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  • Sufian

    Wigan exposed some of the problems (lack of understanding and communication) between the defence, which wasn’t the case at the beginning of the season. Vermaelen is becoming a shadow of the player he has been over the previous seasons. Is it the pressure of wearing the armband? I hope Wenger puts Koscielny ahead of him if he doesn’t pick up his performances. Only things like this can keep players on toes.

    It was a relief to see Ramsey not starting at wing today, but when he replaced Alex I had my worries. Play him in place of Santi and see if he can prove doubters wrong.

  • enough now!

    I didn’t want to spoil the joy at the victory over Reading and today also over Wigan. I hope I will never be able to do that, but I think you may agree that great pressure upon Wenger and the team paid off. The players looked more determined and committed and Wenger has changed somehow his softy ways. The point you said about Arshavin was just right. Fact is that a deal has been done and he will leave very soon to Russia. The reason why we hasn’t played since Olympiacos away game is that he shouldn’t get injured, while Shamach will have again a chance to make a good display so as to attract a buyer. Business speaks.
    Nevertheless I hope monsieur Wenger will prove me wrong and keep the consistency we used to have, make a good run, offload all the flops, make good shopping during the winter transfer time, bring players who will prove their worth instead of cheap wanna bees. David Villa is a rumor likely to be true. I wouldn’t prefer that. Instead I would love to see Walcott keeping the role of the main striker.
    By the way it was reasonable to play Ramsey because Santi became tired. Ramsey had to do defensive work and stabilise the midfield.
    Anyway happy to have a good win 🙂 .

  • Jellykid

    one win, third place….. see how media chaos causes idiots to lose their minds and starting crying like girls.

    Seriously Am I right or wrong? last week we had idiots going wild and crazy and started predicting where arsenal will be because they thought they could instantly read the future. When arsenal does mess up you’ll see rats coming out of the sewer scourging again about why its a mess lol.

  • mofaz

    Look at the points , Arsenal have the same points as 3 other teams and Chelsea has 2 games in hand..but a win is a win and away win against a hard working team like Wigan is a good win. One thing about Arsenal players they seemed reluctant to challenge the opposition and allow them space and time to pass the ball..especially the players like Ramsey, OC and Gibbs ..

  • yappie02

    when i look at the highlights, i see wigan creating and having more shots on goal than us…. is that not worrying??

  • gooner

    stop saying bad things about arsenal. arsenal’s confidence always go down because of these fucking negative fans.

    be happy with the third place we have. good job arsenal.

  • made

    Midway of the season, Arsenal return to big four, and I wasn’t really surprised. As I (and many others, I think) predicted, even right after Swansea’s game, two games could make huge differences and good thing is Arsenal could take the advantages by winning against WBA and two struggling teams.
    So, Arsenal still have 18 games to go. That means 15 points are ‘only’ 5 games away while they still can messing around with 13 others to have a +1 point. Well, just hope it will start tonight so we can make the counter’s decrement right away.

  • Disappointed

    I think Wenger has conditioned us to be contented with 3rd and 4th place and saying that 4th place is like winning a trophy.

    I don’t think Fergie will ever say that. Sounds like Wenger has a loser’s mentality to me, if not trying to con fans like us.

    I am definitely happy with 3rd place, just not elated. MU and MC fans will probably be laughing at us for being losers to them.

    I would prefer to be looking down on them than up.

    Anyway, good to win whether it is pretty or ugly. Arsenal KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK with or without Wenger.

  • enough now!

    A win over two teams that tails the table and we hear here a great shout of triumph. Do not get distracted fella for the road is long and stony. Win over teams like Bayern and ManU is the measure of the degree of believe we used to know. Stop insulting and grow up. God forgive him he does not know.

  • mofaz

    Not too long ago ..pre-2005 winning against teams such as Wigan, WBA or even Chelsea is just routine , only Manure stood between Arsenal and the no. 1 spot in the Premier League ..

