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OX shot: Watch

Reading chance: Watch

Podolski 1-0: Watch

Theo chance: Watch

Cazorla 2-0: Watch

Cazorla 3-0: Watch

Cazorla 4-0: Watch

4-1: Watch

4-2: Watch

Walcott 5-2 goal: Watch

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  • Mobeen

    We beat a premier leagu side… Walcott played in the middle n sucked… Shut up walcok n sign the bloody contract…

    Gd 13, 5th in the league… Of course still a long way to go but should shut up those “fans” who just join the boos and are prolific only when we don’t win… We have more wins than losses, 2 on the strut so let’s just keep on believing…. COYG

  • geekpie

    Defence still shite

  • Bobby Zamora

    Yeah geekpie, lets focus on the negative. Yes, Gibbs messed up big time to give the ball away, but that would have never happened had the score been any different. Very solid performance, though I don’t dare trust the hope anymore. And lets face it, it was Reading. We need consistency

  • dubbledubs71

    nice one arsenal santi has come early. nice to get a much needed win, and hopefully we can beat wigan in the next game & try to put a bit of form together in the run up to a busy fixture list over the holidays. im so glad that wilshire is close to signing a long term deal, a true gooner at heart & we need more like him, as is sczhnezy (just by sayin he hates the spuds he is a legend already) theo take note, sign the dotted line & stop pissing around. go to liverpool u will be used as a winger which u dont want, go to chelsea and warm the bench n make romans coffee in the morning & dont think ur gonna get strikers role at utd arsenal is the best option. fuck i hate these long drawn out contract saga’s

  • mofaz

    Arsene said that he will do whatever possible to keep Walcott at Arsenal other words he’s saying it’s the Arsenal Board who’s making the decision on player’s contract ..nice one Arsene you clever Prof..

  • Reza

    I haven’t watched the game yet as it was on at 4am our local time. Can someone tell me that we won only because we didn’t play our flop players (Gervinho for example !!!). We waited long for Walcott to become a decent finisher and a top top player. Pls give him whatever he wants and tie him down. I think Arsenal have a habit of selling their top scorer. The problem is, we have a decent 11-man first team but not enough reliable backups. We need to spend wisely (finger crossed) to bring in a few top players in case one of our first-choice men get injured. Imagine if Per and TV get injured !!! Or even Gibbs, imagine a defence with JD, Squillaci and Santos!

  • Martian

    I say its better to win 5-2 than 1-0 against “easier” opponents like Reading. Its nice to score goals, against whoever as it gives confidence and let the players get rid of some steam. Might give them false confidence but i think they just need to feel something to go their way now.


    you’re right. Walcott is trying to hold Arsenal at ransom over the promise to play through the middle. What he doesn’t realize is that he won’t be able to play there, even if he moves to another team because everyone sees him as a winger, only Wenger has a plan and promise to slowly nurtured him to a striking role.

    He is just being influenced by his agents or some other sources because if he did realised that, he would have signed already. Its always about the money.

  • mofaz

    Walcott as a central forward is better than Gervinho, least Theo can hit the target ..Yes @ Martian it’s always about the money, winning a trophy is just a bonus ..

  • dubbledubs71

    @reza i couldnt agree more there is a core of top quality players in the team, its just when one gets injured they are replaced by lesser players who havent been playing 1st team football, just a few tweaks to bolster the squad two defenders, baines of everton is a good player if he was a fair price but wenger needs to spend & not scrimp, no rough diamonds, they rust. theres talk of arsenal interest in fellaini but then i dont pay much attention to media BS, i’ll believe it when i see it. its simple wenger, tho wants 100k pay him it, after all if hes on the pitch hes a menace to the opposition t he can score the odd goal here n there & hes kinda the face of the arsenal project so if bench boys can pick up 50k a week then surely theo is worth every penny.

  • yappie02

    Its sooo nice to see all the lads smilling and congratulating each other… it makes me smile….

  • mobeen

    Theo adds pace to the squad but we need that pace on the wings… Wingers tend to get behind the Full backs and pull the odd centre back to make room in the box… A good winger keeps the pitch stretched making room in between the lines for attacking midfielders… The person in the middle needs to imposing and strong… maybe hold up play to wait for others to join the attack… and quick to finish, knowing where the goal is… i think Padolski would be a better Central striker than Theo… Giroud too in a season or two…

    Gervinho is not very imposing and doesnt lift his head to see the movement of others around him, if he can learn to do that then him as winger… sure… but otherwise we need someone better than theo in the middle…

    Today’s game podolski and santi scored from within and around the 6 yard box. The area that Theo should have commanded… he has pace… but pace needs space… u cant use ur speed if u have no space ahead of u… get on the wings son, change flanks, cut through the middle and earn ur pay check… stop with the “i am gonna play in the middle”… u r not ready for that, yet…

  • Disappointed

    Good win… Poor Defence… Let’s juz see the next game against a team that is not at the bottom.

  • Reza

    How about Henry’s pace!?
    Saying that why can’t we change the formation? Why not playing Walcott and Giroud toghether (Walcott behind Giroud)? ManU play RVP and Rooney together and they’re banging goals. Probably one of the scariest attacking force in Europe. I agree Podolski should move to the centre but with Walcott we have options. Gervinho! I would offload him sooner than later. He’s a flop. We want the results, we don’t have time to teach a 10m player how to play football! He’s finishing is appaling and as a winger he adds nothing to the team.

  • mobeen

    @Reza: Henry is a class apart, he started from the wings if i am not mistaken. He is even now without his pace a potent threat because he commands the box, knows where the goal is at all times and link up well with others. He used to run at the defense not into them… stretching them, wearing them out…
    Rooney and RVP each can hold their own in and around the box. Each has a presence and command abt them… Theo isnt really scaring any keepers, he sure can terrorize full backs keeping them tucked in at the back and thus neutralizing their attacking potential…
    narrowing the pitch is what most teams have done with tremendous success against us… 2 up front will just allow them to add more ppl behind the ball… early balls in the box to giroud is the way to go with podolski and walcott cutting in and attatcking each post wilshire and santi being the second wave…
    gervinho is like a mosquito, he is annoying to the opposition with his running with the ball but no one is scared of him… we need ferocious front men… like RVP and henry used to scare the opposition into mistakes…

  • loose_cannon

    I was impressed by Walcott up front, especially his energy and his finishing, but i think his starting position needs to be a bit deeper and/or wider so he can link up with the midfield and spin into space or collect the ball from deep and run at the centre backs. At the moment he is playing as a straight, off the shoulder striker which isn’t as effective if he is up front by himself. He should watch videos of Henry and see how it’s done!

  • dubbledubs71

    here’s hoping someone puts thierry henry’s top goals dvd into gervinhos christmas stocking, either that or a pair of glasses cuz he is either blind or useless

  • Sufian

    @mofaz, after few games, you will be, as usual, bashing Walcott by saying Chamberlain is a better winger than him.

  • Sufian

    @Martian, Wenger will never play him as a striker, no matter how well he does there. With all due respect, Wenger only does what he has in his mind. He drops players without any solid reason and then replaces them with terrible ones. I’m sure Sagna and Jenkinson would make a much better winger than Ramsey but no he does it for some weird reason. As a matter of fact, even Coquelin is a much more stable and efficient player on the flanks.