teams tho we would still be in with a great shot at the title especially as we play city chelsea & pool in january & if we keep playing like that they will be worried. this showed why we need to hold on to players with pace cuz its our main weapon, without it the team seems disjointed & clueless so sign get theo tied to a long term contract .

  • yappie02

    i said it before…. bad defending from our team…
    our finishing was super tho…
    theo had a great game… a few bad passes but the first goal was really good finishing…
    unlucky for giroud… almost a hat-trick…
    overall i’m a happy gunner… woohoo! 2013…. year of the gunners!!!!

  • Jellykid

    @ loose_cannon ,… don’t really say this much on this forum but I have to agree.

    For some reason I have a feeling we really are getting Zaha, but then that would be weird because you have AOC and Zaha competing for that spot because they’re both young!

    BTW I believe we need a DM as well, but getting a good DM will be hard. I believe AW is trying to get that really versatile DM like Diaby type a player. I don’t think he needs a holding midfielder.

  • ST

    4-4-2 diamond for Arsenal would be interesting

    Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs
    Wilshere Podolski
    Walcott GIroud

    Get the width from Sagna and Gibbs

  • Sufian

    Hopefully Walcott and Wenger have convinced the board that his contract has to be renewed. I think that somebody at Sky Sports wrote that it costs to sell players and then buy new ones from the same money. We have examples of Man City and QPR who spent so much (City didn’t do well in first 2 or 3 years, given their spending) and yet their teams suffered because of no understanding between the team.
    I know that some emotion-driven dudes here will disagree, but it’s a well-known fact that man’s intellect is far superior to that of women, as women think by emotions.

  • Sufian

    @JellyKid, I think 4-4-2 suits us best. Giroud lacks pace and Walcott lacks headers and their partnership will be deadly. Arteta and Wilshere could play deep and launch counter-attacks, and we have seen Jack do it extremely well.

    When we started with 4-3-3, we had RVP and it suited the players but now it doesn’t (with current strikers).

    Both formations have pro and cons and like many teams, we could change our formations and surprise and haunt teams.

  • made

    Thanks Arsenalist! Have a happy New Year