  • mobeen

    Why in the world cant fans enjoy a win? I enjoyed this victory, cos we did something we seldom do… absorb the pressure and hold on to a slim lead (managed).. we are ahead of sp*rs and only people ahead of us are ones with deeeeeep pockets… We are playing with a thin cut price squad and still in CL places… EPL is a tough league and thats whats fantastic abt the squad…
    I want walcott on the wings or on the bench… he won the penalty when he chased it on the right of the goal… Pace needs Space… he cant hold the ball up front… needs to run on the side… I think him playing upfront is just to teach him how useless he is in the middle and because giroud was unfit and gervinho is well gervinho…
    come on fans stop enjoying the off with the heads chants and get behind the team… positive vibes baby… Victory through Harmony… believe… COYG!!! COYG!!!

  • Jellykid

    I love how some idiots here are pointing out the fact there’s about 3 teams with the same amount of points as Arsenal. PEOPLE WERE CRYING LAST WEEK WHEN ARSENAL WERE 10TH! while there where like 3-4 teams with the same points only 2 points ahead of arsenal. Such a dumb argument to make.

    I saw the Arsenal game, if you didn’t see the whole game stop judging! Arsenal were good the first half and the beginning of the second half. Wigan did have some chances, but the only reason they went all out forward in end of the second half was because Arsenal decided to play back more and play more defensive. Again if you seen Arsenal in the first half they were giving Wigan a hard time and attacking them really good.

    Just because you saw the ending of the second half please don’t judge the whole entire game like that.

    If your talking about wigan being routine wins, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Man city, Chelsea are struggling to beat lower mid table teams. MAN U DREW against Swansea!! People forget ever season teams don’t just stay the same they either get worse or better. Everyone learns from mistakes, there not just dumb teams with dumb coaches.

  • Gnostradamus

    I love how we crow about wins over teams that foot the table. That’s what these self-anointed true fans live for these days. On the other hand there is only one expectation when we go up against teams at the top of the table.

  • a.k.a gunner

    for those of you playing the fantasy premier league – RVP is rated at 13.9 going to be 14 i guess… the last time i saw a player rated 14.0 was Chistiano Ronaldo… really shows what a genuine talent he is… really miss him at Arsenal…

    that said… we have some big matches coming up … and let’s hope wenger doesn’t wait until the deadline day to splash the cash… God willing.

  • Jellykid

    LOL we got future tellers here in this forum! Niice!

    What’s the point in watching the future arsenal games when they can predict the score already for us lol..

  • enough now!

    @a.k.a gunner
    you know Winger’s ways. Before summer transfer window he says ” If we find a quality play we will sign him “. Afterwards we see no new face because there is no quality player on the earth. The results are panic buy, a cheap nobody (with the exception of a few like Carzola, Per M., Pod) and loss of points. Just look at the garbage we have to get rid of. On the other hand other teams used to be far behind us find always some top players and become more competetive and stronger.
    Before winter transfer window he says “It is difficult to find a quality player because all available top players are not CL eligible. We fall back on our living legends and / or loanee.
    Something that as has been proved not works really well.
    Really sucks.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    RvP shows Rooney and England why they haven’t performed internationally.

  • Disappointed

    Wenger has a reputation for buying cheap but good quality players.
    He has to upkeep that reputation that the media has given him.
    Even if we have money, he will not spend because of his reputation.
    If he really considers spending and only manages to bring in flops such as Chamakh
    he will lose his reputation and people will mock Arsenal comparing to MU n MC.
    He is now using thrift vs big spenders as an excuse for his failure to build a solid team.
    But in fact, it is his inability to change that causes the failure of the team.
    MU has moved on since Cantona, Beckam, Ronaldo,…
    So many of MU batches have tasted success.
    What about Arsenal? Forever building and rebuilding.

  • enough now!

    the new term is “exceptional player” instead of old one “quality player”.
    The same shit of every year.

  • Gaffer

    I don’t understand some people. It is obvious very few people know what is going on outside the club. The only piece of concrete information we have available to us are the yearly balance sheets. Everything else is talk.

