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  • ST

    No article?

    I thought Wengers reaction to the David Villa question was interesting.

    β€œAny interest we have with any player must be kept secret.”

    As if to say this something we re considering.

  • Sufian

    @ST, more like board is considering. πŸ˜‰

  • Harsh


  • Sufian

    Good job by Walcott, shrewd subs + tactics by Wenger and nice to see Jack for having never say die attitude after that bad moment.
    Gibbs disappointed me, Sagna doesn’t look like the same player however it could be down to the fact he has not been rested as of late. Vermaelen, well, good job. He looks to combine well with Kos; Per just doesn’t have (unluckily) the pace to allow Vermaelen to make his attacking runs.

  • Sufian

    Having said that, Per still stays my number 1 choice at CB, with Verm and Kos fighting for the other CB slot for most matches.