    We do not know what the scouting dept is up to. We do not know what transfer negotiations are going on/ have gone on. We do not know what commercial deals are being negotiated. We also do not know how well the players train, the desire they show in training.

    So after all this, how can we say what is best for the club? I say, either start supporting the club you claim to love, or get out. Mid season is not the time to create dissent and chaos.

  • enough now!

    – “We do not know” literally 5 times; indirectly 2 times,
    Yes! you can fool me all the time because I do not know.
    7 years and more to come. Still I do not know and I will not know.
    Do you know what your wife is doing now? Obviously not because she is here with me.

    – Have you been there on the day of black scarf movement ?
    I guess not because you are not as proactive as I am.

    – Definitely too rude to tell a supporter to quit.

  • Jellykid

    actually you Don’t! Neither do I or any of the “Mirrors” reporters or the “Telegraphs” reporters know whats going on. It literally is all talk.

    Look at the signings we made this summer. Lukas Podolski was obvious to sign because of the pre-agreement Koln brought out (NOT ARSENAL) for him.

    Olivier Giroud was liked by the manager for some time but he signed very quick because no one had a clue he’s going to arsenal. It was just a rumor.

    Gervinho was random as well. We were interested in Hazard but we bought him. No one had a clue until we made an agreement with Lille!

    All I’m saying is stop crying, and just watch the games.

    AW did say recently he’ll only buy if there’s an exceptional player!… A lot of people are getting worried because of that. He’s a man who believes in the squad if he knows somethings working but it needs more of a push. After all these seasons you can tell why he barely spends. I would love to have some new players in the team. I feel he is going to buy. But not a lot.

    As much as wilshere is back I still want to see a DM bought and a striker.

  • Gaffer

    @enough now!

    If you think I was being rude, telling a supporter to actually support their club, or go support another club if all they can do is complain, then what does your jibe about my wife make you?

    As for your assertions that we will continue this trophyless run, how do you know? Do you know what the board and Wenger are thinking? If, by the end of the season, Arsenal finish outside the top 4, then by all means go crazy. This team is good enough to make top four. However, in the middle of the season, no good can come about from dividing the club, raving venomously at poorly performing players and manager, either at the stadium or online.

    As for the black scarf movement, I have read their campaigns and have no problem with the aims. However, their aims to decrease ticket prices can be simply achieved by not buying tickets: law of supply and demand will bring prices down.

  • Sufian

    @enough now!, Podolski and Per were nobody? Grow up kid! Podolski was the best young player of the WC 2006 and Per has been a solid defender, typical German defender and not the one which Wenger turned from coal to diamond.

    Good for Arshavin. It’s funny when he doesn’t play it’s because he’s no good, while when Fabregas (in Barca) doesn’t play, it’s because of other good players who are ahead of him. I think I should appreciate your intelligence on this.
    And Bordeaux was interested in Chamakh even last season. Not sure what you’re about. Maybe you’ve been checking out Manure news instead.

  • Sufian

    @mobeen, do you know what people said when Wenger brought Henry (a winger at that time with no self-belief of scoring goals) and played him at CF while we had the likes of Bergkamp? Walcott has to improve that part of his game, just like everyone at his age. RVP wasn’t even half of his himself now at that age. He can now dictate the game, and I’m very convinced Walcott will be if you stop being so negative. As Rosicky said, it’s damaging for younger players.

  • enough now!


    One thing I am certain of.. that dreaming makes no winner. Insulting is the weakest reply. The worst thing is to claim a superity role and ask a person to exit the supporters community. Some try to justify this role by age or the length of time they have been supporting. For me that is no measurement even if I comply with that.


    read again my comment. There is not even an assumption that either of them by any means was a nobody.


    I will be very happy if Iam wrong and I hope you will always keep your belief no matter whom we have as a manager or a player!! Time will tell.

  • a.k.a gunner


    enough now is right Sufian… he meant the opposite of what you understood about Per & Podolski…

    Guys… plz just wait until the end of transfer window… an exceptional player might just knock on Wenger’s door… if that happens he would sign him up…

    And it couldn’t better than that for us fans… could it? 🙂

  • Mobeen

    @sufian – Walcott right now can’t play up front alone… He doesn’t have the guile or the strength to do so… He is good on the wings because he can make space between the lines and keep the left backs tucked in… RVP and Henry (apologise to the gunners faith ful for taking their names in the same breath) were asked by wenger to play in the middle, cos he knew better… They did not go to the press asking to be played in the middle… Walcott isn’t that good… He should just shut up and sign up… If the manager says play as a keeper he should say sir yes sir…. You knew when tp put RVP in the middle and Henry in the middle…. I trust u completely… AOC is better than him for a central role at the moment… Polio ski is way better and a fit Giroud is our best option..

  • Sufian

    @Mobeen, when Vermaelen was being played at LB, he showed his desire to play at CB, nobody said anything. Several players said that we need to buy 2 or 3 top players, nobody slaughtered them. I don’t get why you’d do that to Walcott if he says so. Wenger has been saying he’d play Walcott as a striker for the past 3 or 4 seasons but nothing happening, and at 23 he is right to demand it. Walcott has a lot more self-belief than Henry had on his arrival. If Arsenal keep playing only slow players like Giroud as strikers, Arsenal’s attack will never live even half of what it had been last season (leave alone the invincible generation).

    Giroud is not bad but he lacks what Arsenal use most, the speed.

    Yes AOC is very effective when he plays as CM. Wenger, however, doesn’t think so.

  • mobeen

    @Sufian – my fellow gunner, i can tell you are a theo fan. He is definately a unique player, but any player that holds a club at ransom is a bad bad player. Vermaelen is a CB who was played out of position and wanted to play in his prefered position… a position he is most effective in… In a fully fit squad he would play in the CB position…
    LB – needs to be quick to support attack, make long runs, lot of stamina and great speed.
    CB – Needs to have very good positioning, strong command in the box, physically strong and quick short runs, and great timing of tackles and movement
    Besides Vermaelen never held up his contract because he was not being played CB… That is what team players do, Coquelin played out of position and git injured as a result… even song played as defender when we had injury troubles with the back four…
    Rooney plays second fiddle to RVP… I dont see Rooney complain abt that, instead he runs his socks off for manure…
    Arsenal doesnt need speed up front. We have been slow in build up… Wilshire’s driving runs will help build speed and once the understanding and the confidence builds we will have able to quicken our passing… RVP wasnt FAST… he had very good movement and he used to physically man handle defenders to make space… Giroud is more capable of doing that and also provide a greater aerial threat, while walcott is a one trick pony… where he comes from outside in and shoots for the far corner… hopefully time with henry will help him again (it did last time), when henry taught him how to run at defence… make space for central strikers… making RVP more potent…
    Just sign up or move on… stop with the drama of I love the club and neotiations takes time… Didnt take long for wilshire, jenkinson, AOC and gibbs… Its about the money and to be fair this is the last big move he would probably make… so if u stop pretending otherwise we would gladly say good bye and good luck… else sign the dotted line…

  • Sufian

    I had been Vermaelen’s fan but he has clearly not lived up to the expectations this season. He should be replaced by Kos for him to earn back him form and place in team.
    And as for playing Verm at LB, I don’t remember Wenger playing 2 or 3 years at LB, yet he voiced his concern. And btw, are you sure it’s Walcott who is halting the contract extension and not the board? It’s not difficult to guess when u know that Wenger didn’t want to lose RVP either.

    Furthermore, Walcott had said that if RVP goes, he’d consider his options, yet when he left he wanted to stay and now you want him to accept everything the board wants? He’d make a good striker and it will certainly be in Arsenal’s favour as well. Sometimes you need physical battles (Stoke, Sunderland, etc) but sometimes you need speed and high tempo to win games (Chelsea, ManU, etc). The latter can’t be achieved with Giroud, not at least before the end of this season.

    As for RVP and Rooney comparison. No one can argue that RVP kept Arsenal in top4 and he is a lot better and consistent player than Wayne is. Just look at the international level and you’d realise.